Opening the Doors of Peace to Iran

September 24, 2016 AFP Editor 2

The following interview was conducted by AMERICAN FREE PRESS writer Ronald Ray with author and former presidential candidate Merlin Miller, who recently visited Iran on his second mission of peace to meet with a number […]

How to Start a War With the Russians

September 15, 2016 AFP Editor 7

In one of the most dumbfounding displays of militaristic insanity and sophistic stupidity we have ever read, a former NATO general and a Polish arms consultant have co-authored a highly subjective July 2016 foreign policy […]

Fukushima: The Nightmare Continues

September 13, 2016 AFP Editor 5

On March 11, 2011, a massive tsunami hit Fukushima, leaving death and devastation in its wake. Days after the earthquake that spawned the tidal wave, the nuclear power plant went into meltdown. To this day, […]

Aspartame Making a Deadly Comeback

September 9, 2016 AFP Editor 11

The poisonous, no-calorie, synthetic sugar substitute aspartame is back with a new name, even after multitude studies have shown it to be toxic to people. Despite all of its terrible side effects, this chemical remains […]

America Has Long History of Stolen Elections

September 5, 2016 AFP Editor 6

The most recent presidential primaries were eye-opening.  Donald Trump was victorious over Republican candidates including former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who was the clear establishment favorite to win. But conservative voters came out in droves […]

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