AUDIO INTERVIEW: 9-11 Cop Who Arrested Dancing Israelis Speaks


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In the first ever interview (19:12) of its kind, Dave Gahary speaks with the police officer responsible for arresting the “Dancing Israelis” on September 11, 2001, who were caught filming and celebrating while the World Trade Center burned and people died.

Sergeant Scott DeCarlo reveals the details of that day, details the Zionist-controlled mainstream media conveniently overlooked.  DeCarlo has promised that this is his first and last interview on the subject, in the hopes of quelling ongoing interest in his role that horrible day.


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Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s ‘Underground Interview’ series.

Be sure to check out all of AFP’s free audio interviews. You’ll find them on the HOME PAGE, ARCHIVES & AUDIO section.

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8 Comments on AUDIO INTERVIEW: 9-11 Cop Who Arrested Dancing Israelis Speaks

  1. Hi Jaroslav. You’re right about who did 911 but your evidence tends to make a mockery out of the word “investigation.”

    Are you absolutely sure that your arithmetic connections are
    indicative of that which you claim for them?

    What’s this? 526 meters high antenna means what?

    1368 feet high building and 3168 is Greek for what?

    This is serious, Jaroslav. Why are you doing this comedy?

    You couldn’t be trying to make a joke out of the 911 investigations, could you?

  2. Hey Wake Up:

    About Italians, have you ever wondered about where you got your stereotypical view regarding them? Could it be from the Jew-owned media? They write our text books, teach in our schools from the beginning through post doctorate, write and produce nearly anything we watch or read or hear, and they are in our governments to the hilt. When I think about all the inputs I’ve ever had regarding Italians, my two years in Italy notwithstanding, it came from Jew-owned media. That’s where I got most all of my worldview come to think of it. My stereotyping of the Irish has come from watching Jew-made Hollywood movies, too. You know what I never see in their media, anything that puts the Jew in a bad light! They don’t like to do that. They are the most deceptive and secretive people on earth.


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    Peace TRUTH Justice

  4. I refuse to listen to #1 a cop from Jew York, and #2 an Italian cop, not only for their common role in corruption within our country, but the fact that Italy is one of the first taken down so easily by the rat-child filthy Zionist’s, they buckled because they were already corrupt and still are and always will be! The comment was more worthy from a stranger than a cop who decided to keep silenced so his masters could attempt to complete their hidden agenda in destroying or country and truly it is called a lie and only cowards lie! So, DeCarlo, REPENT OR GO STRAIGHT TO HELL if you are not already destined for hell for what you have done and KNOW you have done! Also, cops know what is happening within their Nazi-like ” law enforcement;” he is not stupid, so again, he’s hiding all that too! I say send all other races and ethnicities to their own countries and behave their like criminals, liars and cowards and get out of our country and take your families with you and REPENT TO YOUR ONE AND ONLY LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST and stop worshiping Satan, and to make it clear, if you are not worshiping your obvious CREATOR, the YOU MOST DEFINITELY ARE WORSHIPING Satan whether you know it or not, he is with you, if GOD is not! WAKE UP PEOPLE, Satan is as real as GOD and it is Satan who brings, pain, sickness, death, finance trouble all that is negative to your life, NOT GOD like everyone who has nothing to do with GOD but falsely call themselves Christians, do they blame God and yet IF YOU READ YOUR BIBLE GOD EXPLAINED THIS, but how many Christians really read their bibles…FEW, most allow their pedophiling, women hating Satan worshiping priest read them the same old verses over and over and over every visit, and TEACH YOU NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL and God said there is no excuse and the only ones that are excused are the defenseless, the babies and mentally disabled and THAT IS IT, NOT THE YOUNG NOT THE OLD, and no one in between! So for those who so love to blame God for their shi**y lives, perhaps you should have read your bible because again, GOD EXPLAINED THIS and how we Satan will be in our lives working from the dark unseen affecting our lives so we blame GOD and further ourselves from him, and most fell for it! So, if you have not SERVED GOD and that is not just praying and asking for things you don’t deserve, when you have done nothing for him, EXPECT weak, vile, sneaky and cowardly Satan to be in your life, whether you want it or not, if God is not, Satan is and that is how he works, God gave you instructions to EVERYTHING….and if you have the capability to think and read for your self then I suggest you do before it is too late!! Again, God excuses no one, he explained what Satan is doing and he explained how you can prevent it, so stop blaming him for your shortcomings people, and if you fell for the brainwashing that speaking of GOD is taboo or voodoo then you have already failed not only GOD, but yourself, whether you believe it or not is completely IRRELEVANT, you still have a creator whether you acknowledge him or not, whether you are a complete fool and believe in the traitorous and fake Jews alike who created the big bang THEORY (and they have to use THEORY because it is not and cannot be PROVEN), for FOOLS of Satan, get it people! What a shame that so many people can’t figure out that they MUST have a Creator, and even more foolish those who think they came from fish, fish in which the filthy traitorous Jews and fake alike didn’t have the brain to think, but what if someone ever catches these ANCIENT fish, which they did in 1920, lots of them and hid that fact as well as they could, their theory went to hell, literally, but most haven’t a clue because they can’t think, research or read for themselves, they just listen to he fake Jews news, read the fake Jew history books, listen to the fake Jew education and so on! This Jewish conspiracy has been going on for thousands of years and that is to destroy God’s REAL children, his real children are not a geographical area (counterfeit israHELL filled with fake Jews and traitorous Jews and owned by the fake rat-child Jews and Zionist pigs), it is not a religion either like they want us to believe, God’s real children are those who let him into their heart, their lives, and follow, teach and speak his words and if you do not you are of Satan and a cowardly FOOL! Oh and to all those who put down “born-again Christians,” you are the biggest fool of all, God said his children will eventually find him meaning we come into it, meaning BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS, guess why the gov’t, education, media all the rats brainwashed us into thinking born again Christians were crazy…because that was what GOD said and was to be, but if you don’t read His bible then how would you know, and again, THERE ARE NO EXCUSES, not even your own stupidity!

