CIA, FBI Have Informants Everywhere: That’s How the Feds Control Dissent

By Donald Jeffries

When American Free Press and others, including Fox’s Tucker Carlson, ques­tioned the number of FBI undercover operatives who were front and center during the Jan. 6 “insurrection,” we were all shouted down as “conspiracy theorists” by the usual suspects. But the truth is, the FBI and local law enforcement, as well as other agencies, have been infiltrating both left-wing and right-wing “extremist” groups for a very long time.

Timothy Leary, the LSD guru who urged the 1960s generation not to trust anyone over 30, later admitted he was affiliated with the CIA. So was feminist icon Gloria Steinem, whose MS magazine was financed by the agency. The Black Panthers and the KKK were riddled with government informants in key positions. The bodyguards for both Malcolm X and Fred Hampton worked for the government. The man cradling Martin Luther King’s head in his hands after he was shot was a CIA operative. There are numerous other examples.

The recent Justice for J6 rally at the Capitol, to protest the draconian imprisonment of many Jan. 6 attendees charged with no crime and offered no bail, turned out to be a “flop,” as a gleeful state-controlled media described it. The “sparse” crowd was met with a massive police presence. Donald Trump warned that it was a “set up,” a phrase that could easily describe the Jan. 6 rally as well, but offered his support for those behind bars.

The only armed protester at the J6 rally detained by authorities was discovered to be a federal law enforcement officer with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Video emerged of police asking the man, “are you undercover,” and him flashing his badge. As is invariably the case with undercover assets, AP reported that the prosecution was “not moving forward with charges” against him. Despite predictions of violence by the Mockingbird Media, the rally was more than “mostly peaceful.” A fence had been constructed around the Capitol, and National Guard troops were on standby. In all, over 27 agencies worked with police on the event, which may have topped 2,000 or bottomed out at 700, depending on who you listen to.

Former Trump campaign aide Matt Braynard, who organized the J6 rally, told protesters, “We condemn all violence, political violence. This is about justice and disparate treatment and equal treatment under the law.” The “woke” authorities were nevertheless not pacified. Jared Holt of the Atlantic Council’s DFR Lab, “who researches and tracks right-wing social media posts and conversations,” according to Salon, called the threat still “incredibly urgent.” Holt declared, “A small showing at [the] event shouldn’t be mistaken for a reflection of the far right generally. A lot of the dynamics we saw in play around Jan. 6 have since trickled into state and local politics, where there is often much less scrutiny and fewer resources to effectively address it.” Holt singled out Braynard, explaining, “What he does with this newfound visibility remains to be seen.”

As always, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) was ready to further frame the dishonest narrative. ADL vice president Oren Segal declared:

Whether it’s harassing school boards, election officials or healthcare workers, what we need to understand is that the front line against extremist activity and action is probably more local than it’s been in a long time. For years, people thought of an international threat and, more recently, we’re thinking about these online spaces that can be very daunting. Well, when you see people harassing individuals in your community, when extremists are talking about the need to double down locally, they know, or hope, that eventually will have a greater impact nationally than going to the nation’s capital. I think maybe all eyes are on D.C. when all eyes ought to be in local communities to really understand the current extremist landscape.

Needless to say, neither the ADL nor any other “concerned” organization has expressed the mildest criticism of the often truly violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements. Nor have they wondered why law enforcement feels the need to infiltrate organizations on both ends of the political spectrum that might represent a threat to the corrupt establishment. The CIA began infiltrating the Vietnam anti-war movement in 1967. There are still no concrete details on all the government agents and informants who were at the Capitol on Jan. 6 and their role in the events.

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This is because our state-controlled media purposefully recoils from the topic. We can be confident that those who broke a few windows and attacked police unprovoked (to the extent that that even happened), were working for the government. It’s even more certain that none of those government assets are among those American political prisoners in Washington, D.C.

Justice for J6 planned to hold their next rally at the state capitol in Albany, N.Y. You can bet government agencies are lining up their undercover assets to infiltrate that event, and manipulate citizens gathered together to express their constitutional rights.