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Congress Bows Before Top Banker

July 3, 2012 AFP 0

• Lawmakers embarrassingly soft on man who lost at least $2B in one week By Pete Papaherakles When JPMorgan Chase CEO James “Jamie” Dimon appeared before the Senate Banking Committee on June 13 to face […]

Intrigue on the High Court

July 3, 2012 AFP 0

• Strange alliances maintain the status quo By John Tiffany Despite all the media hoopla over the recent Supreme Court ruling on Arizona’s immigration law, most people on both sides of the issue have missed […]

AFP PODCAST: The Truth About Hutaree – Part 3

June 28, 2012 AFP 0

AFP PODCAST On March 27, United States District Judge Victoria Roberts dismissed almost all charges against seven members of the so-called Hutaree militia, stating that angry “diatribes” and “hatred of law enforcement” did not add up […]

Weather Gods

June 26, 2012 AFP 0

• Latest spate of wildfires blamed on cloud seeders By Victor Thorn As 14 major wildfires rage across eight Western states, over 1,000 firefighters are battling destructive blazes near Fort Collins, Colorado that have destroyed […]

Nationalism Surges

June 26, 2012 AFP 0

• Recent Greek election proves populists can counter globalists By Pete Papaherakles Despite a worldwide smear campaign against it, Greece’s nationalist Golden Dawn party managed a strong turnout in the June 17 elections and actually […]

History’s Worst Spy?

June 26, 2012 AFP 2

• U.S. House and Senate lobby to get Jay Pollard released By Keith Johnson When Israeli President Shimon Peres came to the United States to collect his Medal of Freedom Award from Barack Hussein Obama, […]

AFP PODCAST: No Apples for Iranians

June 23, 2012 AFP 0

AFP PODCAST Apple Computer seems to have a thing for the Persian language. Stories of employees at Apple Stores in the U.S. state of Georgia refusing to sell iPads and iPhones to customers speaking Farsi are surfacing […]

Louis Freeh: The Cover-up Goes National

June 22, 2012 AFP 0

By Victor Thorn Without much argument, the federal government’s biggest cover-up artist for the past two decades has been former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Louis J. Freeh. When one considers his involvement in […]

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