Ireland vs the Banksters

January 18, 2014 AFP 0

• Irish bankers face criminal charges; kleptocrats caught joking about own misdeeds By Ronald L. Ray The Icelandic way of dealing with financial fraud committed by bank executives is spreading to other countries of Europe, […]

Hillary’s Lust for Blood and Money

January 18, 2014 AFP 0

• U.S. policy expert says Mrs. Clinton has been on the wrong side of war issue for last 20 years By Victor Thorn As Hillary Clinton was close to securing the Democratic presidential nomination in […]

Hoping This ‘Relationship’ Heading for a Break-up

January 18, 2014 AFP 0

• U.S.-Israeli “special relationship” symposium planned By John Friend A Washington, D.C.-based non-profit specializing in American-Mideast foreign policy has announced what many consider to be a long overdue conference to critically address the so-called “special […]

Putin-Style Politics Could Be What Saves U.S.

January 18, 2014 AFP 0

• American nationalists look to purge ‘crony capitalism’ By Michael Collins Piper The United States is going the way of Russia—but not in the way conservatives would have you think. While conservatives are busy fighting […]

The ‘King of the Jews’ Is Dead

January 11, 2014 AFP 4

• Edgar Bronfman—one of the world’s most powerful Zionists—finally dies By Michael Collins Piper The patriarch of a crime syndicate-connected empire that has operated in the sphere of the Rothschild dynasty is dead. On December […]

Flat Foot Photo Shoot

January 10, 2014 AFP 0

• Journalists arrested for photographing police in action win series of big court cases • Judge rules advances in technology can make us all impromptu citizen journalists By Keith Johnson Keeping cops honest is a […]

U.S. Moving to Make Electronic Currencies Illegal?

January 10, 2014 AFP 0

• Alternative currency makers defend motives at hearing By Mark Anderson Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Carper (D-Del.) recently held a first-ever congressional hearing on virtual currencies. The mid-November hearing, “Beyond […]

States Say “Stop” to NDAA

January 10, 2014 AFP 0

• States rejecting indefinite detentions By Mark Anderson On December 26, Michigan became the fourth state to sign into law a bill that formally tells Washington that Michigan will not cooperate with the federal government […]

Civil Rights Movement Needed for Whites

January 10, 2014 AFP 32

By Pete Papaherakles “White privilege” is a term heard often lately, as an underhanded accusation against whites. It refers to a theoretical set of privileges that whites benefit from beyond those experienced by blacks and […]

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