FOIA Request Results in Release of ‘Dancing Israeli’ Photographs

Photos are still the best evidence available that the Israeli Mossad was involved in the 9/11 terror attacks.

By Dave Gahary

Although the fake news media has all but erased Israel’s involvement in the 9/11 false-flag terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, a recent successful Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and eventual release of photographs of the so-called “Dancing Israelis”—who were caught celebrating while the Twin Towers burned—has reignited the discussion of the Zionist state’s central role in that event, which dramatically altered all Americans’ lives.

Not that the mainstream media will pick up this story and run with it. Many readers of this newspaper will remember Fox News’s four-part series that aired a few months after 9/11, in which Carl Cameron reported that “some 60 Israeli nationals had been detained in the antiterrorism/ immigrant sweeps in the weeks after Sept. 11, and at least 140 Israelis identified as ‘art students’ had been detained or arrested in the prior months.” Cameron “reported that federal agents were investigating the ‘art student’ phenomenon as a possible arm of Israeli espionage operations tracking al-Qaeda operatives in the United States,” where the Israelis “may have known about the preparations for the Sept. 11 attacks but failed to share this knowledge with U.S. intelligence.” Rather than expanding its investigation of Israeli involvement in 9/11, Fox executives took the unprecedented step of scrubbing the entire video report from its website.

Think the IRS Never Loses Cases? Think again!

Following Fox’s report, the only major U.S. media outlet to address the “art student” revelations was The Washington Times, whose reporting quoted a senior Department of Justice official as stating, “We think there is something quite sinister here but are unable at this time to put our finger on it,” essentially giving the Israelis a “Get Out of Jail Free” card, and ending the Times’s journalistic coverage of this topic.

The only media outlet in the world to investigate Israeli involvement in 9/11—at the expense of being labeled “anti-Semitic”—was, and still is, American Free Press. From our initial reporting a few weeks after our founding on “the connection between Israeli intelligence and the terrorist attacks,” to Victor Thorn’s groundbreaking books 911 Made in Israel and 9/11 Evil: Israel’s Central Role in the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks, to this reporter’s exclusive interview with Sgt. Scott DeCarlo, the policeman who arrested the “Dancing Israelis,” AFP has and will continue to report on all aspects of 9/11, wherever they lead.

Victor Thorn 9-11
Two-volume Offer from AFP: Victor Thorn on 9/11 and Israel.


Japan-based Ryan Dawson, a dedicated 9/11 investigator, spoke with AFP on the significance of the FOIA release. Dawson, with an encyclopedic knowledge of Israel’s connection to 9/11 as well as the “Dancing Israelis,” has been imploring those interested in 9/11 truth to continue their long history of submitting FOIA requests, which he is unable to do because of his Asian residence.

Although it’s been thoroughly documented that the “Dancing Israelis” were “hugging and high-fiving and flicking lighters and posing for photos,” explained Dawson, this vital piece of the 9/11 puzzle remains shrouded. “Even though we have the FBI admitting it,” Dawson explained, “even though [the ‘Dancing Israelis’] were in jail for 72 days, until someone sees the picture, a lot of people don’t have the ability to understand something to be true until they see it.”

Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, prevailed in a suit brought by the New York Stock Exchange in an attempt to silence him. Dave is the producer of an upcoming full-length feature film about the attack on the USS Liberty. See for more information and to get the new book on which the movie will be based, Erasing the Liberty.

9/11 Truth Group Meets in San Diego

This longstanding gathering of dedicated patriots continues demanding an honest investigation of the Sept. 11 attacks.

By John Friend

Few 9/11 Truth groups in the country are as active, passionate, and dedicated as the group of citizen activists comprising the San Diegans for 9/11 Truth group based in America’s finest city.

Founded in 2005, the group is dedicated to “uncovering the truth behind the wrongful deaths that took place on Sept. 11, 2001,” according to the group’s official website. “Concerned about evidence that contradicts the official account published in The 9/11 Commission Report, the group is calling for a reopening of the case and an unbiased investigation into the events of 9/11.”

This reporter has been involved with the group since the fall of 2009 after attending one of their monthly meetings, which always takes place on the second Sunday of each month. The group rents the Joyce Beers Community Center, a modest city-owned facility in Hillcrest, a neighborhood in the heart of San Diego, the second largest city in California.

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A dedicated core group of activists regularly attend the monthly meetings, as well as other interested persons from across Southern California. The monthly meetings oftentimes feature a special guest speaker or presenter, who is first introduced by a member of the San Diegans for 9/11 Truth group. In recent years, the SD 9/11 Truth group has featured a number of top 9/11 researchers and activists, including Barbara Honegger, Dylan Avery, and Christopher Bollyn, among many others.

9/11 Truth documentaries are also often screened at monthly meetings, and an open discussion or question and answer session follows, which is always lively. Members of the SD 9/11 Truth group are extremely knowledgeable about the events of 9/11, as well as other political and historical topics, making the open discussion period a fast-moving and informative experience.

Franklin Stiles, a key organizer and activist for the SD 9/11 Truth group and a subscriber to this newspaper, spoke with this reporter about the importance of 9/11 Truth and the work the local group does.

“There are many reasons 9/11 is still important and relevant, even now after almost 20 years,” Stiles explained. “This manufactured, uninvestigated, unsolved, heinous crime serves as the pretext and the catalyst for the global war on terror and the control of humanity. We’ve lost civil rights, our privacy, and many other rights, plus we have these unending wars overseas, all based on lies.”

Brainwashed for War, Chang
FROM AFP Publishing: Mathias Chang on the Zionist Global War Agenda

Stiles, like other SD 9/11 Truth activists, has dedicated significant time to researching 9/11 and related topics, as well as engaging in activism and outreach in the community in an attempt to bring the truth to more people.

“The most tragic aspect, as I see it, is a great many people don’t realize that 9/11 represents a genuine existential threat to their and our lives, our society, our country,” Stiles continued. “And now with a greater understanding of the event it becomes apparent that this engineered attack is part of a Jewish, Zionist agenda intended to lead to total global control, loss of national sovereignty, and ultimately the enslavement of humanity. It doesn’t take a lot of research to reach these disturbing and dramatic conclusions.”

Rob Baldwin, another long-time member and activist with the SD 9/11 Truth group who also subscribes to this paper, described the purpose of the 9/11 attack, which he views as instrumental in the advancement of the New World Order agenda.

“The 9/11 event was a major kickoff in regard to moving the New World Order agenda to another level of completion,” Baldwin told this reporter. “As such, we need to watch all that follows. We got to see how important the role of the media was in controlling the fallout from the 9/11 event and stuffing the false-flag exposure before the truth was able to gain traction. We have been fighting an uphill battle ever since.”

In addition to organizing monthly public meetings, the group also engages in activism and public outreach on a regular basis. The SD 9/11 Truth group has had a presence at the annual Earth Day Festival in Balboa Park for years, after having successfully booked a spot at the festival, allowing them to set up a booth with information about 9/11. The group also attends other public events, such as the Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade, and regularly conducts outreach efforts near the USS Midway, a major tourist attraction in the heart of downtown San Diego.

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“We in the SD 9/11 Truth group feel that since this event was a major push to install the next level of the New World Order, we are a critical component in the defense of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights,” Baldwin noted. “We are committed to continue our efforts in exposing the crimes of our government and associated NWO players. If not us, who else is going to raise awareness of these issues?”

Engaging in public outreach about 9/11 can be a difficult task, given the controversial and emotional nature of the information. Mike Chickey and his wife, Ann, both regular 9/11 Truth activists, try to be as non-confrontational and respectful as possible when interacting with the public.

“My style of public outreach is to try and remain non-confrontational, plant some seeds, so to speak, and let them do their own research,” Mike explained to this reporter. “I never want to pressure them or insult them for not knowing this material.”

Truth Jihad, Kevin Barrett
9/11 Truth on sale now at the AFP Online Store.

Ann is equally as cautious when inter acting with the public and recognizes the importance and gravity of 9/11 Truth.

“It is imperative that people understand what really happened in order to lift this veil of deception that so many of us live under,” she noted. “So many of the folks we interact with have some inherent understanding that something about the official story is not right, but they haven’t looked into it. These are the folks who stop by to check out the boards but end up walking away, shaking their heads in disbelief saying it is too much to absorb. Deception causes inner conflict, it rots the soul, and that is what has happened to the soul of our nation. It is frightening to confront the truth, but once you do, it is the most liberating thing on the planet.”

Despite the challenges, the SD 9/11 Truth group presses on, with yet another monthly meeting scheduled for June and other plans for activism and public outreach in the near future.

John Friend is a freelance author based in California.

QAnon: Enemy of the Deep State or Conspiracy Fraud? You Judge

Powers That Be want Americans divided so we won’t unite against them. Is new QAon book intentionally divisive?

By Donald Jeffries

The book QAnon: An Invitation to the Great Awakening, written by a group under the collective pseudonym “WWG1WGA,” (short for “Q” ’s credo “Where We Go One We Go All,” was released on Feb. 26. To say that it has shocked the world of publishing would be a severe understatement. It has already garnered an astounding 463 reviews and soared as high as number four overall in Amazon’s sales rankings. This was in spite of the fact that “Q” supporters such as podcast radio host Jenny Hatch charged, “Purchasers are being denied the ability to leave both video and text reviews. I purchased the book this morning and tried three times to leave a review and was not allowed. I also uploaded a three-minute video that was rejected by Amazon.”

The book quickly caught the attention of the mainstream media, who attacked it with headlines like “ ‘QAnon’ book claiming Democrats eat children is climbing the Amazon charts.” NBC News echoed this with a March 4 story that bemoaned how the book was currently one slot ahead of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 in sales ranking, declaring that, “The book claims without evidence a variety of outlandish claims including that prominent Democrats murder and eat children and that the U.S. government created both AIDS and the movie ‘Monsters Inc.’ ”

The story also emphatically stated, “Adherents of the QAnon conspiracy theory falsely believe that the world is run by a satanic cabal helmed by former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and that President Donald Trump and special counsel Robert Mueller are secretly working in tandem to eliminate the cabal.”

