AFP INTERVIEW: Race and the 2016 Presidential Election

• Daily Stormer founder talks of the attack on the white race.

By Victor Thorn —

One of the last subjects that mainstream media news outlets want to cover is how the policies of any particular presidential candidate would benefit white American citizens of European descent in the upcoming 2016 election. Taking their hesitance as a cue, on April 5 AMERICAN FREE PRESS spoke with Andrew Anglin, founder of a premier nationalist website called “The Daily Stormer.”

To Anglin, the importance of this topic cannot be overemphasized. “Race is really the only issue at hand in 2016, especially in regard to immigration,” he began. “There’s no going back. The Jewish agenda from the 1960s until now has been a deathblow with this huge influx of illegals. If the Democrats win, I predict there will be unlimited numbers more of these people. Our country will become unrecognizable. This election is our last chance.”


Adding to these thoughts, Anglin explained: “I know this may sound like an extreme idea, but open borders and unchecked immigration ultimately means the destruction and genocide of the white race if extended over a long enough timeline. What we’re looking at is a serious displacement and cleansing of whites. This issue should be the number one story on every television newscast. When Donald Trump talks about building a wall, what it symbolizes is the return of our freedoms. At least he’s trying to deport illegal aliens.”

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Speaking of which, Anglin continued: “Trump represents a return of the great white male, a resurgence of our cultural values and identity. Political power represents a people’s place in society, but we’ve been disenfranchised for far too long while being told we’re below other groups like women, homosexuals, and blacks.”

Likewise, Anglin stressed: “Throughout modern history, whites have typified natural authority by determining the course of world events. However, under Obama, our culture has been ripped away from us. Worse, if we don’t accept being beaten down, then all of us are demonized and characterized as evil haters.”

Returning to a previous sentiment, Anglin reiterated: “People see in Trump a return of whites being in control of their own society. It hasn’t been this way for a couple of decades. Whites have clearly been dumped on, and Trump represents their interests both socially and economically.”

In regard to our current president, Anglin didn’t candy-coat our predicament. “Obama insults us in his attempts to tear down the whole of society itself. You can’t have a situation in which a black man leads a country that had been entirely built by whites. Obama possesses deep-seated hostilities toward white society as a whole, and a personal affection for homosexuals.”

Delving into specifics, Anglin offered an example. “When Obama said that his son could have looked just like Trayvon Martin, he signaled to blacks that it was OK to riot. He knew this statement would result in uprisings. Yet afterward, he never apologized for the Trayvon or Michael Brown situations after his words incited riots.”


Next addressing the Democratic frontrunner, Anglin surmised: “Hillary Clinton will simply push forward more of Obama’s policies. What’s most striking about Hillary is how easily she fits into the stereotype of a harsh, humorless feminist. Not only is she a nasty control freak, Hillary doesn’t care about women at all. Today, feminists function like a victimized minority group with a collective identity, and Hillary is their figurehead. She’s seized on Obama’s strategy of pandering to special interest groups like women, ethnic minorities, and homosexuals.”

As for Bernie Sanders, Anglin opined, “He fulfills a fantasy created by our public education and university systems, which basically advocates communism. Sanders’s words trigger images of a worker’s paradise and how, at least theoretically, everybody is equal. He’s really representative of the Democratic Party’s base constituency. Bernie has done so by fully identifying with the Jewish Communist agenda over the past three or four decades. If that’s not bad enough, many of his most aggressive supporters are college-aged males who’ve adopted feminized values.”

When asked about the November election, Anglin replied: “Trump is the only person that can beat Hillary. According to GOP operative Roger Stone, Trump will expose all of the Clinton’s dirty secrets. He doesn’t have a gentleman’s agreement with them like other candidates in the Republican Party. There’s no way that Hillary could deal with commercials which feature the women who Bill Clinton has raped and sexually molested. Furthermore, Trump intends to bring back an attitude of success. His basic personality revolves around winning. On the other hand, a Hillary Clinton presidency will resemble 1984 hardcore tyranny.”

On a final note, Anglin broached the hottest third-rail political taboo topic of all. “Trump understands collective Jewish behavior patterns. He recently told an interviewer that he’d make Israel pay for its own security and weapons like he intends to do with other countries. If you examine where most of the opposition to Trump is originating, the pressure is coming from Jewish special interest groups. When National Review magazine dedicated an entire issue to slamming Trump, more than half of their contributors were Jewish. That tells you something.”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.