World’s Muslims to Surpass Christians in 35 Years

April 2, 2015 AFP 1

Today, the nonpartisan Pew Research Center released a “sweeping religious-population study” that projects significant demographic shifts across the global religious landscape. “The world’s Islamic population is growing so rapidly that by 2050, the number of […]

Plutocrats Versus the People

April 2, 2015 AFP 1

• Meet the new generation of rapacious robber barons. By Ronald L. Ray — Moral corruption has become a way of life among top executives in corporate America. Too many have forgotten that the purpose […]

Jewish UK Politician Calls for Obama Kidnap

April 1, 2015 AFP 3

As Michael Collins Piper reported over three years ago, “Andrew Adler, editor and publisher of The Atlanta Jewish Times—joining an ever-more-boisterous chorus of angry voices—wrote a column declaring Israel had three options (all violent) to […]

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