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Vox explained that the book’s astonishing success “rewards quick purchases and fervent reviews not quality content.” Outlets like The Hill grilled Amazon, which declined to comment, regarding the controversial book’s placement on its bestseller list.

The QAnon phenomenon has divided most of the alternative right, with an impressive number of hardcore believers on one side, and an equal number of skeptics on the other. QAnon: An Invitation to the Great Awakening, in the words of one Amazon reviewer of the book, provides “a gentle way for uninformed ‘normies’ to find out what is really going on within the political class that have been ruling over us for decades.”

Some adherents believe that “Q” is, in fact, John F. Kennedy Jr., who faked his death and has gone on to work behind the scenes with his old friend Donald Trump, with a shared goal of draining the swamp. Promoters of “Q” often dismiss doubters with the standard advice to, “Trust the plan.”

Those who think “Q” is some kind of hoax point out the litany of predictions about mass arrests and the like that didn’t transpire on the dates predicted. And, of course, some point out Trump’s perfect record of selecting nothing but swamp creatures for his administration and his backtracking and inconsistency on issues like immigration and ending U.S. involvement in other countries.

QAnon: Great Awakening
Great Awakening or Great Fraud? You decide.

QAnon was a hot topic on the popular website “Reddit,” but they banned a discussion board related to QAnon titled “Great Awakening” in September 2018. Reddit also banned 17 other QAnon-focused communities, allegedly because of unspecified threats of violence from “Q” proponents.

Popular YouTube channel host Dustin Nemos is one of those involved with putting The Great Awakening book together. Nemos told this writer, “I’m simply stunned by the tremendous outpouring of love and patriotism surrounding this book. It shows that the time is ready for the truth to win out over the fake news. I’m humbled to have been part of this collaboration.”

The synopsis for the book provided by the authors explains, “QAnon: An Invitation to The Great Awakening tells the history of an anonymous poster on the free-speech websites ‘4Chan’ and then ‘8Chan’ and how he (or perhaps they) built a following of millions of viewers worldwide. With an insider’s knowledge of the battle plan, and “Q” level military intelligence clearance, QAnon’s communications are often cryptic and coded. QAnon is a master of the Socratic method, asking questions and imploring followers to do their own research, to be logical and to think for themselves.”

However one views QAnon, no reasonable person can disagree with the sentiments expressed in an Oct. 5, 2018 “Q drop,” which advised, “They want you divided. Divided by race. Divided by religion. Divided by culture. Divided by class. Divided by political affiliation. Divided you are weak. Together you are strong. This movement challenges their ‘forced’ narrative. This movement challenges people to not simply trust what is being reported. Research for yourself. Think for yourself. Trust yourself. This movement is not about one person or a group of people. WE, the people. Save the Republic!”

Donald Jeffries is a highly respected author and researcher whose work on the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations and other high crimes of the Deep State has been read by millions of people across the world. Jeffries is also the author of two books currently being sold by AFP BOOKSTORE.

FBI Report on Vegas Shootings Disappoints

The FBI’s whopping three-page “official report” on the Las Vegas festival shootings in 2017 is vague and leaves way too many questions unanswered.

By S. T. Patrick

Almost a year-and-a-half after the Route 91 Harvest festival shootings on the grounds of Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, the FBI has finally released its first report on the events of Oct. 1, 2017. Totaling a paltry three pages in length, the report marked the first time—and the final time—the FBI has released or will release any documentation regarding Stephen Paddock, the alleged shooter, or the chaos surrounding the country music festival.

The FBI report featured 10 key findings that focused largely on pinning Paddock to the “lone nut” archetype and nixing any discussion of motive. According to the FBI, Paddock, 64, left no video, suicide note, or manifesto. He devoted his time and resources to planning and plotting the attack, and he took precautions that would ensure that he could commit suicide when and how he had planned.

Regarding Paddock’s motive, the FBI concluded that the shootings were not inspired by any ideologically motivated groups (e.g., neither international terrorism nor affiliation with any domestic group), there appeared to be no motivating factor or grievance that would explain his actions, he was not a loner, and he was in many ways similar to other “active shooters” studied by the FBI. To simplify even further, Paddock was a “lone nut” with no stated motivation that could be picked apart for decades by independent journalists.

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Though the subject of motive was left murky at best, absent at worst, the FBI report did say that “Paddock’s decision to murder people while they were being entertained was consistent with his personality” and that his “intention to die by suicide was compounded by his desire for infamy.” The latter cannot be easily debated, for or against, because neither a “desire” nor “intention” can be proven or disproven without physical evidence. Debating the former can only be done by an in-depth study of Paddock’s psychology, which will eventually be done by the research communities. But even then, it’s inexplicable what it means that the entertainment of the concert-goers was one of the so-called key factors. There appears to be no evidence that Paddock was morally opposed to happiness, enjoyment, or fun.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department has released it own, longer findings, yet critics have rightly been puzzled by metro’s periodic releases, as they usually include changes to the official timeline and rarely answer lingering questions.

Critics such as Mike Adams of the “Natural News” website question how or why one shooter could or would set up 10 rifles in one hotel room. This becomes even more questionable when it is considered that Paddock had no military background. The New York Daily News reported that Paddock’s brother, Eric, dismissed any notions of his brother as a “gun nut.”

Paddock was “not an avid gun guy at all,” brother Eric remarked.

The video evidence was clearly poorly shot in the bedlam of the moment, yet it appears to show no muzzle flashes from the 32nd floor, Paddock’s official location. The videos do show what could be flashes from a location near the fifth floor. The audio evidence is even more confusing to the official narrative, as it sounds, in places, as if two automatic weapons are firing simultaneously.

The ISIS angle is also suspect. Eric Paddock said his brother had no religious or organizational ties of any kind, yet ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack shortly thereafter. Within 12 hours of the shooting, the FBI had already declared that Paddock had no ties to ISIS. It was important—for reasons that remain unclear— that Paddock fit the role of “lone nut.”

The inaugural issue of Deep Truth Journal is now available from the AFP Online Store.

There are a lot of rumors, speculation, and bits of evidence that continue to go unexplained: One photo of Paddock’s room appears to show a suicide note, there was early official discussion of another suspect on the fourth floor, some have pointed out that 573 injuries or deaths are a near-impossibility by a barely proficient lone gunman in the time allotted, a woman was telling concertgoers 45 minutes before the attacks that they were all going to die, why it took 72 minutes to enter Paddock’s room, why Paddock’s adult life was so transient (he is said to have moved 27 times), and why Paddock’s gambling habit was so well-funded. How did Paddock continue to have an influx of funds throughout the end of his life? And did he ever fly helicopters for the Saudi royals?

There were also reports of shots heard in other hotels along South Las Vegas Boulevard, also known as “The Strip.” These reports seemed credible and not misreported. Why were they all but ignored by the mainstream media?

The Las Vegas Review-Journal quoted Las Vegas resident Mynda Smith in its story on the FBI report. While America’s leading domestic law enforcement agency reported next to nothing on the nation’s largest mass murder, Smith’s opinion was included to remind us that none of it mattered as long as Paddock was dead.

“We’d much rather [Paddock] be gone and be answerless than for him to be here and to have all the answers,” Smith was quoted as saying.

That’s part of the media deception. Make the public feel the emotional side of the story and condition them to hate the alleged killer. Then, when that is accomplished, teach the public that real answers are insignificant when compared to moral vengeance. It is then that we de-intellectualize the case and dumb down the facts to fit the emotions, which the media can further control.

S.T. Patrick holds degrees in both journalism and social studies education. He spent 10 years as an educator and now hosts the “Midnight Writer News Show.” His email is [email protected] 

Hacker Group Could Blow Lid Off 9/11

“Dark Overlord” is threatening to publish thousands of confidential, damning documents unless suspect parties pay up. What might be contained in those documents? We may learn the answer to that question soon, as the hackers have already started publishing materials online. 

By John Friend

A notorious international hacking group known as Dark Overlord has threatened to publish thousands of confidential documents purportedly hacked and stolen from a number of insurance, real estate, and law firms that were directly involved with the events and aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, unless a multi-million-dollar ransom is met, it was recently reported at the web site “Vice Motherboard.”

The mysterious group, which seemingly works as a collective and has targeted and attempted to extort other large corporations and private entities in the past, claimed the secret documents in their possession will provide “many answers about 9/11 conspiracies,” according to a tweet released by the group on New Year’s Eve. The group’s Twitter account has since been suspended.

The group has claimed to have hacked and stolen important, highly sensitive data relating directly to 9/11 and litigation in its aftermath from a number of top insurance companies and law firms, including Lloyds of London, Silverstein Properties, and Hiscox Syndicates.

Larry Silverstein, the chairman of Silverstein Properties, has long been identified as a key suspect in the events of 9/11. Silverstein Properties acquired the World Trade Center complex in a suspicious privatization scheme involving the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey shortly before the 9/11 attacks, and soon thereafter purchased an insurance policy for the complex that included coverage for acts of terrorism. Silverstein has received billions of dollars as a result of insurance settlements in the years since 9/11, yet acquired the complex for the paltry sum of $14 million—as part of the $3.2 billion lease-purchase bid he won.

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The Dark Overlord group initially threatened to extort the firms it hacked, demanding payment in bitcoin from the firms in order to keep their documents private.

“If you’re one of the dozens of solicitor firms who was involved in the litigation, a politician who was involved in the case, a law enforcement agency who was involved in the investigations, a property management firm, an investment bank, a client of a client, a reference of a reference, a global insurer, or whoever else, you’re welcome to contact our email below and make a request to formally have your documents and materials withdrawn from any eventual public release of the materials,” the group stated shortly after announcing the hack, providing an anonymous email address for potential inquires. “However, you’ll be paying us.”

The group has since announced that the public can make payments to “unlock” the documents and have them published online, and has apparently received $12,000 worth of bitcoin, resulting in the release of 650 documents that have been published so far.

Conspireality, Victor Thorn
Thorn takes on 9/11 and a lot more in Conspireality.

Roughly 18,000 documents are alleged to have been hacked and stolen by the group, according to a report published by RT, Russia’s state-sponsored media platform.

These 650 documents comprise “layer 1” of the mass of confidential data, according to Dark Overlord. They claim to have four more “layers” of hacked data that are still in their possession, and that “each layer contains more secrets, more damaging materials . . . and generally just more truth,” RT reported.

