The Men who Covered-up for Jerry Sandusky

By Victor Thorn

Why did so many individuals cover-up for serial pedophile Jerry Sandusky, including those within The Second Mile (TSM), the Pennsylvania State Attorney General’s office, and a leading official at Pennsylvania State University (PSU)? With recent revelations by Philadelphia school police officer Greg Bucceroni that a pedophile network operated out of TSM, consider these other factors:

• Although his name will not be provided at this point until further proof is obtained, evidence exists that an extremely high-ranking former TSM employee and his wife were involved in a “swingers club” operating out of a local State College, Pa. nightclub. This “swingers club” is an open secret among Happy Valley residents, with the meeting place in close proximity to TSM’s former headquarters.

• Speaking of swingers, former PSU President Graham Spanier once wrote an academic paper entitled Mate Swapping: Perceptions, Value Orientations, and Participation in a Midwestern Community. Its overview begins, “This article attempts to illuminate the understanding of swinging, or mate swapping, an increasingly common form of extramarital sexual activity. A theoretical formulation argues that swinging is a form of extramarital sexual activity which serves to define as good and acceptable a behavior that in other forms and in the past has been considered deviant or immoral.”

During his tenure at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), Spanier was described as a “long time friend and associate” of Ronald Roskens, the former chancellor and president of UNL. Roskens, in turn, served as a close advisor to a man named Lawrence King, who operated a massive pedophile network in Nebraska that came to be known as “The Franklin Scandal.”

Roskens received his termination notice after being photographed with young naked boys at his residence. Gary Caradori, a private investigator that delved into the Franklin Cover-up, wrote of the circumstances surrounding Rosken’s firing. “I was informed that Roskens was terminated by the state because of sexual activities reported to the Regents and verified by them. Roskens was reported to have had young men at his residence for sexual encounters.” [Sound familiar to Sandusky’s activities?]

On July 11, 1990, after obtaining pornographic-pedophile photographs that would have irreversibly exposed the Franklin Cover-Up, Caradori was murdered when his Piper aircraft exploded in mid-air, killing him and his eight-year-old son.

Of course, while serving as PSU President, two highly controversial events occurred on Spanier’s watch. In November 2000, one of these “happenings” was called CUNTFEST: a Declaration of Independence. To promote this brouhaha, huge banners with the words CUNTFEST were hoisted from campus buildings.

The second, held only months later in February, went by the name Sex Faire. Games at this gala included “Pin the Clitoris on the Vulva,” “Smut and other Great Literature,” plus “Orgasm Bingo.” In addition, a “Tent of Consent” allowed participants to engage in whatever type of consensual sexual activity they so desired.

When enraged legislators asked Spanier if he thought these two events were immoral, he responded, “It depends on what your definition of immoral is.”

Oddly enough, Spanier publicly pronounced that he sought to make PSU the most homosexual-friendly university in America. Moreover, while serving as Chancellor at the UNL, Spanier requested that all faculty post pink triangles on their office doors in order to show their support for gay and lesbian students.

Finally, it was none other than Spanier that granted pedophile Jerry Sandusky “emeritus” status at PSU, thus allowing Sandusky access to campus shower facilities, an office, parking pass, and a computer. Strangely, Sandusky was merely an assistant football coach. Why would Spanier, who had only been at PSU for three years up until that time, take it upon himself to personally grant such an esteemed title on this man?

Conversely, when a sports agent was caught buying a PSU football player $400 worth of clothing, Spanier banned the rep from campus. Spanier insisted, “[He] fooled around with the integrity of this university, and I won’t stand for that.”

Yet, Spanier bestowed emeritus status on Sandusky, who was none-too-subtly forced into “retirement” after his initial 1998 shower stall incident.

• Jerry Sandusky selected State College, Pa. attorney Joseph Amendola to represent him at his recent child sex abuse trial. This writer is by no means implying that Amendola had any involvement in a pedophile prostitution ring. However, Amendola did impregnate a 16-year-old girl that he represented as a client in 1996. This teenage girl gave birth to their child prior to turning 18.

