Make China Pay

April 20, 2020 AFP Editor 0

In our most recent Issue 17 & 18 of American Free Press, John Friend points out we have an unparalleled opportunity right now to bring U.S. industry home. Will President Trump and Congress act on […]

Justice Dept. Supports Female Athletes

April 17, 2020 AFP Editor 1

Men who think they’re girls won’t be allowed to destroy opportunities for real women. By Donald Jeffries The Department of Justice has sided with a trio of Connecticut high school students and their mothers, who […]

George Soros in His Own Words

April 16, 2020 AFP Editor 1

He wants you to believe Russia is a danger to world peace, Turkey’s Erdogan an angel. By Phil Giraldi George Soros is a billionaire Hungarian-born investor who is extremely controversial due to his promotion of […]

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