In its latest publicly released statement, addressed to “the nation-state of the United States of America and the greater Deep State,” the group declares, “your censorship and fake news cover-ups won’t silence this organization or its public support.” The statement then goes on to threaten the various parties involved by claiming, “We’re going to burn you down unless you begin to ‘play ball.’ We’re peeling these layers back like an onion. No one can save you except for us.”

John Friend is a freelance writer based in California.

Watergate Documentary Twists History

The History Channel’s multi-part series is blatant anti-Trump Democrat propaganda.

By S.T. Patrick

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. In that closing statement, director Charles Ferguson reminds us that “Watergate,” his six-part documentary, is not as much about reassessing the twilight of Richard Nixon’s presidency as it is a less-than-subtle commentary on President Donald Trump.

As further evidence, consider the documentary’s full title: “Watergate—Or, How We Learned to Stop an Out-of-Control President.” The phrase “learned to stop” implies that the roadmap has already been documented. It is the execution of the roadmap that must now commence. Also consider that its three-night airing on the History Channel occurred throughout the weekend before the mid-term elections. At that point, it also becomes a Democratic Party campaign ad.

Real Watergate Scandal, Shepard
Collusion, Conspiracy and the Plot, from Geoff Shepard. At the AFP Online Store.

Ferguson knows three categories of Republicans in the film. There are those Watergate Committee senators and FBI/Justice Department appointees who bravely stand up against Nixon’s tyrannical discretions. There are interviewees such as Pat Buchanan, who Ferguson “corrects” after most of Buchanan’s remarks. Lastly, there are the evil stalwarts of “Berlin Wall” loyalism who protect Nixon from the real world and continuously offer increasingly illegal advice. These are the Haldemans, Ehrlichmans, and Colsons of the White House. There were no good men who remained loyal, according to Ferguson’s premise, though this is probably the correct category in which Buchanan belongs. It may also be a veiled warning to those appointees, aids, and staffers within the Trump administration.

One figure that is left unjudged is John Dean, the White House counsel from 1970-1973. While the personality traits of Chief of Staff H.R. Haldeman, domestic policy chief John Ehrlichman, National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger, and Nixon are all cartoonishly emphasized by laughable dramatizations, Dean is portrayed as offering the smart, if not always legal, advice. He is also someone whom Ferguson relies on heavily via interview.

Dean finally admitted to one count of conspiracy after having testified to the Senate Watergate Committee under “use immunity,” which meant that nothing he said could be used to prosecute him later. He was never given the full immunity he had desired, though MSNBC has done everything in its power to rehab Dean’s image.

Because Dean’s testimony before the committee, as well as in Ferguson’s treatment, drove the story, nothing was mentioned of his link to the break-in or the Heidi Rikan call-girl ring that was operating out of the Democratic National Committee (the ring for which author Phil Stanford has since provided photographic evidence). Gen. Alexander Haig, Haldeman’s replacement as chief of staff, also goes unscathed throughout the four-plus hours. Ferguson received an immense amount of cooperation from Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Therefore, though Haig has been tied to Woodward, well before the Watergate years, by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Adm. Thomas Moorer, Defense Secretary Melvin Laird, and a Pentagon spokesman, it is never mentioned.

Nixon's White House Wars, Buchanan
Pat Buchanan on Nixon’s White House Wars, from the AFP Online Store

Deep Throat is still identified as FBI Deputy Associate Director Mark Felt and is only briefly mentioned. Without Dean as a major factor in the break-ins and without Haig pushing the downfall, what we have in the film isn’t truth. Instead, it’s a glorification of textbook history, and it’s the kind of mainstream media mythology that continues to be pushed in order to maintain its elite political order.

It is Sen. Howard Baker (R-Tenn.) who performs the film’s face turn. He and Fred Thompson, minority counsel for the Republican senators, are labelled as moles on the committee.

What the committee said, Nixon’s men heard through Baker and Thompson. It was Baker who would famously ask Dean what Nixon knew and when he knew it. But when Baker realized that Nixon had been involved in the cover-up, Baker jumped into the fray head-first, questioning Ehrlichman in what one reporter called a “hostile” interrogation. Baker, the way the filmmakers portray it, had finally joined the good guys. Is this a reminder to honest Trump loyalists that redemption is a possible and worthwhile endeavor?

In an attempt at seeming not wholly partisan, committee member Sen. Lowell Weicker (R-Conn.) was presented as someone who had to throw the most rancorous fish overboard to save the boat.

“The best thing I could do for the Republican Party’s point of view was to try and protect the Republican Party as being distinct and separate from Richard Nixon,” Weicker remembered in the documentary.

Get Out of CashIn the Nixon tapes, the president does point his finger at the man he fully believed, with all of the information given to him, was behind Watergate. “This is a Dean plot. Period,” Nixon said. Critical Nixon biographer Richard Reeves also described Dean’s motivations vividly. “[Dean’s] loyalty was not to Richard Nixon,” Reeves said. “His loyalty was to John Dean.” Still yet, Dean comes across in the end as the affable, tough survivor rather than the co-conspirator or the instigator.

The obvious political nature of this historical documentary is supposed to tweak the erratic behaviors Never-Trumpers have embedded within them. That was an easy match to light for Ferguson. The deeper lesson of the documentary was aimed at Republicans, and it’s a lesson they were also supposed to learn from Woodward’s Fear: The ship is sinking. Abort. Even if you are a believer, you can’t save it. Get out with your integrity intact. But by all means, leak. Leak to the good mainstream journalists who are actively trying to unearth the evil that men do. Then you, too, could be a redeemed Baker, an honest partisan like Weicker, or even a Deep Throat. Maybe, however, ignoring the truth of Dean, Haig, et al., will doom us to repeating it.

S.T. Patrick holds degrees in both journalism and social studies education. He spent 10 years as an educator and now hosts the “Midnight Writer News Show.” His email is [email protected]

AFP’s Online Store has a wide range of books covering the Nixon presidency and Watergate. They include The Real Watergate Scandal: Collusion, Conspiracy and the Plot That Brought Richard Nixon Down, The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose from Defeat to Create the New Majority, andNixon’s Secrets: The Rise, Fall and Untold Truth About the President, Watergate and the Pardon. See

Long-Lost Garrison Files to Be Released

Famed New Orleans district attorney’s information on the JFK murder may finally become public thanks to award-winning journalist and documentary producer.

By Donald Jeffries

John Barbour, the Emmy award-winning journalist and show business veteran, has announced his intention to release long-suppressed files from the investigation conducted by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison. The renegade district attorney drew the ire of the entire establishment with his investigation into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which began in 1967 and inspired Oliver Stone’s award-winning 1991 film “JFK.” Barbour was granted the only interview Garrison gave after losing the Clay Shaw trial and would produce the documentaries “The Garrison Tapes” and the recent, groundbreaking “The American Media and the 2nd Assassination of President John F. Kennedy.”

When Harry Connick took over as district attorney in New Orleans, he ordered a police officer to destroy all of Garrison’s files. That officer felt the records were historically important and had them copied. Geno Munari, owner and proprietor of Houdini’s Magic Shop in Las Vegas, found the Garrison files for sale on eBay and bought them. After viewing Barbour’s new film on the media and the JFK assassination, he was so moved that he sent him $500. He followed that up by giving him the massive treasure trove of Garrison files—67 boxes in all.

Drowning in IRS debt? The MacPherson Group could be a lifesaver!

Barbour was drawn in by the very first file he read, which was David Ferrie’s admission that he was affiliated with the CIA. Barbour actually mentioned another one of these files in his film, which dealt with a 1967 CIA memorandum to its legal staff instructing them to render all possible aid to Shaw, the man Garrison was prosecuting.

Garrison was attacked relentlessly in the mainstream media, with a furor that was unmatched until the election of President Donald Trump.

This included Johnny Carson dropping any pretense of impartiality during Garrison’s appearance on “The Tonight Show” and an NBC special that was so overtly biased the network was forced to grant the embattled district attorney air time to respond. Garrison was left to try Shaw alone, after all his most important witnesses either died unnaturally or were protected by governors of other states (including California’s Ronald Reagan and, ironically, Texas’s John Connally), who denied Garrison’s extradition orders.

63 Reasons to Believe there Was a Conspiracy, on sale at the AFP Online Store.

Garrison attempted to charge Shaw with perjury immediately after the trial, but a typically biased judge issued an injunction forbidding the district attorney and his office from further prosecution of him.

Barbour told this reporter that he felt a historical responsibility to release such important information to the public.

“Jim Garrison chose me, quite by accident, to give his only interview in all the years following the Shaw trial,” Barbour said. “I was honored to be his Boswell, and to tell his whole story to the American people.”

Barbour said he was pleasantly surprised by all the attention he garnered from a recent appearance on the popular “SGT Report” podcast, inspiring him to share the files.

Garrison had explained to Barbour that, while the Warren Commission files were sealed for 50 years following the release of the long-discredited Warren Report, his own files weren’t scheduled for release until 20 years after that.

Barbour had a long career in the entertainment field, as a screenwriter for various 1960s television shows, as a standup comic, and as creator and co-host of the number one show “Real People.”

Get Out of CashHe has been called the “godfather of reality television.” Barbour also was Frank Sinatra’s personal writer, until their relationship ended over Barbour’s support for beleaguered “coroner to the stars” Thomas Noguchi, whose findings had contradicted the official conclusions in the assassination of JFK’s brother, Robert F. Kennedy.

Barbour’s interest in the assassination was initially piqued when he read Garrison’s first book on the subject, Heritage of Stone, and he later attempted unsuccessfully to chronicle the actual story of his investigation on “Real People.”

Barbour plans a gradual release of the files, beginning with all the information Garrison compiled on Shaw. While it is unlikely there is a “smoking gun” in Garrison’s files, Barbour’s announcement comes at a time when Trump has waffled back and forth on releasing the remaining classified government documents relating to the Kennedy assassination. Initially, Trump boasted about making all the files public but in April of this year was pressured by the intelligence agencies to withhold some of them until the year 2021.

“The continued withholdings are necessary to protect against identifiable harm to national security, law enforcement, or foreign affairs that is of such gravity that it outweighs the public interest in immediate disclosure,” Trump declared.

