Amazon Bows to Pressure After Blitzkrieg Against Freedom of Speech

In early March, to the shock and dismay of free speech advocates around the world, Internet retail giant Amazon caved to pressure from special interest groups and mainstream news outlets and quietly pulled at least 100 political and historical books from its website. Read the report below to see which books were targeted.

By Paul Angel

“Who controls the past, controls the future,” or so said George Orwell in his prescient book 1984. He also warned that, “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” Today, it seems the global thought censors are taking Mr. Orwell literally. As this week’s American Free Press went to press, we received word that, so far, hundreds of history books and e-publications have been removed in one fell swoop from the largest and most lucrative vending website in the world—, owned and run by Jeff Bezos (currently worth at least $73.4 billion, according to Forbes Magazine). Note that Amazon by itself accounted for 31% of all online sales on Cyber Weekend 2016 and 61% of all online sales growth in 2015, far surpassing all others.

Most of the books removed from Amazon deal with alternative views of World War II history, including hundreds of scholarly tomes by chemists, scientists, researchers, and philosophers who question taboo details about WWII that are illegal to discuss in a dozen or more European nations. Obviously, Bezos did not want to deal with this growing public relations nightmare. Revisionist historian Germar Rudolf, one of the world’s most reputable revisionist scholars, informed us that Castle Hill Publishers had 68 print books and 72 e-books removed for sale from Amazon.

Anti-Zionist Jewish philosopher Gerard Menuhin saw his book Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil—a book about Zionist power—removed from Amazon in the blink of an eye. The Bad War: The Truth Never Taught About World War II by Michael King, a book touching on the role of the Rothschild in fomenting unrest in Europe before WWII, was also banned. Peter Winter’s The Six Million: Fact or Fiction, was specifically singled out by Yad Vashem, Israel’s official Holocaust museum, as particularly onerous. We expect more book burnings to come in the very near future.

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So how does one so efficiently carry out the biggest book banning since 60,000 titles were removed from the shelves of German libraries after World War II by the victorious powers? Who holds such power over companies like Amazon and Google and YouTube, who represent, together, net worths of somewhere approaching a trillion dollars?

Among other groups concerned about maintaining political correctness on the Internet, a group called the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BDBJ) takes partial credit, along with Yad Vashem and the World Jewish Congress. According to BDBJ VP Marie van der Zyl, “It is very welcome that Amazon has listened and removed the offending titles from their website. These are not works of historical integrity. They are an anti-Semitic attempt to exonerate the Nazis of their crimes and to stoke the fires of hatred.”

Historian Rudolf had this to say: “The sweeping mass ban enforced within hours, and the senseless aimlessness and random nature with which it was implemented, clearly show that these books were not pulled because their content was checked and found impermissible, but because someone (probably Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum) had sent [Bezos] a list of items to ban, and Amazon simply complied by checking off all the items on that list.”

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Paul Angel is a writer, graphic designer, and publisher and lives in Virginia.

6 Comments on Amazon Bows to Pressure After Blitzkrieg Against Freedom of Speech

  1. Try Amazon in the U.K. “Tell the truth and shame the devil” still seems to be available on

  2. The truth is rapidly spreading and the criminals are desperate to put out the fire of truth. The truth does not fear inquiry, only liars fear inquiry. The lies of the holocaust are their biggest trump card and they know it. How do these people live with themselves? Do some of them actually believe their own lies? Or are they genetically psychopathic? Or simply so determined to rule over all the non-Jews they simply don’t give a damn what it takes, ie the ends justify the means. That is why the public is constantly reminded to never forget the “holocaust”. I will never again order from Amazon, and I encourage others to join in the boycott.

  3. I understand that about 80% of the books being banned were titles put out by the prolific publishing house, Castle Hill Publishers (purveyors of the Holocaust Handbook series.) It’s a new low Amazon has sunk to, in banning even the most scholarly of research that questions the Holocaust narrative.

    It’s flagrantly Orwellian, even by the warped standards of what the west has become.

  4. Will the (((shysters))) next get Bezos to erase the banned books that are already paid for & downloaded on Kindles?

    You know they’d love to do that.

  5. This is a book burning. Fortunately, there are still websites selling revisionist works online. TBR and others are not going away. One may wonder, why do those who promote the official holocaust story so fear other researchers publishing their findings about it?

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