‘Diversity, Inclusion’—Not Skills—Top Priorities at Woke Corporations

By John Friend

A shocking report published by ResumeBuilder.com, an online platform that describes itself as the “premier resource for job seekers” that helps its users create effective resumes and cover letters, has found that white job applicants—particularly white men—are openly discriminated against in hiring, with hiring managers and corporate executives prioritizing “diversity” in the workplace more so than recruiting and employing qualified and skilled workers.

According to the results of a nationwide poll involving 1,000 hiring managers in various companies and corporations across the U.S., 52% of those surveyed believe their company practices “reverse discrimination” in hiring, essentially favoring minority candidates over whites in an effort to increase “diversity” and “equity.”

Additionally, one in six hiring managers noted that they had been specifically tasked with deprioritizing hiring white men, while just under 50% of those surveyed indicated they were asked to prioritize “diversity,” i.e., non-white candidates, over legitimate worker qualifications and experience.

Roughly 53% of those surveyed said that their job would be in danger if they did not hire enough “diverse” candidates, and 70% said that their company has “diversity, equity, and inclusion” initiatives—an increasingly popular fad within Human Resources departments at companies big and small around the country that effectively prioritize hiring non-white, non-binary candidates to increase “diversity” in the workplace—merely for the sake of appearance.

The survey, conducted on Nov. 2, was commissioned by ResumeBuilder.com and managed by the survey platform Pollfish. All 1,000 participants in the survey confirmed they were actively employed as hiring managers responsible for “at least 25% of the hiring at their workplace,” according ResumeBuilder.com.

The bombshell report and polling data has not received widespread media attention or commentary precisely because “it is white males who are being discriminated against,” argues Christopher Tremoglie in an insightful and hard-hitting op-ed published by the Washington Examiner.

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“Racism, discrimination, and prejudice are permitted, and sometimes even actively encouraged, when it involves white males,” Tremoglie argues. “The Left has created a culture that vilifies white people, and it was only a matter of time before the ideology spilled over into corporate America. Corporations don’t even try to hide their anti-white bigotry anymore.”

Despite the prevailing narrative of “white privilege” and “systemic oppression” of minorities in America—common talking points espoused by leftist academics, activists, politicians and journalists—roughly “16% of hiring managers surveyed say they have been told to deprioritize white men when evaluating candidates” and “14% have been told to deprioritize hiring white women,” ResumeBuilder.com reports, demonstrating that both white males and females are openly discriminated against.

Over 16% of all respondents of the survey noted that they “very often” look over “qualified candidates” precisely because they are not “diverse enough,” while over 31% said they pass on qualified candidates “somewhat often” for the same reason. Clearly, an explicit anti-white bias appears to prevail among many hiring managers across the country, yet another indication that whites are being openly and blatantly discriminated against in the name of promoting “diversity” and “inclusion,” Marxist buzzwords that simply mean fewer white people.

These results “would have been a significant issue if this happened to any other race,” Tremoglie noted. “Politicians, pundits, and national newscasts would have declared their outrage. Protests and marches would have occurred, and the main narrative would have been that ‘the patriarchy’ and ‘white supremacy’ were again rearing their ugly heads.”

“But when white people are the victims,” Tremoglie concluded, “the purveyors of racial equality are nowhere to be found.”