Trump did not explain just what “national security” concerns there could be, if the government’s long discredited theory that JFK was killed solely by minimum-wage loser Lee Harvey Oswald without any help from anyone connected to “national security,” is correct.

Donald Jeffries is a highly respected author and researcher whose work on the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations and other high crimes of the Deep State has been read by millions of people across the world. Jeffries is also the author of two books currently being sold by the AFP Online Store.

Audio: Robert Groden and the JFK Assassination

At the anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, AFP is pleased to offer our readers another excellent interview from writer and radio show host S.T. Patrick’s Midnight Writer News Show. Episode 031: “Robert Groden and the JFK Assassination.”

Hosted by S.T. Patrick

Robert Groden joins Midnight Writer News Show host S.T. Patrick to discuss the JFK assassination. Groden is very candid and open in discussing his initial interest in photography and the assassination, his thoughts on the other “Searchers,” which researcher he considered a “father figure,” the history of Zapruder and his Z-Film, the Altgens pictures, Lee Harvey Oswald’s innocence, the roles he played in Oliver Stone’s JFK, Geraldo Rivera’s Good Night America, and much more.

What happened when he was offered a triple-figure salary to run the Sixth Floor Museum? How many times has he been arrested for sharing the truth in Dealey Plaza? Which of the newer books does he like most? Personally, Groden discusses the price he and his family have paid for the research that he has done.

It’s an amazing 75 minutes and was a part of the “First Annual JFK Month” for the Midnight Writer News Show. Groden is the author or co-author of High Treason, The Killing of a President, The Case for Conspiracy, and JFK: Absolute Proof.

Mainstream Media Dismisses QAnon

Allegations of an insider (or insiders) working against the Deep State have inspired strong reactions and dismissive theories in the mainstream media as well as deep debate and division within the alternative media.  

By Donald Jeffries

It seemingly began with President Donald Trump’s reference at an Oct. 5, 2017 military dinner to “the calm before the storm.” When a reporter asked, “What storm?” Trump replied, “You’ll find out.” Was Trump referring to the so-called QAnon conspiracy, which has been dubbed “the storm”? He didn’t say that, but the steady release of inside information has led some to believe that an anonymous patriot or group of patriots is working deep inside the federal government behind the scenes to root out the systemic corruption everywhere is enticing.

Hidden History, JeffriesAmerican Free Press detailed QAnon in a front-page article in the Sept. 24 & Oct.1 issue. Since then, there has been much talk of this conspiracy.

The entire mainstream media, from The New York Times and every television network in America to the BBC in England has predictably dismissed it. Huffington Post declared “QAnon isn’t even faintly plausible.” Daily Beast called it “the craziest theory of the Trump era.” The Washington Post said, “QAnon is terrifying,” and smeared supporters for swallowing “grotesque imaginings.” In another Post story, one of the establishment’s favorite newspapers attributed the Q phenomenon to “a twisted sort of optimism.”

Many awake Americans were stirred by Q quotes such as, “Nobody can possibly imagine the pure evil and corruption out there.” Q basically reiterated the old Firesign Theater comment, “Everything you know is wrong,” with, “All that you know to be right is wrong.” Q has noted that the Federal Reserve is privately owned and has mentioned “Pizzagate”—a supposed vast conspiracy of human trafficking, which often includes children, that was exposed when top-level Democrats’ emails were leaked to the public. Q has also alleged that Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was murdered by MS-13 gang members, under orders from former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

One of the most intriguing parts of the Q phenomenon is the extensive list of child trafficking arrests by the Trump administration, a point that Q stresses repeatedly. There is also the promise of mass arrests of high-profile Deep State villains, with Hillary “Lock her up” Clinton in the forefront. Q claims that Robert Mueller and Trump are actually working together to bring down the Deep State. Q also explains Trump’s series of baffling insider nominations to his cabinet as a complex chess move. Under this theory, Trump is assembling a collection of seeming swamp creatures who privately wish to end the corruption. Alternately, some simply attribute this curious strategy to the old adage, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

Get Out of Cash

The world of alternative media is divided on the Q issue. Conservative writer Laura Loomer tweets out Q’s mantra to “trust the plan.” Rosanne Barr is one of Q’s biggest supporters. Former Major League Baseball pitcher Curt Schilling shared one of the more radical videos about QAnon, which included allegations about the oft-referenced pedophile rings.

Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi initially supported QAnon but in recent months have joined  others in concluding that Q had been “compromised.” WikiLeaks accused QAnon of “leading anti-establishment Trump voters to embrace regime change and neoconservatism.”

While some in the alternative media world labeled Q as disinformation, Time magazine named the anonymous insider as one of the 25 Most Influential People on the Internet. Sean Spicer, Trump’s former press secretary, publicly stated that Q was not legitimate, but Trump took a photo with leading QAnon promoter and talk show host William “Lionel” Lebron in the White House in August 2018.

Survival of the Richest, Jeffries
How does Marketplace Corruption + Disparity of Wealth = Greatest Conspiracy of All?

Dustin Nemos is a popular podcaster who has studied QAnon closely. He told this writer, “In classic POTUS style, Q is Trump’s disclosure project for the shadow war going on with the Deep State. It brings together foreknowledge of events, classified insider’s direction, regular proof that he’s working directly with Trump, and the Socratic method to fuel the world’s largest open-source volunteer investigation ever seen in our history. The information uncovered is undeniable; the fruit of the tree is good. And not only has Team Q organized a counterforce to the fake news, they’ve also created a galvanized band of brothers, digital truth warriors for the modern era of deception.”

Signs and t-shirts proclaiming “We are Q” are seen at Trump rallies. Others repeat Q’s primary catchphrase, “Where we go one, we go all.” They speak of following the rabbit down this new and deep rabbit hole. While many have speculated about Q’s specific identity, the latest and most interesting theory holds that Q is actually John F. Kennedy Jr., who faked his own death in 1999.

While many point to Q’s predictions that haven’t yet come true, few contrast this with the intelligence world’s long history of inaccurate foresight or the entire establishment’s cocksure proclamation that Mrs. Clinton would be elected president.

Whoever he is, QAnon commands attention and ignites public debate.

Donald Jeffries is a highly respected author and researcher whose work on the JFK, RFK, and MLK assassinations and other high crimes of the Deep State has been read by millions of people across the world. Jeffries is also the author of two books currently being sold at the AFP Online Store.

Donald Trump Not the First Conspiracy Theory President

While President Trump has been criticized over the years for asking politically incorrect questions about unanswered mysteries, other inquisitive men have occupied the White House as well. JFK, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, for instance, were reportedly very interested in certain unanswered questions.

By Donald Jeffries

President Donald Trump has excited independent-thinking Americans with his seeming fondness for what the mainstream media reflexively calls “conspiracy theories.” Trump used terms familiar to conspiracy researchers everywhere during his 2016 presidential campaign. His repeated jabs at “globalists” and “globalism” were especially noticeable. His “America first” slogan hadn’t been heard on a political stage since a movement by that name lobbied against the U.S. entering World War II. Because of this, the establishment cringed at the term, and compared Trump and his followers to Nazis.

Even before his presidential campaign, Trump questioned the murky facts about Barack Obama’s past, for which he was smeared as a “birther.” He boldly declared, in a national television interview, that “[Obama] may not have been born in this country.” In another speech, he stated, “The people that went to school with him, they don’t even know who he is.” After Loretta Fuddy, who had verified what many considered to be a fraudulent birth certificate for Obama, died in a December 2013 plane crash, citizen Trump tweeted out, “How amazing, the state health director who verified copies of Obama’s ‘birth certificate’ died in plane crash today. All others lived.”

Trump has long spoken about the obvious links between vaccines and autism, even mentioning the subject in the Republican presidential campaign debates. He also jokingly associated Ted Cruz’s father with Lee Harvey Oswald. He noted that many people doubt the official version of Vince Foster’s death, although, in typical Trump fashion, he would go on to name the man who led the cover-up in the Foster case as his nominee to the Supreme Court. He questioned the phony nature of the official unemployment figures, although, again, he brags about those same figures now. In 2012, citizen Trump called global warming a “hoax.” Trump went on Michael Savage’s radio show and openly questioned the official story of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s strange death. He was clearly aware of the dubious details, noting that Scalia’s face “is a pretty unusual place to find a pillow.”

9/11 Truth: Memoranda for the President
Will President Trump respond? 9/11 Truth Memoranda, now at the AFP Store.

Regarding the events of Sept. 11, 2001, Trump has said the government “did know it was coming . . . they did have advance notice.” Trump early on remarked about how there must have been powerful explosives in the World Trade Center buildings.

He even alluded to the 2001 death of then Congressman Joe Scarborough’s young, attractive aide Lori Klausutis, whose body was found in his Florida office. After a typically petty November 2017 feud with the Morning Joe host, Trump tweeted out, “And will they terminate low ratings Joe Scarborough based on the ‘unsolved mystery’ that took place in Florida years ago? Investigate!”

While no other president has ever been as conspiratorial-minded as Trump—at least in public, anyway—there have been other “conspiracy theorists” in the White House. John F. Kennedy, before becoming the victim of the highest-profile conspiracy of the 20th century, gave a wonderful speech in 1961 in which he declared, “We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy.” He was speaking of the communists, but his words can be interpreted, and have been interpreted in a much broader sense. Kennedy, of course, famously vowed to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.” In 2017, WikiLeaks would use this well-known quote as the password to decrypt its latest release of CIA documents.

Noted JFK assassination researcher David Lifton, author of the book Best Evidence, claimed that Ronald Reagan was keenly interested in the JFK assassination, and, in fact, regularly kept a stack of books on the subject on his nightstand.

During his presidential campaign, Reagan blasted Jimmy Carter and the fact that “19 key members of the administration are or have been members of the Trilateral Commission.” Reagan would predictably install Trilateralists like CIA Director William Casey and Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger in his cabinet, not to mention selecting Trilateralist and Council of Foreign Relations stalwart George H.W. Bush as vice president.

Survival of the Richest, Jeffries
The “greatest conspiracy of all,” at the AFP Online Store.

