Bilderberg 2019 Meeting Site Revealed

Bilderberg 2019

The powerful secret society has announced it will meet in Montreux, Switzerland for its 2019 annual meeting.

By Mark Anderson

The Bilderberg group’s anonymous press office has finally released the dates and location of the 67th Bilderberg conference in 65 years. It will be held May 30-June 2 at the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace on the shores of Lake Geneva in Montreux, Switzerland. Also released were the official lists of topics and attendees, which includes what appears to be the largest contingent of American government-affiliated attendees in recent memory and, quite possibly, in the history of Bilderberg.

This super-secretive gathering meets annually. Its members include uber-wealthy, highly influential figures from the fields of government, high-finance, central banking, high-tech, European royalty, large corporations, think tanks, academia, and the derelict mass media. The confab consists of a series of talks, which amount to brainstorming sessions. From those sessions, and from the networking that happens before, during, and after Bilderberg’s annual meeting, the gathered information, in an off-the-record manner, is quietly disseminated via a private network in order to maintain, consolidate, and expand the transnational world government grid, accompanied by heavy privatization of public assets and systems.

Of note, this year’s attendees list includes President Donald Trump’s senior advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner among the 130 people from 23 nations who are attending by invitation only. There have been rumors of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo attending, though his name does not appear on the official list.

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Notably, Bilderberg’s Steering Committee used to invite hard-core neoconservative Zionists Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, but that’s not been the case in recent years.

Among the list of attendees are a cross-section of people with military and strategic duties: James H. Baker and Matthew Daniels from the DOD, Matthew Pottinger and Matthew Turpin from the NSC, and James O. Ellis from the National Space Council.

The participation of Baker and his fellow travelers from the defense and strategy realm makes sense, given that five of Bilderberg’s 11 topics this year deal with strategic matters: A Stable Strategic Order; China; Russia; the Importance of Space; and Cyber-Threats. The Weaponization of Social Media and the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence topics also fit into the strategic mold.

The remaining four topics this year are: What Next for Europe?, Climate Change and Sustainability, the Future of Capitalism, and Brexit.

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The just-concluded European elections are all but assured to be an unannounced topic this year, due in part to spectacular populist gains. America’s 2020 elections will surely come up, too.

American propagandist David E. Sanger, national security correspondent for The New York Times, will be among this year’s media representatives at Bilderberg. These journalists will have a front-row seat at the secretive discussions, the details of which won’t be reported as having come from Bilderberg. Writers and editors for The Washington Post, Financial Times, Bloomberg and The Economist also are represented this year, among several other news anchors and media company owners.

Such “reporters,” like the government officials with whom they mingle, always leave the public trust at the door upon entering Bilderberg, where the hotel of choice is completely sealed off from real reporters, normal customers, and the general public and surrounded by heavily armed private security and publicly financed police.

Mark Anderson is AFP’s roving editor. Email him at [email protected].