YouTube Inquisitors Demolish History

June 23, 2019 Staff 4

“Though justified by liberal Silicon Valley oligarchs as a response to the “racism, sexism, and homophobia” of the alt-right, YouTube’s new censorship plan begins with garden-variety political correctness—and ends in the wholesale falsification of history.” […]

Unpunished War Crimes

June 21, 2019 Staff 0

Suicidal neocon foreign policy is the real war crime. By Dr. Ron Paul Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) found himself in hot water recently over comments he made in defense of Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher, who […]

Ghosts of Fallujah Haunting America

June 21, 2019 Staff 2

A U.S. legislator has arrogantly admitted publicly that his Marine Corps unit may have killed hundreds of civilians in Fallujah. Will these war crimes continue to go unpunished? By Richard Walker The admission by Rep. […]

People Revolt Against NWO

June 18, 2019 Staff 0

Mass immigration and the failure of globalism are behind Europe’s recent nationalist resurgence. By John Friend Nationalists and populists across Europe made tremendous gains in the recent European Union (EU) elections, demonstrating the appeal of […]

Book Says Haig Took Down Nixon

June 15, 2019 Staff 0

Author Ray Locker’s newest work on Richard Nixon’s fall details how Chief of Staff Alexander Haig orchestrated the president’s downfall. By S.T. Patrick In Haig’s Coup: How Richard Nixon’s Closest Aide Forced Him from Office, […]

Trump Flip-Flops on Immigration

June 12, 2019 Staff 0

Despite vowing to solve America’s immigration crisis, President Trump has done nothing about it.  By Donald Jeffries On no other issue is Donald Trump’s rhetoric so markedly different from his record than on immigration. During […]

Drone Technology a Threat to All

June 11, 2019 Staff 2

Pilotless, remote-controlled drones are being flown by terrorists and drug cartels, a threat that should have been addressed years ago. By Richard Walker When remote-controlled flying drones closed London’s Gatwick Airport in 2018, it was […]

Congress Fiddles While Iran War Looms

June 6, 2019 Staff 0

The Democrat-controlled House needs to step in and stop neocon warmongering. By Dr. Ron Paul Congress—and particularly the Democrat- controlled House of Representatives—seems determined to see the end of the Trump administration before the 2020 […]

American People Need a ‘Bailout’

May 29, 2019 Staff 1

How come bankers get debt forgiveness but not students, farmers, and homeowners? By Paul Craig Roberts As schoolchildren, my friends and I were very interested in archaeology and ancient civilizations. We read all the available […]

Florida Lawmakers Vote to Arm Teachers

May 28, 2019 Staff 0

Each county school district in Florida may now choose to allow educational staff, including teachers, to be armed following specific training. Unfortunately, the state’s largest counties have already opted out of the program designed to […]

Washington State Resurrects Racial Quotas

May 26, 2019 Staff 1

Notwithstanding the fact that 73% of Americans oppose “blatantly racist” college admissions laws, Washington legislators want to repeal a ban on consideration of race in state colleges’ admissions process. By Donald Jeffries Showing the usual […]

Yes, There Is a Crisis at the Southern Border

May 22, 2019 Staff 0

American Free Press Issue 19 & 20 extensively covered the situation at America’s southern border with three articles. Together, they make clear that there is, indeed, a crisis at the border.  Retired Texas Cop Gives AFP […]

Sheriff Joe Is Back, Still Swinging

May 20, 2019 Staff 0

Did the FBI spy on Sheriff Joe Arpaio just like they spied on Trump? In this interview, published in the most recent American Free Press the 57-year veteran lawman has choice words for mainstream media, […]

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