According to Bill Clinton’s Associate Attorney General Webb Hubbell, upon entering the White House, he was instructed by Clinton: “I want you to find the answers to two questions for me. One, who killed JFK? And two, are there UFOs?” Clinton would famously declare at a press conference, in the midst of all the furor created by Oliver Stone’s 1991 film JFK, that he was satisfied that Lee Harvey Oswald had acted alone. Clinton doesn’t seem to have done anything to ferret out the truth about UFOs, either.

Although he almost certainly knows better, Trump would publicly state that he believed Oswald shot Kennedy. And despite bragging repeatedly about doing so, he would delay the release of still-classified JFK assassination documents until 2021.

Kennedy, of course, was assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963. Reagan was the victim of an unsuccessful assassination attempt shortly after entering office. Trump has received more threats than all other presidents combined. Will history repeat itself?

Donald Jeffries is a highly respected author and researcher whose work on the JFK, RFK, and MLK assassinations and other high crimes of the Deep State has been read by millions of people across the world. Jeffries is also the author of two books currently being sold by the AFP Online Store.

Suppression of Piper’s JFK Book Exemplifies ‘Media Dishonesty’

Not only has the media buried Michael Collins Piper’s book, Final Judgement; even JFK researchers are too scared to touch his explosive book.

By Dr. Kevin Barrett

I began studying the JFK assassination in 1975. As a 16-year-old student at Pewaukee High School in Wisconsin, where then-librarian Charlotte Smith directed my attention toward such interesting and controversial authors as Immanuel Velikovsky, Erich Von Daniken, and Kurt Vonnegut, I was open to ideas outside the usual orbit. So when a friend invited me to Mark Lane’s talk on the JFK assassination years ago, my response was, “Mark who?” and then, “Sure, why not?”

Lane changed my life by presenting a convincing case that the Warren Commission was wrong: The president had been killed in a high-level coup d’état. The preposterous story of the “magic bullet” causing seven entry-exit wounds in two men, and the fact that Life magazine had reversed the frames of the Zapruder film to produce the illusion of a forward head snap supporting the official story that JFK had been shot from behind, amounted to a convincing prima facie case of establishment complicity.

During the days, weeks, and years after Lane’s talk I read extensively on the case. The upshot was that Lane’s “American coup” hypothesis was confirmed beyond a reasonable doubt. But the question of the identity and motives of the coup plotters was not so easily resolved.

MidEast Chess Board

In 1979 I published an article in the University of Wisconsin-Madison student newspaper summarizing evidence of CIA involvement in the assassination. Before the article was published (but after I had submitted it to numerous outlets) a self-described “CIA assassination team member” showed up uninvited for dinner at the student housing co-op where I lived. This odd young woman claimed she had a CIA chip implanted in her brain, and that her job was to conduct reconnaissance against potential CIA assassination targets. When I recounted the bizarre coincidence to my favorite journalism professor, John McNelly, his response was blunt: “Kevin, they are messing with you.”

Truth Jihad, Kevin BarrettIt wasn’t until the mid-2000s, when I got interested in 9/11 and noticed the obvious role of Zionists in that event, that I sat down to read Michael Collins Piper’s Final Judgment. I had been marginally aware of the existence of Piper’s book for years, but for various reasons—including being busy earning a Ph.D. in an unrelated field, and noticing that the JFK research community didn’t seem to think that much of Piper—I had steered clear of it.

I quickly discovered that Piper had marshalled a strong case for Israel playing a key role, perhaps even the lead role, in the JFK assassination. Yet many leading JFK experts were strangely resistant to admitting this.

In 2007 I interviewed University of California professor Peter Dale Scott, a leading figure in both JFK and 9/11 studies and the main popularizer of the term “deep state.” The interview was broadcast live on RBN radio. Piper called in to the show and asked Scott what he thought about Israel’s role in the JFK assassination. Scott hemmed and hawed, saying (in essence) that he wasn’t convinced by the evidence assembled in Final Judgment. Since that evidence struck me as very strong, I wondered whether Scott’s discomfiture with Piper was driven by conscious or unconscious fear of “going there” and risking the kinds of attacks that would surely plague him if he endorsed Piper’s thesis.

Since Piper’s untimely death in 2015, the stature of his work in general, and Final Judgment in particular, has continued to rise. Some of the best minds of our time now recognize that Piper’s JFK work is indispensable.

Dr. Laurent Guyénot, the French historian and author of From Yahweh to Zion, is one of the key figures driving the resurgence of interest in Final Judgment. Guyénot shows that the methods apparently used by Zionist plotters of the JFK and RFK assassinations are a standard modus operandi that the same forces have used in dozens of other operations. From Yahweh to Zion puts the Kennedy assassinations in historical perspective, not only in terms of 20th and 21st century Zionist covert operations, but also in light of a larger history stretching back 2,500 years.

Another intellectual heavyweight promoting Piper’s work is Ron Unz, publisher of the indispensable alternative media digest Unz Review. Unz, who has done graduate work in theoretical physics at Cambridge and Stanford universities, recently published “American Pravda: The JFK Assassination: Part 1: What Happened? and Part 2: Who Did It?” In that two-part series, and in a radio interview with me, Unz argues that the “most extreme” example of media dishonesty surrounding the JFK assassination is the suppression of Piper’s Final Judgment—not just by the mainstream and alternative media, but also by most of the JFK research community.

Mike Piper’s two-volume set is available from the AFP Online store. 

After spending 43 years (intermittently) researching the JKF assassination, I wholeheartedly agree.

*Michael Collins Piper’s massive 740-page Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy is available in a handy two-book set for only $40 plus $6 S&H in the U.S. exclusively from AFP’s Online Store. Click here to learn more about Final Judgment and order from AFP.

Kevin Barrett, Ph.D., is an Arabist-Islamologist scholar and one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror. From 1991 through 2006, Dr. Barrett taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin. In 2006, however, he was attacked by Republican state legislators who called for him to be fired from his job at the University of Wisconsin-Madison due to his political opinions.

How the CIA’s MK-Ultra Ruined Their Lives

A group of Canadians is fighting back against years of abuse under a secret experimental U.S. program, and it’s not the first time. A Canadian judge compensated 77 former victims of MK-Ultra in 1992. The U.S., whose CIA oversaw the mind-control program, has yet to see a similar suit successfully brought to trial.

By S.T. Patrick

Over 40 Canadians are striking back at one of the most notorious covert operations of the 20th century. Calling themselves Survivors Allied Against Government Abuse (SAAGA), the survivors recently gathered in Montreal to publicly share stories of the MK-Ultra abuse that destroyed their lives and their families. Their next step is to bring a class-action lawsuit against Canada’s national government in Ottawa.

The MK-Ultra class-action suit centers on the Allan Memorial Institute (AMI) in Montreal, a psychiatric hospital that also houses the Psychiatry Department of McGill University’s Royal Victoria Hospital.

As an extension of the CIA-funded MK-Ultra project, AMI doctors used sleeping medications, electroshock therapy, and hallucinogens such as LSD to experiment on unwitting patients. Some of the more troubling allegations consist of patients having been involuntarily sedated into a medically induced coma for weeks as loops of repeated statements or noise played.

Project MK-Ultra was a CIA mind-control program that was operated in conjunction with the Office of Scientific Intelligence and the U.S. Army Biological Warfare Laboratories. The program officially operated from 1953 to 1973, but covert experimentation on the limits of the human mind existed before MK-Ultra and will exist into the future. Though CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all documents on MK-Ultra destroyed in 1973, a Freedom of Information Act request in 1977 uncovered over 20,000 documents that had been destined for eradication. More information was declassified to the public in 2001.

Think the IRS Never Loses Cases? Think again!

Implementation of the MK-Ultra program at the Allan Memorial Institute was undertaken by its founding director, Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron. Cameron served as the president of both the American Psychiatric Association from 1952-53 and the Canadian Psychiatric Association from 1958-59 before becoming the first head of the World Psychiatric Association in 1961.

In 1945, Cameron was part of a team that traveled to Germany during the Nuremberg Trials to evaluate Rudolf Hess, deputy führer to Adolf Hitler from 1933 to 1941. Their diagnosis of Hess was hysteria and amnesia, but Cameron’s later analysis of German society was even more troubling, albeit completely fallacious. In his paper “The Social Reorganization of Germany,” Cameron argued for a complete reorganization of German society to prevent what he believed would be another threat to world peace in 30 years.

After the Manhattan Project regarding atomic weapons was revealed in the United States, he argued for the necessity of behavioral scientists to act as social planners in civilized societies. The United Nations, he argued, would then become the conduit by which psychiatric goals could be intertwined with globalism. Society, Cameron believed, should be divided between the “weak” and the “strong.” Those who could not handle the state of the world—as the globalists constructed it—would then be “weak,” while those who accepted its stark realities without rebellion would be “strong.”

Authors such as Naomi Klein have questioned the real reason for the AMI’s MK-Ultra experimentation. She believes that Cameron’s initial work at AMI was not about brainwashing. Instead, it was an effort to develop the art of torture and lay the groundwork for the CIA’s two-step psychological torture method. The focus on drug inducement and electroshock therapy was designed, according to Klein, to extract information from “resistant sources.”

Conspireality, Thorn
Conspiracies are real . . . and they assume many different forms. Order now from AFP.

As part of the MK-Ultra project, the United States psychiatric community also experimented widely with the suggestive power of hypnosis, with and without drugs. Richard Condon’s novel The Manchurian Candidate was released at the height of the MK-Ultra operations. It featured a presidential assassination attempt undertaken by a hypnotized, brainwashed subject. Since 1968, speculation has existed as to the role of hypnosis in the life of Sirhan Sirhan, imprisoned for the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.

To date, a similar class-action suit has not been filed in America. It could be that a similar group exists, carefully monitoring the Canadian case before filing.

Nancy Layton was admitted to Cameron’s care at the age of 18. She suffered from depression. Within six months of being treated by Cameron, Layton developed an acute schizophrenia that had not existed before she had been under Cameron’s care.

“I could not believe this was allowed,” Marlene Levenson, whose aunt was victimized by AMI’s mind-control program, told CTV Montreal. “These were innocent people who went in for mild depression—even if it was severe depression, postpartum, neurological things that happened—they came out completely ravaged and their life was ruined.”

