Israel Keeping Palestine in State of Poverty, Fear

By Victor Thorn

While the beheadings of journalists in Iraq and the Obama administration’s bombings of Iraq and Syria have monopolized most of the daily news cycles, the poor Palestinians, who recently suffered weeks of relentless bombings at the hands of the Israeli military again, have been forgotten.

On September 17, this reporter spoke with Ethan Smith, a Middle East program director who has spent the last 10 years managing Israeli-Palestinian conflict issues. He resided in Jerusalem for five years while traveling extensively throughout Gaza and the West Bank. Smith explained to this newspaper what people should take away from the latest bombings conducted against the Palestinians.


“I recently spoke with an Israeli military official,” Smith began, “who compared this latest war to ‘mowing the grass.’ From his perspective, it’s  something the Israel Defense Force has to do every few years to ‘get rid of the weeds.’ ”

Appalled, Smith continued, “I think that kind of attitude is disgusting, but it’s really quite accurate in gauging how they view killing people. This was the third or fourth major bombing campaign in Gaza over the past 10 years. There’s no attempt being made by the Israelis to change this situation, and no paradigm shift. The status quo is still intact, and any prospect for peace will only remain until the next time Israeli officials decide to mow the grass again. The current leadership in Israel has no intention to enter into negotiations with Palestinians.”

When asked about the Obama administration’s lack of meaningful action against Israeli aggression Smith replied: “The U.S. approach from Obama’s State Department is to use carrots and no sticks. They’re continuing the same dynamic as every other administration before them.”

Providing a perfect example, Smith said: “In terms of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, it’s business as usual. Benjamin Netanyahu just announced the expansion of 1,000 more units. Israel keeps expanding to the point where all Palestinians will be uprooted. Then, no politician can go in and tell them to remove all these settlements. The prospect for a genuine two-state solution went out the window years ago.”

In terms of daily life, Smith offered this chilling analysis: “The West Bank is divided into three sections—A, B and C. In the worst areas, 60% of residents can expect raids at night and almost total Israeli security and governance. Then, in rural locales, there’s what are called ‘price tag attacks.’ When extreme Israeli settlers feel as if they’d been slighted in some way, they’ll commit violent acts against Palestinian villagers. This includes spray painting mosques, or even burning them down. Instead of law and order, these settlers take matters into their own hands.”

After seeing them being beaten down for so long, Smith has noticed a transformation.

“Rather than fighting for their national sovereignty, Palestinians are now merely seeking simple human rights,” he said. “Under Israeli military rule, citizens are prohibited from freedom of movement and assembly. All of their protests are shut down by force.”

Financially, the situation isn’t any better, added Smith. “In Gaza, no fishing or agricultural products are allowed out of that part of the country,” he said. “Israel completely controls everything. You can’t have an effective economy without exports. Plus, in Gaza, Israel exerts extremely tight control over what products are allowed in stores. By placing a stranglehold on imports, Israeli merchants are the ones who profit from what Palestinians buy.”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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President Limits Weapons Transfers to Israeli Military

By Bill White

The Obama administration has taken steps to limit weapons transfers to the Zionist entity in Palestine after U.S. 120mm and 40mm rockets were used to kill hundreds of Palestinians during the Zionist assault on Gaza in July and August.

The White House and the State Department ordered the Defense Security Cooperation Agency to stop automatic transfers of munitions from a pre-positioned Pentagon warehouse in Israel after President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry learned that Pentagon officials provided the Israelis with $3 million worth of tank and mortar rounds without prior U.S. approval. The rounds were then fired into Palestinian homes, schools and hospitals, killing hundreds of the nearly 2,000 Palestinians who have died in the most recent Zionist assault.

American media reports claim that the Obama administration was shocked to find that the Pentagon was supplying weapons to the Israelis without authorization, and that it intervened just in time to stop a shipment of Hellfire missiles from being released to the Israeli armed forces.

Jewish officials responded by bragging about the extent of Israeli control over American government. “U.S. policy is no longer being run from the White House,” a senior official in the Zionist occupation told the media. “They are paralyzed as far as Israel is concerned. Israel is now capable of nullifying anything the administration wants.”

Prior to the Israeli attack on Gaza, the Israelis had an open line of credit with the Pentagon in which they could stop at a local arms depot, pick up weapons and ammunition and put it on their tab. More expensive weapons, such as the anti-missile missiles the Israelis use to try to shoot down Hamas rockets, require additional approval. During the conflict, Zionist pawns in the Senate such as John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) voted for $225 million to finance Iron Dome missiles for the Israelis.

Obama responded to this end run around his administration by burbling about “the notion that [the Zionists] are playing the United States completely miscalculates their place in the world.”

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reminded Obama officials that Israelis run the U.S. and “not to ever second-guess me again.” Obama responded by making all top-level military transfers to the Israelis subject to top-level review by American officials.

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Bill White is a freelance journalist and publisher based in Florida. He has also written articles for THE BARNES REVIEW (TBR) magazine. You can write him at: William A. White 201400005514 Seminole County Jail 211 Bush Blvd Sanford FL 32773.