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  5. The Zionist masonic “Israeli” flag has male-and-female stargates in union of 69-creation/procreation between two river-legs of the Milky Way, rivers known as Pishon and Gigon, in Genesis chapter 2:10-14, copied on Earth by the Nile and Euphrates rivers. This region of the Milky Way with its black hole (cosmic vagina) leading to the double center of our Galaxy (cosmic womb) is also known as Mesopotamia, and for the Maya as the Dark Rift. That’s the real meaning of the Zionist ‘Magen David.’ The black hole is the 13th unofficial House of zodiac, the Maya portrayed as Jar/Pot of the Aquarian-Potter-Creator, Jug/Pot with 9 stars outside and 11 stars inside.

    The U.S. Zionist-masonic flag has the same design, 9 rows of stars and 11 columns of stars, with 13 stripes, as the 13th house of zodiac. Such is the truth! The EU Zionist masonic flag has exactly the same meaning, where the CIRCLE with 12 stars is the black hole and the 13th house of zodiac!

    Didn’t the Zionists encode the same pattern into the 9/11 attacks? They did! Flight AA11 had 2 pilots + 9 crew members = 11. Flight UA175 had 2 pilots + 7 crew members = 9 in total. Since both flights hit the Twin Towers, it is 9/11 and 20, the Maya Galactic vigessimal number! Flight AA77 which hit Pentagon had 2 + 4 = 6 in total; and Flight UA93 shot at Shanksville (Sha in Chinese = Light and Sun) had 2 + 5 = 7, the same pattern on the Zionist masonic U.S. flag! With the target year of 2013 as the END OF THE MAYAN calendar and Great Cosmic Year! The North Tower was 526 meters high to its TV antenna. It was attacked at 8:46 a.m. = 526th minute of that Zionist sacrificial Tuesday morning in Jew Yoke City, Battery Park, badly BATTERED on 9/11!!! WTC1 was 1368 feet high building. 3168 is Greek gematria value of Lord Jesus Christ. Bethlehem, as 2nd, and solar stargate is located on 31.68° latitude North, what is also 32.08° North. All time frames of 4 hijacked planes on 9/11 give summary of 32 hours and 08 minutes! And SQUARE (WTC1) + SQUARE (WTC2) + PENTAGON = 13 Bak’tuns and 13 Disciples on Last Supper at the 13th house of zodiac. But the Zionist masons also demolished WTC7, hence 20 x 13 and 2013 CE around.

    Please, visit Google-Bloody Masonic Fingerprints Left On 9/11 Crime Scene,the true 9/11 Revelation.

  6. Once again, I must say, you average, hard-working American people, you are good and generous people, unfortunately, removed from your ZOG government and its agendas.

    Please, visit Google-Bloody Masonic Fingerprints left On 9/11 Crime Scene!!!

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