A South African’s Warning

Activist wraps up six-month tour of America to bring attention to genocide

By Dave Gahary

Springton, Pa. – To hear from a 46-year-old South African that his country is on the verge of complete collapse and the organization he represents exists solely to prepare for a civil war between blacks and whites, you may think Simon Roche (pronounced “rosh”) is a bit over the top. Once he makes his case, however, it’s apparent where his sense of alarm arises from and why he fears that America is careening toward the same fate.

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In his last interview with this newspaper before heading back to his country after a six-month tour here, Roche discussed his background and what the organization he’s affiliated with, Suidlanders (pronounced “sightlahnders”), is attempting to do.

Suidlanders, as Roche told this reporter at the Aug. 26 conference of Don Wassall’s The Nationalist Times at the Springtown Rod & Gun Club, and in a Sept. 1 one-hour telephone interview, “is the world’s largest non-state civil defense organization . . . constituted under international law.”

Roche and his compatriots are, as previously noted, “preparing for a civil war in South Africa, which is something that has been promised to the white people by black leaders in South Africa on many occasions.”

He explained, “Our leader, the founder of our organization, had the foresight, some years ago, to begin to prepare in this manner, in a legal, nonmilitant, non-militaristic, non-seditious, non-insurrectionist manner, to protect civilian noncombatants . . . to provide a civil defense solution to non-combatants in the event of the civil war.”

That leader, Gustav Müller, was in the South African Defense Force in military intelligence, “so he has a background in risk analysis and scenario planning,” said Roche. “He was in the Defense Force at a time when we were fighting nine countries on the borders of South Africa and at a time when there was massive instability internally; the African National Congress’s armed wing was terrorizing people.”

“Gustav was in a situation where he was required—every day of his life—to think very hard,
to analyze, and assist . . . how things were going to play out, what was happening next, what intelligence could be produced from the information on the ground,” explained Roche. “And that gave him an insight into how things might transpire in South Africa. He believed that things would end very badly once the African National Congress [ANC] took power, as they did on the 27th of April 1994. Then he sort of bided his time for a while, observing how things were playing out, and it became clearer and clearer to him over time that the [ANC], as a communist entity, was leading South Africa down a path of destruction.”

Although a white man, Roche is not of Dutch ancestry, which were the original white settlers to South Africa. As the story goes, one of the Dutch East India Company’s ships had been stranded in 1648 and the castaways “were so impressed with the natural resources of the country” that they launched an expedition four years later for a permanent settlement.

“I come from Irish ancestry,” explained Roche, “so I’m not part of that portion of the white people of South Africa who have been there since April 6, 1652, when the first permanent [white] settlement was established in South Africa. I am fourth generation Irish, of Irish stock, and my forebears came to South Africa in the late 1800s.”

Around 80% of South Africa’s 55 million inhabitants are black, while whites comprise a mere 8.1% of the total. The majority of the working population, however, is out of work. “The official unemployment figures—which are generally regarded as understated—are 38.1%,” explained Roche. “In fact, an international firm has just released [a report] in the past couple of days that alludes to an unemployment rate of something like . . . 56.3%. We have recently been downgraded, that is to say, South Africa’s sovereign bond rating, has been downgraded by Moody’s, Fitch, and Standard & Poor’s, to junk status.”

The collapsing economy and the hate pouring from the lips of South Africa’s black “leaders” have
created some horrendous fallout. “We have amongst the highest rates of murder and rape in the world generally, across the board,” said Roche. “And the murder of white farmers by black people in South Africa is the highest rate of murder of any city, anywhere in the world, by a country mile. The murder of whites generally by black people is also a phenomenally high figure.

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It’s something like 1,370% greater than the murder rate of all Americans, regardless of what race they
are and by which race they are murdered. And these indicators, coming as they do, in tandem,
with the promises that we’ve received from black leaders, particularly over the past year, of a race-based civil war to wipe out all whites, is fairly persuasive.”

To highlight how stark the South African murder rate is, Roche provided a comparison. “To give you an idea, the murders of whites between the first and the 14th of February this year, inclusive, was greater than the number of murders committed in the Republic of Ireland—which has a population of a similar size to the white population in South Africa—over the past 30 years,” he said. “Over 74,000 white people have been murdered by black people since the beginning of this new South African ‘rainbow nation’ multiracial democracy.”

Roche blames others—not just the blacks who have been incited to murder whites—for the damage done to his country.

“We had a certain dialectic rammed down our throats by the international news media, the globalist news media, the liberal elites, and the academic elites, for about 40 years, who’ve said that apartheid is bad; those who support apartheid, the white South Africans, are bad people; that the blacks are innocent victims who can do no wrong; that the [ANC] is without peer; that Nelson Mandela was a pure soul,” he said. “Many white people, many conservative white people—I count some in my own family in that group—began to believe that everything that they thought, every commonsense conclusion that they’d drawn by themselves in their lives, was false, and that it was time to be harmonious and integrated.”

Roche touched on some of the parallels between South Africa and the U.S.

“We . . . have seen what happens when you put the liberals in charge,” he said. “You guys—with all due respect—should know this yourselves, because you have certain litmus tests. You’re able to see what happens when the liberals run a city like Chicago or Detroit or Baltimore or Atlanta into the ground for 40, 50, or 60 years.”

“What happened in South Africa and what is happening in the U.S.A.,” he continued, “are, for all intents and purposes, identical. The media, the liberal elites, and the academic elites are persuading Americans to adopt their views, which are completely anti-American. They’ve taken the U.S.A. and sort of twisted it, by five degrees at a time, to adopt values which were never part of the core identity of America. And they persuaded you that this is how you always thought. It’s unbelievable.”