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DHS Targets Washington State in REAL ID ‘Roundup’


By Mark Anderson — The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), playing “the good shepherd,” wants its flock of 50 states and the United States territories to march in unison into the digital-tracking realm. The state of Washington is one of 28 states and U.S. territories that have been

AUDIO INTERVIEW & ARTICLE: U.S. Opioid Epidemic Out of Control


AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW Deaths caused by overdoses from prescription pain killers and those caused by the increasing availability of cheap heroin have reached such epidemic levels in this once-great nation that it has become a 2016 presidential election issue, and President Barack Hussein Obama has been forced to

Supplement Industry Targeted, But Scare Tactics Backfiring


• Smart consumers know Big Pharma’s drugs kill over 100,000 every year. By James Spounias — Rahm Emanuel’s oft-quoted phrase, “You never want a serious crisis go to waste,” must have been forefront on the minds of news media propagandists the third week of October. This came as

Traditionalists Battle for Future of Catholic Church


• Some Catholics worried pope’s policies are setting church on path to decline. By Patrick J. Buchanan — Are Catholic truths immutable? Or can they change with the changing times? This is the deeper question behind the issues that convulsed the three-week synod on the family of the

VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHS: Traficant Conference


Here are some pictures and videos of the conference that honored former United States congressman James A. Traficant, Jr. that took place last weekend in Washington, D.C. Place your ad here Loading… Jim Traficant Memorial 2015 VIDEO Pete Papaherakles Paul Angel Merlin Miller Leo Glaser Jim Rizoli Cyndi

Obama Slaps Seniors, Vets


By Dave Gahary — This Veterans Day, those who served their country will have a lot less to be thankful for. In a slap to the face of veterans and seniors, the Obama administration announced on October 15 that there will be no cost of living adjustment, or

INTERVIEW: Elite Media Ignores Genocide of Whites


By Victor Thorn — During an October 20 interview with AMERICAN FREE PRESS, activist Karin Smith described a harsh reality for whites who still call South Africa home. Smith, a South African expat currently residing in Texas, offered a warning: “If changes don’t occur in South Africa, at

Israel, ISIS Meet Their Match?


• Russia alters Mideast power balance by answering Syria’s call for help. By Richard Walker — In just a matter of months, the Russian military has strategically shifted the balance of power in the Middle East, outflanking Washington, Israel, Turkey and their Arab allies. The Russian decision to

INTERVIEW: Elite Media, Feminists Ignore Clintons’ “War on Women”


• New book dedicated to Victor Thorn. By Victor Thorn — Would the American public allow Bill and Hillary Clinton back into the White House if they realized the full extent of their depravities? Roger Stone, coauthor of The Clintons’ War on Women* with Robert Morrow, seriously doubts

New Orleans Fifth Circuit Smacks Obama Down, Again


It’s back to the drawing board for Barack Hussein Obama, again. The same court that in May of this year issued a 68-page ruling that handed Obama’s long sought-after “lawless amnesty” immigration give-away a stinging defeat has done it again. The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth

War in Syria? Where Is Speaker Ryan?


By Patrick J. Buchanan — “The United States is being sucked into a new Middle East war,” says The New York Times. And the Times has it exactly right. Despite repeated pledges not to put “boots on the ground” in Syria, President Obama is inserting 50 U.S. special

The Big Lie in the Holy Land


• It’s Israel committing most of the “terrorist” acts. By Ronald L. Ray — While the West is troubled by the ongoing Zio-American-sponsored “immigrant” invasion of its countries, which brings murder, mayhem and demographic destruction to the historical white inhabitants, another genocide continues its terroristic rampage in the

The Lapdog Media and the MH-17 Fraud

• Everyone should know Russia didn’t shoot down Malaysian airliner—but they don’t. By Paul Craig Roberts — When I read that the report on the July 17, 2014 downing of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 (MH-17) passenger jet  over Ukraine was being put in the hands of the

Obama Wants a Thug in Every Neighborhood


• Obama administration says living in a nice neighborhood is “racist.” By Robert Romano — In September, Congress averted a partial government shutdown when it voted to continue appropriations at 2015 levels, but those only go through the next month, when another omnibus spending bill or continuing resolution

Feds Deceptive Fat Labeling; Fluoridation Exposed?


By James Spounias — It’s a story that never gets old. The presence of partially hydrogenated oils, known as trans fats, in America’s food supply is an example of industry and government collusion at its worst. When a known cause of death, heart attacks and other detriments to