This is not the first such legal case in Canada. In 1992, Justice Minister Kim Campbell compensated 77 former victims of MK-Ultra. Others were denied when they were deemed “not damaged enough.” The empirical level at which someone has to be damaged “enough” by his or her own government has yet to be set. The bar, however, should be low when a government harms the very people it is democratically meant to protect and serve.

S.T. Patrick holds degrees in both journalism and social studies education. He spent ten years as an educator and now hosts the “Midnight Writer News Show.” His email is [email protected]

‘Jonestown’ 40 Years Later: Was Peoples Temple an Intel Op Gone Bad?

With the 40th anniversary of “The Jonestown Massacre” approaching, on November 18th, AFP offers a three-part series on the Rev. Jim Jones, the Peoples Temple, and the massacre/mass suicide that took over 900 lives in the jungles of Guyana.  

By S.T. Patrick

I: Jim Jones, the CIA & the FBI

Researcher Jim Hougan says the origins of famed cult leader Jim Jones are shrouded in intelligence activities. This is part one of three, originally published in American Free Press Issue 15 & 16, April 9 & 16, 2018.

Tragedy is often complex. In the mainstream media’s haste to explain the Nov. 18, 1978 massacre at Jonestown, Guyana, a quick resolution emerged. It was the oft-repeated, cautionary tale of a madman pushed beyond the brink of sanity. Moreover, it was a theme popularized in the “decade of decadence,” the 1970s.

Communal living had reached a peak of countercultural dissatisfaction, so much so that the media had turned its raging eye on these communities, which it now disparagingly called “cults.” Jonestown was portrayed as the failure of this anti-establishment movement. Its climax took the lives of over 900 men, women, and children, and was furthermore a glaring example of the imminent debacle incurred when following a fanatic “off the grid.”

Independent researchers and authors have disagreed with the mainstream mass media and have done so since the massacre occurred. What if Jonestown was not simply the inevitable result of a sociological experiment? What if anti-establishment movements are not doomed to fail on their own? And what if the rise of the Rev. Jim Jones was much more complicated than we had been told by Walter Cronkite, John Chancellor, and Frank Reynolds in 1978?

Jim Hougan’s breakthrough as an author and researcher came with his alternative take on Richard Nixon’s downfall, Secret Agenda: Watergate, Deep Throat, and the CIA. He established himself as an authority on the 1970s with Decadence: Radical Nostalgia, Narcissism, and Decline in the Seventies, and examined the sordid relationship between the CIA and private industry in Spooks: The Private Use of Secret Agents.

His multi-part article “Jim Jones, Dan Mitrione, and the Peoples Temple”—available at “”—is the culmination of decades of Jonestown research. Hougan combines Jones’s biography, FBI and CIA infiltration, and governmental shenanigans to uncover what really occurred in northwest Guyana, and how the parishioners of the Peoples Temple found themselves over 5,000 miles from the Bay Area of California.

James Warren Jones was born in Depression-era Indiana. A friend of his mother took Jones to church, where he found his religious zeal. He was soon taken under the wing of a female evangelist who led faith-healing revivals at the Gospel Tabernacle Church, a Pentecostal offshoot of the Holy Rollers. While no hard evidence of an inappropriate sexual relationship exists, Hougan reports that the beginning of Jones’s reptilian nightmares coincided with his association with the woman. His later tendency to sexually humiliate those who had angered him was lamented by those who remained loyal and may also have been a sign of sexual abuse experienced as a youth.

As a 15-year-old giving sidewalk sermons in economically depressed Richmond, Indiana, Jones met Dan Mitrione, the anti-communist police chief, whose path would repeatedly and not-so-coincidentally mimic that of Jones.

Drowning in IRS debt? The MacPherson Group could be a lifesaver!

Hougan infers that Mitrione may have recruited Jones as an informant within the black community. The Peoples Temple would include a predominantly black congregation, and Jones’s influence in the community was rising. Starting in 1956, the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) had observed, infiltrated, discredited, and disrupted subversive political and racial groups throughout the country. Mitrione’s ties to the FBI, the CIA, and Jones would continue throughout the remainder of his life. It was at this time that family members also report Jones engaging in private meetings with men they believed were government agents.

Indiana was quite a surprising hotbed of intelligence activity. The CIA’s Richard Helms and William Harvey were born in Indianapolis, and the University of Indiana, which Jones attended, was also the alma mater of the Symbionese Liberation Army’s Angela Atwood, William Harris, and Emily Harris. Hougan also ties the ownership of the Indianapolis-based Saturday Evening Post to CIA activity.

Jones purchased a former synagogue from Rabbi Maurice Davis in 1956. From the church’s history, Jones created the Peoples Temple name. Researchers are unsure how Jones may have raised the $50,000 used for the purchase, and Davis’s intentions in giving Jones a “little or no money down” deal are unknown. What is known is that Rabbi Davis was an anti-cult activist and “deprogrammer” associated with Dr. Hordat Sukhdeo, whom the State Department would later pay to travel to Guyana and bury Jones publicly as a cult leader.

Father Divine was the well-known “black messiah” of Philadelphia. His tens of thousands of Peace Mission followers earned him a seven-figure income, monitoring by the FBI, and Jones’s admiration. Jones visited Divine often and once, after Divine’s death, claimed he was the white reincarnation of Divine. Hougan speculates that Jones’s ultimate goal could have been integrating Divine’s followers into the Peoples Temple, but he also suggests that Jones could have been gathering “racial intelligence” under Mitrione’s guidance.

A biography of Divine was found in Jones’s effects in the aftermath of Jonestown. Within the biography, author Sara Harris alluded to mass suicide.

“If Father Divine were to die,” Harris wrote, “mass suicides among Negroes in his movement

could certainly result.”

This would not be the final time that the subject of mass suicide would interest Jones.

As the Peoples Temple continued to expand to over 2,000 parishioners, the reverend would make a curious decision to travel to Cuba and South America. He would not be alone. His experiences, his contacts, and his research would change the direction of the Peoples Temple and would lead them first to California and then to Guyana, where their end would be near.

II: Was Jim Jones an American Spy?

Biographers say the cult leader’s travels to Cuba and Brazil in the 1960s weren’t evangelism at all. They were actually intelligence missions. This is part two of three, originally published in American Free Press Issue 19 & 20, May 7 & 14, 2018.

By the end of the 1950s, the Reverend Jim Jones had grown his Peoples Temple to over 2,000 members. Considering this was the Cold War-era Midwest in a period long before the rise of mega-churches, Jones’s openly socialistic congregation was a surprising yet phenomenal success.

Jones was riding a meteoric rise as a pastor. Therefore, his actions in February 1960 become all the more curious and suspicious.

Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, Che Guevara, and their 26th of July Movement had overthrown the CIA-Mafia puppet Fulgencio Batista in Cuba. In their first year, they were already countering incursions and bombings from U.S.-supported exiles working out of Miami. Vice President Richard Nixon was lobbying for and overseeing the formulation of a plan that would end with the Kennedy-era Bay of Pigs invasion in April 1961. From 1959-1963, Cuba was arguably the hottest epicenter of the Cold War.

In the midst of this political whirlwind, Jones inexplicably decided to travel to Havana. According to witness Carlos Foster, who met with Jones in Cuba, Jones was attempting to locate families willing to relocate to Indianapolis as part of a Peoples Temple recruitment project. Foster also claims Jones was scouting Latin American locations for potential extension centers.

Jones biographers, such as Tim Reiterman, disagree that the main purpose of the Cuban excursion was evangelism.

Reiterman reported that Jones later showed off photos from his Cuban trip. One such picture

featured a mangled pilot lying lifeless in the wreckage of a plane crash. Jones had also

claimed that he had met some Cuban leaders, and he showed a picture of himself with a fatigue-clad man that looked similar to Fidel Castro.

Jim Hougan, the author of the three-part “Jim Jones, Dan Mitrione, and the Peoples Temple,” which can be read on “,” was more pointed when assessing Jones’s photographic travelogue.

“Pictures of that sort could only have been of interest to Castro’s enemies and the CIA,” Hougan wrote.

Under the guise of scouting safe places in case of a nuclear apocalypse, Jones then traveled to Brazil in 1962. En route, Jones stopped in Guyana, which was still a British colony. Jones learned of another mass suicide story that had long been a part of Guyanese history.

While in Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro, Jones socialized with American expatriates and Brazilians who were rabid anti-communists. Hougan compares Jones’s time in Brazil to Lee Harvey Oswald’s time in New Orleans in 1963.

Jones was not alone in Brazil. Dan Mitrione was serving at a post within the U.S. consulate. Many, including Hougan, believe Mitrione was an intelligence handler for Jones dating back to their time in Richmond, Ind.

According to Jones, the emotional effects of the John F. Kennedy assassination led him back to Indiana in late 1963. What he returned to was a congregation whose attendance had dissipated to less than a hundred parishioners. Mainstream chroniclers of Jonestown have posited that Jones was sightseeing and gallivanting through Latin America, taking in the culture as an uber-tourist. Meanwhile, the church he had worked so hard to build—and the church so tied to what he professed as his true ideology—was all but dismantling without him. This has led revisionists to further contend that there was some covert mission that guided the travels of both Jones and Mitrione.

New World Order Assassins, ThornAgain using nuclear war as a reason for mobility, Jones returned to Indiana briefly, only to move the Peoples Temple to northern California, outside of Ukiah. Unlike the anti-communism he had professed in Brazil, he again turned to “apostolic socialism” in his sermons. Jones’s dogma becomes quite confusing at this point, as he begins publicly preaching against Christianity, the King James Version of the Bible, and God.

Within five years, Jones’s popularity had grown, and he had opened Peoples Temple branches in the center of the FBI’s COINTELPRO heartland—San Francisco, San Fernando, and Los Angeles. Templars also became more active in California politics. Their support was vital to San Francisco Mayor George Moscone’s win in 1975. In turn, Moscone appointed Jones as the head of San Francisco’s Housing Authority Commission.

The Peoples Temple had found a large following in the Golden State. They had also found allies in assemblyman Willie Brown, Gov. Jerry Brown, Lt. Gov. Mervyn Dymally, Harvey Milk, Walter Mondale, and Rosalynn Carter.

