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NEW YORK - MARCH 10: Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks to the media after keynoting a Women's Empowerment Event at the United Nations on March 10, 2015 in New York City. Clinton answered questions about recent allegations of an improperly used email account during her tenure as Secretary of State. (Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images)

The first presidential debate between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton is over and no big upsets or surprises were revealed. If you missed it, read the commentary below to get a quick summary of the event’s highlights. You can still watch the debate in its entirety by clicking on the Youtube video at the bottom of this special report.

By Christopher J. Petherick

Tuesday night’s debate between Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is one for the history books. While most commentators described the back and forth between the candidates as “not unexpected,” there were plenty of moments that had the crowd cheering.

Following the debate, one commentator remarked: “Hillary is a seasoned debater, so we all expected Trump to fail. While she got a few good zingers in, Trump held his own, which means he didn’t lose. So, to his supporters, he came out on top.”

What was also not unexpected was that the major networks all got in line behind the candidate they are backing. MSNBC and CNN—often called the “Clinton News Network”—declared Hillary the winner, but neoconservative Fox News said Trump came across as solid, even-tempered, and presidential.

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We at American Free Press have been very clear about our views on Mrs. Clinton. We feel the former secretary of state should be behind bars not gallivanting around the country in $18,000 orange, double-knit pantsuits campaigning for the highest office in the world.

It is worth mentioning, though, that we also have serious concerns about Trump, as he continues to soften his hardline stance on illegal immigration while at the same time indicating he would have no problem intervening militarily in the internal affairs of sovereign nations. His meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sept. 25 at Trump Towers in New York City highlights our fears that the billionaire real estate developer is also too cozy with the current Israeli leadership—a regime that has committed repeated war crimes and is diligently pushing pliable U.S. politicians to support U.S. wars with Syria, Iran, Russia, and possibly even China.


A few of the better moments in last night’s debate involved Trump attacking Mrs. Clinton on her support for free trade agreements like NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that have driven good-paying jobs for middle-class Americans out of the country.

Trump blamed Bill Clinton for signing that legislation into law, which he said has been disastrous for this country.

“You were totally in favor of [the TPP],” Trump said to Mrs. Clinton. “Then you heard what I was saying, how bad it is, and you said, ‘I can’t win that debate.’ ”

Mrs. Clinton defended her flip-flopping, saying, “I was against it once it was finally negotiated and the terms were laid out.”

Trump fired back, “You called it the gold standard.”

Trump blasted Hillary for failing the country for the three decades she and her husband have been prowling the nation’s capital.

Trump also went after Mrs. Clinton for the tens of thousands of missing emails that disappeared off of her private email server, forcing Mrs. Clinton to apologize for her poor judgment in that situation. He failed to mention that her staff had been ordered to destroy all of Mrs. Clinton’s personal electronic devices by smashing them apart while other Clinton staffers used a computer program called BleachBit to forever erase possibly incriminating data stored on her unprotected hard drives.


Trump largely managed to keep his cool throughout the entire event, leaving some to wonder what happened to the fiery, passionate man from the primaries. Perhaps his new advisors gave him poor advice out of fear that the 6’2” Trump may come across as bullying the far shorter Mrs. Clinton.

Following the debate, many were left wondering whether Trump plans to hit harder during the next contest, which is scheduled for Oct. 4 at Longwood University in Farmville, Va. Elaine Quijano, a correspondent with CBS News, will be the moderator.

“I really eased up because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings,” Trump said on Fox News, saying he would have brought up “the many affairs that Bill Clinton had,” but he held back because the Clintons’ daughter Chelsea was in the audience.

We would hope that in the next debate Trump will not allow himself to be put on the defensive so easily or to worry about “hurt feelings.” For instance, when Hillary mentioned that Trump has not released his taxes, he could have taken the opportunity to hit her on the massive financial improprieties of the Clinton Foundation, whose assets may be greater than anything Trump can muster. Instead, he allowed himself to be put in the position of defending the fact that he, like so many plutocrats, don’t ever pay income taxes.  He did explain that paying no taxes made him “smart.”

