Universal Basic Income

June 10, 2019 Staff 0

Andrew Yang, a Democratic presidential candidate, is promoting a universal basic income for all Americans. Alaska, Kenya, and Finland have tried a UBI with mixed results.  By S.T. Patrick Before attributing the idea of a […]

Israel Caught Election-Meddling

June 9, 2019 Staff 0

Facebook has banned an Israeli lobbying firm for posting fake news intended to disrupt elections. By John Friend A mysterious Israeli-based political consulting and lobbying firm was recently banned from Facebook for spreading fake news […]

Former NFL Player Tackling NWO

June 8, 2019 Staff 2

Christian convert, now a pastor, says international bankers are the real enemy. By Dave Gahary Kenneth B. Klein is not your typical author trying to alert readers to the dangers of the New World Order. […]

Antifa Bitten by Legal Watchdog

June 8, 2019 Staff 1

A California district judge has issued a rare legal smackdown of politically correct neo-Bolshevik agitators, thanks to determined efforts by watchdog group Judicial Watch. By Donald Jeffries A California U.S. district judge has awarded Judicial […]

Internet Free Speech All But Dead

June 7, 2019 Staff 1

Unelected, unnamed censors are operating across the Internet to suppress “unapproved” content. By Philip Giraldi The Internet was originally promoted as a completely free and uncensored mechanism for people everywhere to exchange views and communicate, […]

Congress Fiddles While Iran War Looms

June 6, 2019 Staff 0

The Democrat-controlled House needs to step in and stop neocon warmongering. By Dr. Ron Paul Congress—and particularly the Democrat- controlled House of Representatives—seems determined to see the end of the Trump administration before the 2020 […]

San Diego 9/11 Truth Group Perseveres

June 4, 2019 Staff 2

This longstanding gathering of dedicated patriots continues meeting and working to educate the public and demand an honest investigation of the Sept. 11 attacks. By John Friend Few 9/11 Truth groups in the country are […]

The Rise of the Nationalists

June 4, 2019 Staff 0

Around the world, the “deplorables” are electing populists to power. By John Friend Nationalists and populists the world ‘round made their voices heard loud and clear in recent elections in both Australia and the European […]

Bilderberg 2019 Meeting Site Revealed

May 30, 2019 Staff 0

The powerful secret society has announced it will meet in Montreux, Switzerland for its 2019 annual meeting. By Mark Anderson The Bilderberg group’s anonymous press office has finally released the dates and location of the […]

‘White Rights’ Get Radio Host Fired

May 30, 2019 Staff 3

Georgia “Peach” got the boot from a conservative-leaning AM radio station in California after acknowledging that “white genocide” is for real. Apparently, discussion of “white rights” is just too politically incorrect for some to stomach. […]

Several States Fight Online Censorship

May 30, 2019 Staff 0

President Trump has expressed concern over the recent mass bannings of conservative voices on social media and is “watching closely.” By Donald Jeffries The recent de-platforming of conservative commentators Alex Jones and Laura Loomer, minister […]

American People Need a ‘Bailout’

May 29, 2019 Staff 1

How come bankers get debt forgiveness but not students, farmers, and homeowners? By Paul Craig Roberts As schoolchildren, my friends and I were very interested in archaeology and ancient civilizations. We read all the available […]

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