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As an added bonus, get a copy of Share the Wealth: Huey Long vs Wall Street (Softcover, 101 pages, normally $20), edited by Michael Collins Piper. Here’s the incredible story of the man they had to kill: Huey P. Long. Share the Wealth is a panoramic overview of the life and times of Louisiana’s legendary larger-than-life populist.

During the 1930s, the big loud voice of Louisiana Governor—and later U.S. Senator—Huey Long spoke out against the plutocrats of New York and London and their puppets in Washington and on behalf of America’s farmers, laborers, small businessmen and the hard-working middle class. He posed a major threat to the rampant predators of the Federal Reserve Money Monopoly. Had he not been gunned down in 1935, it’s certain Huey would have played a part in expelling FDR from the presidency. For that, Huey Long had to die. Also a comprehensive overview of the speeches and writings of Huey P. Long.

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