Black Lies Matter

As Mizzou unrest spreads, questions of fraud emerge about facts surrounding alleged racist stunts.

By Ronald L. Ray —

It is no accident that the mostly white, conservative heartland of America has become the site of growing racial tensions and violence. Despite establishment media propaganda, it’s because most of them still value God, family, friendship, and country. It’s also because they expect people to act responsibly and work—anathema to many on the left. So it is no accident that the University of Missouri-Columbia (UMC) has become the latest battlefront in the war against white people—especially against white men.

The recent, ongoing protests against “institutional racism” at UMC—and now a number of copycat uprisings at universities across the country—are alleged by media myrmidons to have “a long history.” According to a CNN report, the first example of “racist” harassment took place in 2010, when two, ostensibly white, students scattered cotton balls on the lawn in front of the UMC Black Culture Center. There’s probably no White Culture Center.


But the real beginning was on September 12, 2015, when the black, homosexual student government president, Payton Head, whined on Facebook that he was tired of hostility allegedly shown toward non-white students, homosexuals and transsexuals. As evidence, he mentioned how hurt he felt by unidentified individuals who supposedly called him names while driving past him in a truck.

If news websites like “Natural News” and others are to be believed, however, this and subsequent events may be a deliberate hoax to give cover for a political anti-white race war at America’s universities.

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We note that there is not so much racism at UMC as to prevent Head from leading the student government. Now that blacks and others have equal opportunity in society, it seems that “racism” has become “subtle” and is nothing more than name-calling, “snubs,” and paranoia. This is playground childishness, folks. Time to grow up.

Following another name-calling incident, according to popular commentary website “Know Your Meme,” “On October 21, the Concerned Student 1950 group issued a list of eight demands, which included mandatory racial awareness training for faculty, an increase in black faculty, and an apology from [University System President Tim] Wolfe in which he ‘must acknowledge his white privilege’ before stepping down from office.”

Then, on October 24, a swastika claimed to have been drawn in feces was “found” in the dead of night on a unisex bathroom wall at a UMC dormitory. Residence Halls Association President Billy Donley called it “an act of hate.” No. It’s just vulgar juvenile delinquency.

With reports of that incident appearing with no witnesses and no police report or photo available for several days, this looked suspiciously self-concocted by black racist agitators.

On November 2, student Jonathan Butler, son of a black multimillionaire, went on a “hunger strike” until Wolfe would resign. Despite massive wealth, Butler had been “systematically excluded” from societal advancement, it seems. Another crybaby fraud.

On November 8, when black UMC football players refused to play—showing “solidarity” with the rich, young, black man, supported by outgoing white head coach Gary Pinkel—things moved swiftly. By the next day, Wolfe was gone, to be replaced by a light-skinned “black” interim president. That sports revenue must keep flowing, as it funds the university. Student maturity doesn’t matter.

Since U.S. universities have systematically excluded white male students—60-70% of students today are female and increasingly non-white—and white males can rarely get a job or advance at those same universities, it is clear there is real racism on campus, though not the sort alleged.


The fact that student-faculty agitation increased after Wolfe’s resignation proves the “black propaganda” nature of events.

On November 11, Head hallucinated a KKK campus invasion. Meanwhile, a so-called “safe space” encampment on the university lawn, augmented by bussed-in political radicals, began a war against free speech and a free press. These “safe spaces” are supposedly locations where “prejudice” and “intolerance” are excluded, but they are really communist indoctrination cells, which deliberately segregate whites from the “chosen races” for class warfare purposes.

On November 9, a mob of black agitators, assisted by self-hating white girls, homosexuals and aging white feminists, verbally harassed and physically assaulted Asian-American student photojournalist Tim Tai, because he was trying to photograph the encampment. A video posted to the website “YouTube” caused national media outrage, leading to the suspension and resignation of overtly hostile Melissa Click, ironically an assistant professor of communications.

As student uprisings spread like poisonous mushrooms, the narrative now has shifted to the creation of “safe spaces” for the non-white races and homosexuals on campus. This means total segregation and exclusion of whites, along with shaming of non-whites who question the official propaganda.

It also means free speech and a free press are to be persecuted and destroyed—as at UMC, with force if necessary—because “feeling safe” is a higher “good.” Another black whiner, Brenda Smith-Lezama, University of Missouri student body vice president—obviously subjugated because of race—claimed the First Amendment foments a “hostile and unsafe learning environment.” All education is now propaganda.

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Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.