Can White Culture Survive Stealth Jihad?

By Victor Thorn —

As thousands of Muslim refugees continue to pour into Europe, on November 3, Hansjoerg Mueller, a member of the populist right-wing Alternative for Germany political party, issued a dire warning: If German Chancellor Angela Merkel refuses to halt this invasion, he predicted, “Germany now is somewhere at the edge of anarchy and sliding toward civil war, or will become a banana republic without any government.”

White European culture, heritage, tradition, and racial cohesiveness are being jeopardized by a well-orchestrated Arab invasion. Not surprisingly, one of the saboteurs behind this plot is Jewish socialist George Soros, born Schwartz György, who readily confessed, “Our plan treats national borders as the obstacle.”

On November 6, AMERICAN FREE PRESS interviewed author and firebrand commentator John Kaminski, in regard to his recently published article entitledThe Virus of Islam.”


When asked to describe this debilitating phenomenon, Kaminski began, “Jews come at countries to destroy them in many different ways, as many different ways as there are. In their Jewish destabilization template, they deliberately overload a country with immigrants to undermine it.”

Although Jews and Arabs are enemies on many different levels, Kaminski explained that “real similarities exist between Jews and Muslims. They’re both violently contemptuous of those who aren’t members of their sects or religions. Jews want the whole world to look alike and be in the same condition as Palestine.”

“Muslims do not believe in freedom of religion,” Kaminski wrote in the article. “In fact, their religion commands them to kill all infidels, much in the same way as Jews are commanded by their holy book to kill or enslave everyone in the world.”

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Kaminski continued in his article: “This massive and calculated invasion of Europe by Islamic refugees perfectly serves the overarching Jewish purpose of destabilizing countries prior to their enslavement and exploitation.”

Clearly cognizant of the dangers, Kaminski stressed to AFP: “We need to radically prohibit Muslim immigration into Europe. We see how Muslim countries operate. They’re basically dictatorships. Many of the Islamic riots we’ve seen are really the Jewish fifth column of Islam. Muslims have absolutely no regard for the rules of a country that take them in. The moral righteousness that they claim for their religion doesn’t apply to others different than themselves.”

Regrettably, not everyone in Europe has woken up to the consequences of a Soros-style open borders policy.

Kaminski elaborated: “Sweden seems to be hell-bent on destroying themselves by placing a guilt trip on whites. The result of taking in more Muslims has led to increased rapes, riots, crimes, and overloaded prisons. In other European countries, Muslims likewise refuse to follow the rules. Supermarkets are pillaged by refugees who outnumber the local citizens.”

Kaminski expanded this line of reasoning: “You can’t take tribesmen from Timbuktu and insert them into Kalamazoo and think everything will be hunky-dory. In Denmark, African immigrants are forced to take classes in which they’re taught that it’s not acceptable to rape women. Imagine, instructors have to teach these young African boys that when they see women wearing bikinis, it’s not permissible to run over and rape them.”

Honing in on the crux of his thesis, Kaminski told AFP, “Here’s the most important thing to realize about Islam. Muslims were initially gracious when arriving in this country [America]. But that’s not the behavior of Muslims in other countries when they get the upper hand. At a recent New Jersey school board meeting, a Muslim informed those in attendance, ‘We’re no longer the minority. That’s clear from tonight. We’re gonna be the majority soon,’ and they’ll be able to say what American schools will be because they’ll be Muslim schools. If this is how Muslims behave when they become the majority, we’re in more trouble than we think, especially when you also factor in their extremely high birth rates compared to whites.”

Indeed, according to an April 23 study released by Michael Lipka and Conrad Hackett of the Pew Research Center, Muslim birth rates are projected to more than double those of Christians in the next three decades, thus making it the world’s largest religion. There are 1.57 billion Muslims in the world today.

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.