ADL: The Entire World is ‘Anti-Semitic’

. . . but especially the Orthodox Church.

By Pete Papaherakles —

Although the United States, Britain and their media allege with certainty that pro-Russian separatists with the support of Russian President Vladimir Putin were the ones who shot down Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, they offer no real evidence to back up their claims. Why has Putin been accused of being responsible for this tragedy?

The charges that the missiles could only have come from Russia are totally unfounded since Ukraine has possessed BUK M-1 missiles—allegedly used to take down the jetliner—since the Soviet era and has been documented to have had them in the Donetsk region of Ukraine at the time of the crash. Furthermore, there is evidence Kiev’s air traffic control was responsible for directing the flight 130 miles off course and into a war zone. Therefore, Russia’s presumed guilt is completely unfounded; Kiev could have just as easily been responsible.


So, why is the West so quick to blame Russia and demonize Putin? One reason might be religion. On May 13, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) released the findings of its “ADL Global 100,” a worldwide study of “anti-Semitic” attitudes. The unprecedented survey was conducted in over 102 countries and included 53,100 participants, who represented 88% of the world’s adult population. What it found was shocking—at least to the ADL.

The ADL announced that one in four adults worldwide are “deeply infected with anti-Semitic attitudes.” Furthermore, nearly half have never heard of the “Holocaust.”

The ADL presented respondents with 11 statements and asked them whether each was “probably true” or “probably false.” If someone answered that six or more of the statements were “probably true,” they were counted as harboring anti-Semitic attitudes.

The statements included, “Jews have too much power in international financial markets,” “Jews have too much control over the global media,” “Jews have too much control over the U.S. government” and “Jews have too much control over global affairs.”

All these questions are no-brainers of course, since only one out every 514 people in the world ( 0.19%) is Jewish, yet they dominate in all those areas. But to state the obvious is considered anti-Semitic by ADL standards.

According to this survey, the nation of Greece is the most anti-Semitic country in Europe by far, with 69% of Greeks labeled anti-Semites. Poland is second with 45% and Bulgaria third with 44%. France scored 37%.

Eastern Europe (34%) scored more anti-Semitic than Western Europe (24%). Christians in Catholic and Eastern Orthodox countries are more likely to harbor anti-Semitic views than those in Protestant countries, the survey said. In contrast, Protestant countries such as the UK scored 8%, Sweden only 4% and the United States 9%.

Alarmed about such high anti-Semitism in Greece, ADL top kapo Abe Foxman flew to Greece to pressure the Greek government to do something about the urgent problem. He found that Greece’s nationalist party, Golden Dawn (GD), is greatly responsible for spreading anti-Semitism in Greece, as is the Greek Orthodox Church.

Foxman insisted that GD be declared a criminal organization. For his part, the Greek prime minister followed orders by also locking up GD’s most prominent leader not yet imprisoned, Ilias Kasidiaris, in jail.

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Foxman has also appealed to the Orthodox Church to revise its liturgy, something that has never happened in the church’s 1,700-year history.

“We call on Orthodox Christian leaders to begin the process now to remove anti-Semitic passages from its liturgy,” said Foxman, terming the effort “long overdue.”

“Untold numbers of Jews have suffered throughout the centuries, and today, in some countries where these churches are prominent, Jews are confronted by growing anti-Semitism, because of the failure to address this,” he added.

Orthodox liturgy dates back to the early days of Christianity at Nicaea in A.D. 325. The original Gospels, first written in Greek, have been used unaltered ever since.

Later, they were translated to Latin, Hebrew and then English and other languages.

With each translation over time, they were slightly altered, always to the benefit of Jews, portraying them in an increasingly better light.

On the “Judaeo-Christian” spectrum, Orthodox Christianity would be on the far right side, followed by Catholicism, then Protestantism, Christian Zionism, Reform Judaism, with Talmudic, Orthodox Jewry at the far left end.

In Orthodoxy, Jews are referred to as “Christ killers” in reference to the Gospels’ account that they were responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, a claim many Jews today reject and most Protestants downplay. Yet, it is clearly written in the Gospels that Pilate washed his hands and the Jews, who demanded Jesus be crucified, accepted the blame. Essentially, the very Gospels—the creed of Christianity—are now
considered anti-Semitic.

The Jewish holy book, however, the Talmud, continues to refer to the Virgin Mary as “a whore” and Jesus as “a bastard” who is “boiling in excrement.” No cries about “anti-Christianism” here by Foxman. Some chutzpah.

Putin is a devout Orthodox Christian who defends Jesus and since Russia is by far the largest Orthodox country, it is believed that he has been targeted by the Jews in the same way that Czar Nicholas was targeted a hundred years ago by Jewish Bolsheviks.

Moscow has been called the Third Rome since Constantinople fell to the Turks in 1453.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russians have returned to Orthodoxy en masse and today half of Russians are practicing Orthodox Christians with Putin playing an active role in supporting the church. Some fear he could unite Eastern Europe again in a Pan-Orthodox Union.

This has been at the heart of the strategy to Balkanize Yugoslavia and westernize Eastern Europe, and this is a major factor at play in Ukraine.

Most Eastern European countries are Orthodox and naturally inclined to side with Russia for that reason. This is why the West has struggled to bring them under its influence since the beginning of the wars in the former Yugoslavia. Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Belarus and Ukraine are Orthodox countries historically allied with Russia, some for over 1,000 years.

Most Russians today still remember what they endured under Soviet oppression and most are aware that Communism was a Jewish invention and that  the Bolshevik leadership was overwhelmingly Jewish. None more so than Putin, who befriended Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and jailed many of the Jewish oligarchs who had taken power under Boris Yeltsin’s rule. A power struggle between the remaining Jewish oligarchs and Putin still continues.

Of course, the attack on Putin also has to do with geopolitical reasons, including the West’s ambition to take Ukraine out of Russia’s sphere of influence and bring it under control of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, while undermining Russia’s domination of Europe’s energy supply for the benefit of Western Big Oil.

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