Will We Face a Meat Supply Shortage?

May 10, 2020 Staff 0

Texas rancher warns AFP, “America needs smaller meat-packing companies”. By Mark Anderson An outspoken, experienced rancher who heads a large regional cattleman’s association is sounding the alarm about the distinct possibility of food shortages amid […]

Feds Stymie Suit by 9/11 Families

May 10, 2020 Staff 3

Trump backtracks on promise to release concealed documents on Saudis. By John Friend The U.S. Justice Department, leading intelligence officials, and several other senior officials insisted in federal court recently that releasing documents relating to […]

Big Government the Victor in Virus War

May 9, 2020 Staff 0

By Patrick J. Buchanan “War is the health of the state,” wrote the progressive Randolph Bourne during World War I, after which he succumbed to the Spanish flu. America’s war on the coronavirus pandemic promises […]

Virus Viceroy

May 8, 2020 Staff 1

Is Bill Gates the most powerful global health voice? By John Friend Bill Gates, the billionaire tech mogul turned leading advocate for global public health meddling, has come under scrutiny in recent weeks for his […]

Sane Approach to Pandemic Needed

May 5, 2020 Staff 0

This is our nation’s chance to make its own pro-American new world order. By Paul Craig Roberts We are hearing from many that the world after Covid-19 will be different. The question is: Different in […]

Author Fights Back Against the Bullies

May 3, 2020 Staff 0

Bestselling writer exposes the “bullies” who rule schools, work places and society. Donald Jeffries, author of bestselling books like Hidden History: An Exposé of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups in American Politics, Survival of the […]

Audio: Donald Jeffries on the Coronavirus

May 1, 2020 Staff 0

AFP is pleased to offer our readers another excellent interview from writer and radio show host S.T. Patrick’s “Midnight Writer News Show.” MWN Episode 140, “Coronavirus with Donald Jeffries,” April 8, 2020    Author […]

Andrew Cuomo: Time to take a deeper look

May 1, 2020 Staff 0

By S.T. Patrick New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has suddenly risen to the top of Democratic Party wish lists as he continues to navigate the politically charged Covid-19 pandemic. A recent New York Post poll […]

Beware Draconian Lockdowns

April 30, 2020 Staff 1

It’s a slippery slope from handwashing and social distancing to house arrest. By John W. Whitehead Just because we’re fighting an unseen enemy in the form of a virus doesn’t mean we have to relinquish […]

Russia, Saudis Wage Oil War

April 29, 2020 Staff 1

U.S. shale oil producers may be the victims of this petroleum production battle. By Richard Walker While lower gas prices at the pump are welcome, an oil war between Russia and Saudi Arabia has the […]

Survive & Thrive During Pandemic

April 29, 2020 Staff 0

Preparedness, alternative health strategies to practice during the Covid-19 lockdown. By Mark Anderson The Covid-19-inspired stay-at-home orders and the resulting near-shutdown of the daily commute of the workforce, coupled with the closing of schools and […]

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