Horsemeat is Big Business

December 18, 2011 admin 0

• “It’s a common occurrence to poke out a horse’s eyes so that they won’t resist or attack anyone while being corralled.” By Victor Thorn When Barack Hussein Obama signed the 2012 Agriculture Appropriations Bill […]

AUDIO INTERVIEW & ARTICLE: Poisonous Playgrounds

December 18, 2011 admin 0

AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW Dr. Erin Carr-Jordan, banned from entering the McDonald’s franchise near her home, details her horrific discoveries while visiting the insides of a random sampling of the nation’s indoor playgrounds located in McDonald’s, […]

The “GinGrinch” Steals Christmas

December 16, 2011 admin 0

By Ralph Forbes Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich is much nastier than the Grinch of children’s storybook fame, who only disguised himself as Santa to ruin Christmas. Gingrich is a moral leper who fleeced taxpayers […]

The Terror War on Iran

December 16, 2011 admin 0

By Richard Walker For years, a secret war of assassinations and bombings has been directed from Washington and Tel Aviv at Iran, with no public admission that U.S. Special Forces, the CIA, the National Security […]

Major Gunmakers Gobbled Up by Cerberus

December 16, 2011 admin 0

By Frank Whalen Recently, a major Wall Street holding company has received a fair amount of attention for its acquisition of several American firearms companies. With the Second Amendment carefully watched and guarded by patriotic […]

7 Nations on Neocon Hit List

December 9, 2011 admin 1

By James P. Tucker Jr. Some 10 years before the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington, D.C., top neoconservatives in the Pentagon orchestrated a major “policy coup” to start wars with multiple […]

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