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Obamacare Is Dying a Slow Death


The Affordable Care Act—also known as “Obamacare”—which passed into law by Congress and signed by President Barack Obama in 2010, is dying a slow death due to major insurance companies pulling out because they are losing money despite the fact that they have more customers than ever and

Will Special Prosecutor Investigate Hillary’s Pay-to-Play Scheme?


If Hillary Clinton wins the election on Nov. 8 and takes the White House, it is likely Congress will initiate a probe into allegations of corruption on the part of the former secretary of state and investigate whether Mrs. Clinton sold access to the State Department in return

Establishment Study on Chemtrails Has Not Stymied Activists


An international team of court scientists released a study earlier in August dismissing claims that so-called chemtrails from airplanes exist and are sickening people around the world. Activists and environmentalists have not lost heart, though, and are still moving ahead with lawsuits and legislation to expose this toxic

Zika Cure Worse than the Disease

Original caption: (Aedes aegypti) Female mosquitoes have a very long proboscis which allows them to pierce the skin and suck blood. Males are not biters and have only rudimentary mouthparts. When females bite they inject some of their saliva into the wound, which causes swelling and itching. Mosquitoes carry many infectious diseases, including malaria. Color Scanning Electron Micrograph, 125X at 8x8 inches. --- Image by © David Scharf/Science Faction/Corbis

A number of health experts are calling into question why exactly U.S. officials have been turning to highly toxic pesticides that are known to cause cancer and birth defects to try to combat the Zika virus, which is being spread by mosquitoes. By James Spounias On Aug. 4,

Victor Thorn’s Best Friend Bares All


A PERSONAL NOTE . . . FROM PETE PAPAHERAKLES On Monday morning, I received a phone call that completely turned my world upside down. Nothing could have prepared me for it. The call was from Victor’s son, Josh, informing me that Victor had just committed suicide. I felt

Clinton Gets Off, U.S. Navy Sailor Gets 1 Year Behind Bars for Taking 6 Photos


• Prosecution of sailor reveals glaring inequity of U.S. judicial system. By the Staff at AFP — In a shocking legal case that underscores the fact that there are at least two sets of rules in the United States, one for us and one for them, a U.S.

Black Professor Suspended for Stating Opinions


• Professor suspended for posting thoughts on 9-11, Israel. By John Friend — Dr. Joy Karega, an assistant professor of rhetoric and composition at Oberlin College, a prestigious liberal arts college in Ohio, has been placed on paid administrative leave following an investigation related to her social media

Death by Doctor: A Hidden Holocaust

• More than 250,000 people killed every year by doctors’ mistakes in U.S. alone. By James Spounias — Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, according to Dr. Martin A. Makary, a professor of surgery at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine,

Hillary Clinton Medically Unfit to Serve as U.S. President?


• Is Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unfit to serve in the White House due to apparent medical issues? A number of doctors, medical experts, and one-time confidants have come forward to claim that Mrs. Clinton likely has neurological problems that are being covered up by her campaign

Global Team of Scientists Attack Chemtrails “Conspiracy Theorists”


• Evidence of a secret large-scale atmospheric program has the establishment worried. By the Staff at AFP — The New York Times is reporting that scientists across the globe have teamed up to counter the “conspiracy theory” that a secret large-scale atmospheric program, or SLAP, is in place

Obamacare Close to Collapse


• Another ill-planned policy blunder by the elite in Washington. By the Staff at AFP — The Washington Post is reporting that insurance giant Aetna has decided to cease offering almost all of its individual health coverage through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to

Innocent White Man Shot in Milwaukee, Media Mute


• Almost no coverage by mainstream media after stray bullet ends up in white man’s neck. By the Staff at AFP — The mainstream media’s agenda was on full display during the recent black, lawless uprising in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. On the second night of the savagery, an innocent

Obama’s War on Police Is for Real


By Robert Romano — The Obama administration has been using the controversial practice of sue and settle to engage in a federal takeover of local police and corrections departments. The way the regime works is the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice (DoJ) files a suit

Obama Accused of Sabotaging IRS Probe


• D.C. watchdog group says president played key role in undermining probe into IRS abuses. By John Friend — Beginning in 2013, the Obama administration engaged in a widespread and coordinated effort to target certain politically oriented groups deemed hostile or opposed to the leftist agenda promoted by

Is Donald Trump the ‘Peace President’?


• American public supports Trump’s non-interventionist foreign policy stances. By Patrick J. Buchanan — With Democrats howling that Vladimir Putin hacked into and leaked those 19,000 Democratic National Convention emails to help Trump, The Donald had a brainstorm: Maybe the Russians can retrieve Hillary Clinton’s lost emails. Not