While California brought Jones and the Peoples Temple more notoriety, it also attracted more scrutiny. When an exposé in New West magazine criticized Jones and the Temple, the reverend could see that his house of cards was about to crumble. Journalist Marshall Kilduff would allege physical, emotional, and sexual abuse inside the Peoples Temple. It was time to flee California and the United States, altogether.

In the summer of 1977, Jones and his most influential members decided the time had come for what would be a final pilgrimage to the place where they believed they would be most free—Guyana.

III: No Mass Suicide at Jonestown?

Very few of the official “Kool-Aid” theories have proven to be conclusive, and research indicates that most Peoples Temple followers tragically died by injection—not ingestion. This is the conclusion of our three-part series, originally published in American Free Press Issue 23 & 24, June 4 & 11, 2018.

Rep. Leo Ryan (D-Calif.) had just been elected to a fourth term when he traveled to the Jonestown settlement of Rev. Jim Jones in northwest Guyana. Acting on the pleas of family members whose loved ones had joined the Peoples Temple, Ryan was investigating the charge that his constituents were being held in the South American country against their will.

Ryan was a crusading congressman. As an assemblyman, he had taken a substitute teacher position in south central Los Angeles so that he could document the conditions after the Watts riots of 1965. He later used a pseudonym to enter Folsom Prison as an inmate, just to investigate firsthand the conditions behind the bars of California prisons. Whether societal or penal, Ryan was a keen observer of what it was to be or feel trapped. On Nov. 1, 1978, he announced that he was going to Jonestown. In what would later prove an interesting turn of history, he asked friend and fellow congressman Dan Quayle (R-Ind.) to travel to Guyana with him. Quayle declined.

While at Jonestown, Ryan’s entourage was privately approached by a handful of members who desired to leave Guyana. He was nearly stabbed in one domestic dispute. On Nov. 18, 1978, Ryan, his aides, a team of journalists, and the defectors were scheduled to return to America from the Port Kaituma airstrip. An ambush by Jones loyalists prevented their return. Ryan, a defecting Peoples Temple member, and three journalists were killed. Nine others were injured, including aide Jackie Speier, now a Democratic congresswoman from California.

As tragic as the scene at the airstrip was, no one could have imagined what was happening simultaneously at Jonestown. News reports leaked quickly. Something had gone drastically wrong at Jonestown and had resulted in over 200 deaths. In succeeding days, the number of reported deaths increased until it finally rested at over 900. The news media reported it as a mass suicide, but questions persisted regarding how massive the numbers of suicides actually were.

It was said that one-by-one, the Templars came forward to drink the cyanide-laced Kool-Aid (it was actually Flavor Aid) concocted for such a moment. The cause was the effective brainwashing of a religious fanatic.

Very few of the official theories proved to be conclusive, however.

Only seven autopsies were performed, and all seven were conducted after the bodies had been embalmed. “Probable cyanide poisoning” was listed as the cause of death in five of the seven bodies, yet only one showed any traces of cyanide. No cyanide could be detected in the Flavor Aid vat upon examination.

The body of Jones was one of the autopsied corpses. The cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head. Temple member Ann Moore had two causes of death, though it is unclear which occurred first. The autopsy listed a gunshot wound to her head, along with a massive amount of cyanide in her body tissues.

Guyanese physician Dr. Leslie Mootoo conducted cursory examinations of 100 bodies. Mootoo found that 83 of the 100 bodies had needle puncture wounds on the backs of their shoulders, suggesting that a majority of the victims were held down and injected against their will. Because they could not have legally chosen to die, all 260 children were considered murdered. In all, Mootoo estimated that over 700 of the bodies were victims of murder.

The idea of Jonestown as a “mass suicide” was perpetuated by Dr. Hardat Sukhdeo, a psychiatrist who was summoned to Guyana at the expense of the U.S. State Department. Sukhdeo was also an anti-cult deprogrammer. Dr. Stephen P. Hersh, then assistant director of the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH), disagreed with Sukhdeo’s findings.

“The charges of brainwashing are clearly exaggerated,” Hersh told the Associated Press in 1978. “The concept of ‘thought control’ by cult leaders is elusive, difficult to define and even more difficult to prove. Because cult converts adopt beliefs that seem bizarre to their families and friends, it does not follow that their choices are being dictated by cult leaders.”

When Jones’s CIA case officer Dan Mitrione was murdered in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1970, the military personnel, or 201, file on Jones was purged, thus erasing any pre-1970 information the CIA may have gathered on Jones.

Author Jim Hougan of “” offered his assessment of the fear that Ryan’s investigation struck in the establishment.

“Specifically, Jones was afraid that Ryan and the press would uncover evidence that the leftist founder of the Peoples Temple was for many years an asset of the FBI and the CIA,” Hougan wrote. “This fear was, I believe, mirrored in various precincts of the U.S. intelligence community, which worried that Ryan’s investigation would embarrass the CIA by linking Jones to some of the agency’s most volatile programs—including ‘mind-control’ studies and operations such as MK-ULTRA.”

New World Order Exposed, ThornJust as the horrific Charles Manson case figuratively ended the free-spirited 1960s, Jonestown ended the 1970s ideal that communal living was the backbone of a utopian existence. It also ended the rise of the super-preacher whose goal was the creation of an isolated group of parishioners. The 1980s ushered in a media that would chase evangelical superstars for their sexual and financial misdeeds, but even the televangelists’ most loyal followers would not have given their lives at the behest of their leader. The most devout Christians reflexively feared “another Jonestown.”

There is a mainstream version of the Jonestown story that is easy to understand. Its mythology reviles new religions and turns Jones’s church members into weak-minded devotees. To believe that Jonestown is understood only within these confining terms is a mistake.

There was a reason the edicts of Jones of Indiana were appealing. Jones’s own spook-filled, covert story is integral to Jonestown’s real history. To understand those complexities within the era in which they occurred is to understand the story in full. Jonestown, like the Patty Hearst kidnapping, is the effect of a COINTELPRO operation gone awry much more than it is a religious abyss.

S.T. Patrick holds degrees in both journalism and social studies education. He spent 10 years as an educator and now hosts the “Midnight Writer News Show.” His email is [email protected].


Bilderberg 2018 Wraps Up – 2020 US President Anointed?

As in years past, the Bilderberg Group meeting was attended by a U.S. presidential hopeful looking for the coveted “Bilderberg Boost.” Given President Trump’s anti-globalist, America-first actions when it comes to trade and funding of NATO, the elite controllers are clearly not interested in seeing him win a second term in office. 

By Mark Anderson

The secretive globalist group Bilderberg held its annual gathering at the five-star Torino Lingotto Congress resort in Turin, Italy, June 7-10. This writer and several activists from groups like We Are Change were actively covering the weekend confab, though anti-Bilderberg protests were nearly nonexistent and mainstream media coverage appears to have been the leanest it’s been in several years.

“I never heard any kind of demonstration group,” Swiss photographic correspondent Thomas Gasser, who reported from Turin. He added that the alternative media on hand, including We Are Change groups, Press for Truth, AFP, and a few others, constituted the only “resistance” outside the hotel where the Bilderbergers huddled.

Think the IRS Never Loses Cases? Think again!

The meeting was heavily attended by national security and military personnel, including former CIA chief David Petraeus. According to the independent “Truthstream Media” news website, their presence suggests that more aggressive policies toward Russia are being considered, running an ever-greater risk of a military standoff, provoked largely by NATO’s increasing movement of military assets toward the Russian border.

In terms of the American domestic connection, the attendance of Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) is of particular interest. While about 6,000 acres of Colorado forest land was being swallowed up by wildfires, threatening about 2,000 homes as Bilderberg 2018 began, the two-term Democrat opted to remain in Turin with the Bilderbergers.

Hickenlooper’s media representative, Shelby Wieman, responded to an inquiry from this AFP writer, stating: “Gov. Hickenlooper took personal time to travel to Bilderberg (at his own expense). The governor has shown leadership and interest throughout his years in public service on many of the topics the conference addressed, including workforce development and the future of international trade.”

True Story of the Bilderberg Group
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What she didn’t mention was that Hickenlooper, a former Denver mayor, has considered running for president, which The Denver Post on March 12 announced with the headline, “Behind the scenes . . . Hickenlooper inches toward 2020 presidential race.”

Given the pervasive concern among the Bilderberg-affiliated intelligentsia that President Donald Trump is kicking the New World Order to the curb piece by piece—as evidenced by Trump thumbing his nose at the snooty G-7 and enacting certain tariffs to offset the massive trade deficits the U.S. has with Germany ($64 billion) and Italy ($32 billion)—the world managers who inhabit Bilderberg and its sibling groups should be expected to scan the horizon for a candidate to push against Trump in 2020.

The reason is simple: Trump has hampered NAFTA’s overhaul and firmly protested the U.S. paying way too much for NATO while member nations that run huge trade surpluses with the U.S. don’t even cover the benchmark 2%-of-GDP membership fee to be in the military alliance. He has also backed out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Paris climate accord. It’s clear the one-worlders don’t want to put up with Trump for two terms.

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Therefore, all eyes should be on Hickenlooper and whether he will receive the coveted “Bilderberg boost” and suddenly become a shooting political star “destined” to stop populist Trump from serving until 2024.

More evidence of this comes from vaguely worded topics such as “the U.S. before the midterms” and “the U.S. world leadership,” which are on the official 2018 Bilderberg “discussion” list, allude to a focus on presidential politics.

It’s worth noting that Bilderberg’s official topics list has never been all-inclusive and the make-up of the meetings kicks the door wide open for individual discussions, planning, and deal-making, apart from group activities.

After all, sizing up top-tier “presidential material,” going back to Bill Clinton’s debut at the 1991 Bilderberg meeting in Germany just before he began occupying the White House, is sometimes part of Bilderberg’s function.

Mark Anderson is AFP’s roving editor.

Globalist Groups Ramp Up Efforts to Quash Rise of Populism

The annual Bilderberg meeting has just wrapped up in Turin, Italy. Given this year’s program, it would appear this elite organization and its “lesser” allies are extremely concerned about the nearly worldwide rise of populism, a.k.a. anti-globalism.