The bottom line is that, when the topic of corruption arises, Mrs. Clinton and her husband—despite Trump’s ties to some unsavory characters—are in a criminal class all by themselves.

For anyone who missed it, you can still watch the debate in its entirety by clicking on the video below:

Christopher J. Petherick is the editor-in-chief at American Free Press.

8 Comments on About Last Night’s Debate…

  1. The fly on Killary’s carcass etelid was best from that debate.
    Fly looking for Big Shit to land…And that fly found that SHIT.

  2. No one here seemed to notice all the activity after, when the ‘cleaners’ showed up to dismantle her teleprompter and mouse. After the ‘debate’ there was a light still on at her podium that wasn’t on Trumps. then you can watch it as it goes off. With all the activity on stage the camera was still focused and stationary…….Not to mention all the hand signals and ear pieces and coordinated responses from the moderator, Mr. Holt…..

  3. Stupid goyim of Ama-rica, you have ONE ZIONIST PARTY SYSTEM OF TWO COLORS: Red Zionist Re-publicans and Blue Zionist Demon-rats…The same yiddish shit in two colored package, with the same stench! Trump,the zionist agent and high ranking mason from the Blue Lodge,figure in National Grographic Magazine,double article on US Skyscrapers END TIME calendar in the architecture and NUMBERS, Februdry 1989…It is a CONFESSION TO 9/11 in the future!!! And this zionist agent,also helped to vover up that zionist megacrime!!! But the stupid goyim of Dragon-Serpent Ama-rica is complrtely brsin dead! N

  4. I did not know that he pays no income taxes. How come I have to pay thousands of dollars in income taxes when I earn less than $60,000 per year? Federal and State governments take at least 20% of my earnings! And then I read that Trump wants to give Israel even more military aid (if he is elected) than the latest Obama deal of 38 billion dollars. There are plenty of people in this country (not to mention our infrastructure) and impoverished people in other countries who could put those billions of dollars in weaponry to better use than the already well-funded Israeli military machine.

  5. No one with a shred of common sense will deny the fact that the useful idiots are stupid to the core. The useful idiots are suckers for anything with two competing sides, such as a football game or a presidential debate.
    The useful idiots love to see people running after a little ball just as much as they love to see two people talking bullsh-t for one and a half hour, and say absolutely nothing of substance.
    The fact is that after two more times of tossing bullsh-t around in the so-called presidential debates, the Zionist fake Jewish Banking Oligarchs of the Federal Reserve System will install Hellary Clinton in the White House on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 as scheduled, just like the Oligarchs installed Obama and his predecessors, all the way back to and including President Woodrow Wilson.
    And all because the useful idiots wouldn’t submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

  6. I do hope someone inside the Trump camp is reading Petherick’s assessment because Clinton was able to expose his major weaknesses. In my view these are:
    1. Foreign policy incoherence (as you have noted). He was strongest when he defended his position on Russia on the cyber warfare discussion. He needs to stop imagining that his position of a peaceful hand to Russia is a weakness. I presume he is embracing Netanyahu and sabre-rattling on Iran because he doesn’t want to sound like a complete dove.
    2. His economics IS simple trickle-down. He needs to have more meat on the bones of how he expects the benefits to flow to the US working and middle classes. Reaganomics was, over the longer term for the US, a complete disaster.
    3. He lacks sufficient preparation. Flying by the seat of your pants is sometimes impressive but not when you are on the home stretch of the US Presidential race!

  7. It’s notable that, although all of the several online polls I’ve seen declared Trump the clear winner, the TV media, Huffington Post, and Politico only added to Clinton’s personal insults and declared her the solid winner without reservation — clearly to get into people’s heads before the daily tracking polls can render a more credible verdict. Is there a chance the media’s blatant favoritism might boomerang big time to citizen Trump’s great advantage?

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