U.S. Training Terrorists

July 13, 2015 AFP 2

• Deep roots of CIA’s recruitment and use of terrorists revealed. By Ronald L. Ray — A recently released, formerly secret Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report and a new book have proven what AMERICAN FREE […]

Elite Media Stokes Flames of Violence

July 4, 2015 AFP 5

• Mainstream moguls find “white-on-black” oppression narrative sells papers, get viewers. By Patrick J. Buchanan — Half a century ago this summer, the Voting Rights Act was passed, propelled by Bloody Sunday at Selma Bridge. […]

Vote for Border Protection

July 4, 2015 AFP 3

• We can stop the “Third Worlding” of America by voting against rampant immigration, diversity. By Patrick J. Buchanan — Thousands of U.S. troops safeguard the border of South Korea. U.S. warships patrol the South […]

Slow Track, Not Fast Track

July 4, 2015 AFP 0

• America needs to slow track trade deals, not fast track them. By Leo W. Gerard — In close votes in June, a majority in the U.S. House and Senate chose to continue glomming onto […]

Black Guy Takes a Cue From the Jews

July 1, 2015 AFP 7

Jews have been doing it for decades, and maybe millennia: spray-painting swastikas and other “anti-Semitic” messages on homes, cars, streets and businesses in hopes of drumming up sympathy for their poor cult and for a […]

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