By Mark Anderson

Bilderberg, historically seen as an isolated exercise in world power-brokering, has in recent times become the nerve center of a network of elitist organizations. A highly unusual twist this year, however, was that, as the 66th Bilderberg meeting in 64 years took place June 7-10 in Turin, Italy—with 128 participants from 23 countries—several other notable meetings convened at the same time.

The annual meeting of the G-7 nations—which typically meets before or after Bilderberg—instead met June 6-8 in Quebec.

The annual Forum on Global Cities was held June 6-8, sponsored by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs (CCGA) and the Bilderberg-connected Financial Times.

The NATO defense ministers’ meeting took place June 7-8 at the alliance’s Brussels headquarters, requiring NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg, an annual Bilderberg attendee, to shuttle between Italy and Belgium.

Just prior to this, the Trilateral Commission (TC) meeting was held in London Nov. 3-5, 2017, involving Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross—who attended Bilderberg last year in Virginia. The TC, a younger sibling of Bilderberg now in its 45th year, covered several topics that dovetail with this year’s Bilderberg agenda.

Kingdom Identity

Attendees of this year’s Bilderberg gathering who also took part in that TC meeting include: George Osborne, a former UK chancellor of the exchequer-turned-media magnate; Zanny Minton-Beddoes, a Bilderberg Steering Committee member who’s chief editor of the Economist magazine; and longtime European Central Bank chief and past Bilderberg attendee Jean Claude Trichet.

“The theme of the 2017 Trilateral Conference,” a TC summary stated, “was the causes of the rise of populism across the West—and what to do about it. The victory of Donald Trump and the UK’s vote for Brexit in 2016, the rise of authoritarian, nationalist governments in Poland and Hungary, and the ground gained by the radical right in elections in France, Austria, and elsewhere had some common roots.”

Bilderberg took up “populism in Europe” as its first listed topic for 2018, while the Chicago Forum on Global Cities stepped up its promotion of the “global cities” scheme, charting a course to unconstitutionally reorient government power away from the national level to the city level and, in the process, battle the rise of populism over grave concerns that an uncontrolled populist uprising that unites the right and left could further frustrate and even scuttle globalist designs.

The unmistakable tactic of using the global cities scheme to help undermine populism (i.e., nationalist governments that want out of the European Union and its suffocating dictates) was confirmed at Chicago Council on Global Affairs (CCGA) meetings over the last couple years, some of which this writer attended.

Bilderbergers - Puppet-masters
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The “Trilaterals” also expressed alarm over “increasing hostility to immigration, exemplified in the U.S. by the success of Trump’s slogan to ‘build this wall,’ in the UK by the Leave [Brexit] campaign’s successful attempt to put EU free movement rules at the center of the debate, and by Hungary and Poland’s refusal to take in asylum-seekers stuck in Italy and Greece. Another cause [of populism’s gains] was poor economic performance and frustration at high levels of inequality after 2008. Still another was the Internet and other forms of digital technology, which is both amplifying the voices of radicals and has the potential to bring about a big restructuring of the economy, which will create winners and losers.”

The 2018 Bilderberg agenda indicates that the Bilderbergers took the baton from their TC brethren concerning populism and at least four other topics among Bilderberg’s 12 agenda items: “The inequality challenge,” “free trade,” “U.S. world leadership,” and “the ‘post-truth’ world.”

“The ‘post-truth’ world,” which stems from the above TC statement about “digital technology . . . amplifying the voices of radicals,” apparently refers to the alternative media and activists who are challenging the mainstream media outlets and elite think tanks with which Bilderberg and its network partners collaborate.

For the record, 12 media entities represented nearly 10% of the attendees at the 2018 Bilderberg gathering—on hand to collaborate with the plutocratic cabal rather than uphold the public trust and objectively report on Bilderberg.

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The Bilderberg topics “U.S. world leadership” and “free trade” are highly reflective of not only the TC’s November meeting but also recent statements to a UK House of Lords committee by Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass. According to his testimony—which received no press coverage—the deep-seated power brokers that Haass represents are acutely concerned that President Donald Trump may pull out of, or drastically overhaul, NAFTA, the World Trade Organization, and other free-trade entities to the point where the U.S. will limit itself to bilateral trade deals and possibly end its leadership role in the trade, financial, and military arrangements put in place at the Bretton Woods accord in the waning days of World War II.

These nightmarish concerns expressed by Haass—ultimately meaning that Trump may flout the entire “rules-based international order” formulated at Bretton Woods—evidently have come true, at least in several respects, given Trump’s defiant demeanor at the G-7.

The G-7 was formerly the G-8 until Russia was excluded in 2014, as Western power brokers deemed it the new “enemy,” prompting the word “Russia” to appear on the list of Bilderberg topics several times, including this year. But now some pundits speculate that the G-7 could become the “G-6 + 1” as Trump becomes ever more antagonistic toward this economic grouping. Its ministers—expressing the very same “protectionist” concerns covered at the TC and Bilderberg meetings—are convinced that tariffs could only spell doom and spark trade wars, even though the Trump White House has insisted that instituting a 25% tariff on steel and 10% on aluminum is largely a sovereign, national security move, amid plans to revitalize the U.S. industrial base.

Mark Anderson is AFP’s roving editor.

Tesla File Releases Confirm FBI and Military Interest in Death Ray

Nearly 75 years after the death of pioneering genius Nikola Tesla, questions still abound as to why the government was first to be notified of his death, and why much of the information from his notebook, seized by the government, has yet to be made public. Not even the Tesla museum in Belgrade, Serbia has been allowed access to all of his materials, leading some to wonder which of Tesla’s ideas—such as the Death Ray—may indeed have been brought to fruition after his demise.

By S. T. Patrick

During the winter night of Jan. 7, 1943, Nikola Tesla, the idiosyncratic renaissance man of the scientific community, died in his room at the Hotel New Yorker. The eccentric Tesla had pioneered advances in alternating current (AC), experimented with the creation of a death ray weapon, and dreamed of wireless power grids.

By the time Tesla’s nephew, Yugoslav Ambassador to the U.S. Sava Kosanovic, arrived at the Hotel New Yorker the next morning, someone had gone through the effects in the room. Suspiciously missing was Tesla’s black notebook, which contained hundreds of pages—some that had “Government” transcribed onto them.

Government agents had been contacted and had quickly entered Tesla’s room to confiscate the relevant papers. Controversy still today surrounds the legitimacy of the confiscation. The technical analysis and housing of the papers was undertaken by the Justice Department’s Alien Property Custodian Office (APCO). The APCO should never have assumed jurisdiction over the “missing papers,” as Tesla had become a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1891.

The FBI has confirmed that Tesla’s papers were carefully inspected by naval intelligence officers and a radar scientist at MIT, yet the FBI clams that it “was not involved in searching Tesla’s effects, and it never had possession of his papers or any microfilm that may have been made of those papers.”

The MIT scientist responsible for scientific analysis of the papers was John G. Trump, Ph.D., the uncle of President Donald Trump.

Dr. Trump concluded that Tesla’s “thoughts and efforts during at least the past 15 years (of his life) were primarily of a speculative, philosophical, and somewhat promotional character,” but “did not include new, sound, workable principles or methods for realizing such results.”

Dr. Trump’s conclusions have not been accepted by the majority of Tesla’s biographers and fans over the past 75 years. They are reasonably suspicious that the government has not only used Tesla’s plans for invention but that many of Tesla’s most creative ideas have remained secret to this day. Trump alluded to his uncle’s knowledge during the 2016 campaign.

“(My uncle) would tell me many years ago about the power of weapons someday,” Trump told the media, “that the destructive force of these weapons would be so massive, that it’s going to be a scary world.”

Dr. Trump added that the papers were innocuous and dispelled any fear that they could be used by a World War II enemy of the United States.

Detractors of the “national security” theory cite the mainstream scientific community’s dismissal of Tesla in their argument. If Tesla was simply engaging in harmlessly theoretical, scientific hocus-pocus, why would the government have invaded his quarters immediately after he was found dead? Why were federal officials called before Tesla’s nephew, a Yugoslav diplomatic official, was contacted?

Questions regarding why federal officials were alerted and who knew to do so have spawned conspiracy theories about the death itself.

Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion
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Other questions focus on the here and now. For instance, does Tesla’s powerful particle-beam weapon—often termed a “Death Ray”—exist today? Theoretical physicists and alternative science investigators such as John Lear believe that is likely, despite the lack of official government acknowledgment.

According to biographer Marc Seifer in Wizard: The Life & Times of Nikola Tesla, Brig. Gen. L. C. Craigee and a group of military personnel at Wright Patterson Air Force Base believed very differently than Trump. Craigee was the first person ever to fly a jet plane for the military.

Seifer wrote, “(Craigee) said, ‘There’s something to this—the particle beam weapon is real.’ ”

Craigee and his staff were tasked with performing experiments using some of Tesla’s most classified papers. The results of the experiments were never made public, and the experiments ended. The Tesla papers used as the basis for the experiments vanished.

President Ronald Reagan believed in the efficacy of the particle beam weapon. An exaggerated version became the basis for his Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI, or “Star Wars”) program in the mid-1980s. Since the 1970s, fears had arisen that the Soviet Union had constructed a large particle beam weapon facility near the Sino-Soviet border.

Newly released FBI files detail how some FBI agents feared that Kosanovic may take possession of the papers solely to use them as an international bargaining chip. The FBI considered arresting Kosanovic to assure that the contents of the papers would not leave the United States.

The newest FBI releases also confirm that President Franklin Roosevelt and Vice President Henry Wallace were interested in Tesla’s ideas.

Also recently uncovered is the role Vannevar Bush played in the analysis of the Tesla papers. Bush was the head of the Manhattan Project and was a rumored member of Operation Majestic-12, which is alleged to have formed in 1947 to facilitate the recovery and investigation of UFOs.

When the FBI was ordered to return the papers to the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia, only 60 of the 80 trunks collected were sent. There are still files to be released—and some to be “found”—but what remains in the files, as in Tesla’s life, is shrouded in mystery.

S.T. Patrick holds degrees in both journalism and social studies education. He spent ten years as an educator and now hosts the “Midnight Writer News Show.” His email is [email protected]