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Protesters’ Peaceful Battle for Clean Water, Sacred Lands Met with Brute Force

Demonstrators from across the country have joined with American Indians in North Dakota to protest a private oil firm that plans to run an oil pipeline underneath the Missouri river, the only source of clean drinking water for thousands of people in the area. The pipeline is planned

Charges of Vote Fraud Come Up Before Election

It turns out, claims of vote rigging and election fraud, which were made by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during the last presidential debate, weren’t far-fetched after all. According to early published reports, vote scamming has already been witnessed—even before election day hit. By John Tiffany Nov. 8 had

One Way Hillary Clinton Scammed the Election

Throughout the entire campaign cycle, officials with Hillary Clinton’s campaign have repeatedly encouraged illegal aliens and liberal activists to influence the election through various means. While technically not election fraud, employing illegal aliens to canvass potential voters is certainly a new low for the Clintons. By John Friend

AFP’s New Christmas Book & DVD Catalog Is Here!

You can download and peruse all of AFP’s great uncensored books and DVDs in a beautiful, 16-page, full-color Christmas catalog. Books on fascinating subjects from conspiracy to alternative health to mysterious history can be found here. But don’t wait. Hurry up and place your order if you want

Fed’s Duplicity, Dirty Dealing Exposed in Trial of Oregon Protesters

In a rare win, seven protesters, including the well-known Bundy brothers, were found not guilty by a jury after they faced charges following the 41-day protest at the Malheur Wildlife Preserve in Oregon. The good news was short lived, though, as the brothers are still being held in

The Path to Total Dictatorship: America’s Shadow Government and Its Silent Coup

According to a leading constitutional attorney, a massive shadow government has been erected behind our democratic republic made up of millions of unelected bureaucrats, mercenaries, and lobbyists. These are the people, who make up the real power behind Washington—not the two puppets paraded in front of America this

The Establishment Is In a Panic

Following the last debate on Oct. 19, the establishment has been in a tizzy over statements made by Donald Trump, who said he would not accept defeat to Hillary Clinton. The fear is that this revolution is bigger than the Donald and that growing numbers of Americans now

Where’s the MSM When It Comes to Cops Beating a White Man Over a Suspended License?

The mainstream media has repeatedly promoted the narrative that racist police are targeting and murdering young black men. But when militarized police beat a white man nearly to death over a suspended license, no one seemed to care—even after the sheriff was indicted on perjury charges related to

Obama’s ‘Pivot to Asia’ Stopped Cold by Former Ally

Last week, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte told the U.S. to take a long walk off a short dock when it comes to stationing the U.S. military throughout the island country. Pointing to Western hypocrisy, the outspoken populist leader said he would rather turn to China than continue to

Help Us Keep Victor Thorn’s Life’s Work Alive

For years, author, researcher, publisher, radio show host, and political activist Victor Thorn tackled the most intellectually dangerous subjects in the world while still living a humble life outside the public eye in rural Pennsylvania. On Aug. 1, Victor passed away. Now American Free Press is doing all

Supreme Court a Danger to Nation

A new book details how Supreme Court justices have subverted the U.S. Constitution and supplanted Congress as the “supreme law of the land”—and why we should all be worried. This matter is of extreme importance as we wait to see which of the presidential candidates will be picking

Hillary Will Throw a Tantrum When She Hears About This

Right now, the team at AMERICAN FREE PRESS newspaper is in the process of assembling and editing a three-volume set of books, featuring hundreds and hundreds of Victor’s very best investigative reports on dozens and dozens of various topics—from energy scams to high-level governmental treason and everything in

Plan to Release Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Sparks Serious Concerns Among Health Activists

As if the record of science, government, and health isn’t bad enough, biotech companies have now engineered mosquitoes to carry a death gene that will cause their offspring to die before reaching adulthood. “What can possibly go wrong?” ask those who are skeptical of genetic tinkering and aware

Lame Duck Congress Will Likely Vote on Trans-Pacific Partnership

The massive 12-nation, largely secret, free-trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership is expected to be voted upon by Congress during the lame-duck session just after the Nov. 8 general election. Now is the time to renew or start steady calls and letters to Congress. Call 202-224-3121 or

Final Presidential Debate Was Epic

Last night’s presidential debate between between renegade Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was held at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. For all intents and purposes, this one will likely go down in the history books as one of the most epic debates