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One Response to Follow Us on Facebook

  1. Jacob Tyler says:
    Since its days as the Spotlight when I was just a little child, to its triumphant re-emergence as AMERICAN FREE PRESS mere weeks after being sued out of existence by the wicked state it had so dutifully been exposing the Machiavellian, murderous machinations of this publication has proved its worth time and time again.

    It’s not every publication that can sell you real gold and demonstrate the worth of its weight in it.

    Now AFP is endeavoring to forge into a new arena of activism and truth-speaking, that is the world of social media.

    Now even *you* can help this penultimate patriot periodical just be liking our page and sharing it with your friends and liking and commenting on our posts. It’s quick, easy and does more good than you know.

    If you are of a mind to do more in the cause of truth, contact us for more details.

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