Elitists Ignore Growing Protests by Whites Against Violent Immigrant Invasion

By Ronald L. Ray —

Run-of-the-mill Europeans and Americans are increasingly restless about the unending invasion of their lives, homes and nations by millions of culturally and racially alien foreigners.

In Europe especially, tens of thousands protest regularly against the government-enforced acceptance of so-called refugees.

Until now, those governments and the sycophantic myrmidons in the media have turned a deaf ear. But, unable to impose successfully the official propaganda about families fleeing from violent countries, some at the top are finally admitting the truth they knew all along.

Some 70-80% of the human masses entering Europe are not refugees or asylum seekers, but economic migrants and proponents of Islamic conquest, almost all male. In the refugee centers and camps, the women are subject to frequent rapes and other abuse, to the extent that most are afraid to move through the camps, even in daylight.


According to London’s Daily Mail, at the holding center in Bayernkaserne near Munich, Germany, “The guards hired from a private company by the German government to provide security at the huge site were found by police to be trafficking drugs, guns and knives among the migrants as well as turning a blind eye to prostitution.” Reports of child rape are also frequent in such places. All this in a land that prohibits its citizens from keeping guns for self-defense.

The situation is no different outside the camps and centers, all across Western Europe. Traditionally, women could walk safely, even at night, in major cities. But now, women who live near the in-rushing aliens fear for their lives and are warned by officials to “cover up,” to avoid harassment. The growing level of crime committed by arriving Middle Easterners and Africans is hushed up by authorities, however. The truth would undermine their efforts to overwhelm native Europeans with millions from other races and cultures.

Both Jews and Freemasons are leading this latest attempt to wipe out the white race. Whether liberal Jews promoting multiculturalism and miscegenation, like Barbara Lerner Spectre, or Talmudic Jews, like the chief rabbi of Paris, the Zionists promote the destruction of both Christianity and Caucasians. Nearly 30 obediences of Freemasonry have called for unlimited and perpetual immigration of alien races into Europe, alleging this is some sort of human right and the fulfillment of the French Revolution. These two groups give the marching orders to most of Europe’s—and, for that matter, America’s—leaders.

The peripatetic plutocrat George Soros had the chutzpah recently to “inform” the European Union as to what it must do: Accept at least 1 million asylum seekers per year, provide at least €30,000 (around $34,000) to each one for resettlement, pour billions of euros into the refugee centers in the Middle East and replace nation-states with a single European political/military entity. How to finance it all? By issuing bonds and indenturing Europeans to the banksters, of course!

Here at home, the White House clearly intends to change the racial composition of the United States—obvious from the insane practice of letting millions of Mexicans and Central and South Americans flood across our southern border, while forcibly settling them in U.S. communities, large and small. This genocidal policy has been expanded to include African and Asian supposed refugees, using the “Holocaust” card to instill white guilt to force acceptance of so-called diversity and enrichment from mostly barbaric, unemployed, frequently criminal aliens. While citizens’ unease is growing, most Americans remain soporific.

Ordinary Europeans, however, are increasingly disturbed by the societal destruction wreaked by the new barbarian hordes. Some 25,000 attended a PEGIDA demonstration on September 21 in Dresden, Germany, chanting “Europe, awake!” and “We are the people!”—a scene being repeated by thousands in several cities across that country.

Unperturbed, the German government under Chancellor Angela Merkel continues the drive into the abyss, while those who speak out against the mounting immigrant problem are threatened with the confiscation of their children by the state.


European officials are being forced to admit that they have created a monster, as some at least superficially call for changes in asylum policies. Germany’s respected Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung published an editorial criticizing Merkel’s “open doors and windows” policy as contrary to the duty of the state to foster and defend its own people first, even suggesting the practice makes a government illegitimate.

In Poland, about 25,000 nationalists protested the forced acceptance of alien migrants, as the Polish government announced it would meet its “quota” of “refugees” primarily by repatriating ethnic Poles from former Soviet regions. And 97% of a small Slovakian town voted against accepting foreign immigrants.

But who is luring millions from Africa and Asia to Germany? Apart from Merkel and her ilk, not the Germans. Analysis of social media on the Internet has revealed that 41.6% of the posts to Twitter come from the UK, U.S. and Australia. Only 6.4% originated in Germany.

It looks as though the infamous Morgenthau Plan to turn Germany—and now all of Europe—into a cow pasture has been revived.

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Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.