• During his grand jury testimony, TSM CEO Jack Raykovitz confessed that PSU athletic director Tim Curley informed him about the 2001 “shower incident” that Mike McQueary witnessed. In a July 16, 2012 article, Dave Marcheskie of Harrisburg, Pa.’s WHTM stated, “The report states that Raykovitz spoke with Sandusky soon after the meeting with Curley. Sandusky admitted to Raykovitz that he ‘showered with boys, but nothing more’ according to the report. Still, TSM took no action.”


Even after Sandusky was observed in compromising situations on at least three separate occasions, Matt Moore and Michael Rubinkam of the Associated Press wrote on May 25, 2012, “Longtime CEO Jack Raykovitz came under fire for failing to inform the charity’s board about 2001 and 2008 abuse allegations against the retired coach. Infuriated board members told AP in December that had they been kept in the loop, they could have taken steps to better protect children a decade ago.”

Why did Jack Raykovitz remain silent for so long?

• At Sandusky’s sexual abuse trial, prosecutor Joe McGettigan told jurors during his opening statement, “The Second Mile, no matter what it’s reported purpose, was a victim factory for the defendant, an assembly line for adolescent children to be abused, sodomized, and anally raped.”

• This writer—who sat inside a Bellefonte, Pa. courtroom on the trial’s opening day—observed McGettigan relate a horrifying tale. Sandusky had lists with the names of TSM boys on them. Some of these kids had asterisks beside their names. After investigating this matter, it became clear to prosecutors that Sandusky had placed asterisks alongside the boys who didn’t have a father in the home. Are we to believe that not a single person, especially licensed child psychologist Jack Raykovitz, knew anything of this abuse for over a decade?

• On November 28, 2011, veteran journalist William Keisling extended the cover-up all the way to current Pa. Governor Tom Corbett.

“On Labor Day weekend, 1996, a state senator from York, Pa., Dan Delp, enjoys a weekend of drinking and sex with a 19-year-old girl supplied through contacts with the York County, Pa. district attorney’s office.

When the pedophile sex scandal becomes public, the case is quickly referred to Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett. Corbett and his close allies would time and again obstruct and cover up the sex ring—for more than fifteen years.

Jim Sneddon was the editor and publisher of the York Dispatch. Sneddon recounts how the attorney for the daily newspaper, Niles Benn, secretly hired a private detective to uncover the truth about the ‘VIP’ sex ring. But then Sneddon was fired, and the newspaper and its lawyer concealed the work of their private eye.

York Police Commissioner Herbert Grofcsik says even he was powerless to expose the courthouse sex ring. Yet the truth slowly emerged.

As well, AG Tom Corbett’s political agenda and modus operandi began to emerge.

A prominent figure would be sacrificed, but the VIP sex and prostitution ring would be concealed and protected for years. This was done not only to protect Corbett’s political allies, but also to protect Corbett’s own political fortunes and ambitions.”

Similarly, in 2011, another prominent figure—Joe Paterno—would become one of Tom Corbett’s sacrificial lambs to divert attention away from pedophiles lurking within TSM.

Keisling continued, “Over the coming years, at every turn, [Grofcsik] and others would say the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office, and Tom Corbett, stood in the way of stopping VIPs from having sex with children. Later, court officers would openly boast of enjoying sex with children, and praise Corbett for protecting their illicit activities.”

During a June 15, 2012 interview with this writer, Keisling emphatically stated, “Corbett was the obstacle. These are the worst sorts of people doing the worst sorts of things. These are not good people. Tom Corbett got money from TSM, plus he gave money to them. What does it say that Corbett’s attorney general’s office had the case for three years and did nothing about it? It’s systemic corruption. These people are morally bankrupt.”

In the end, it’s not surprising that Sandusky was permitted to run rampant as a serial pedophile for three decades, especially considering the high-concentration of individuals listed above—who were all located in one geographic locale—that did nothing whatsoever to stop him.

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

Was Federal Operation Behind the Creation of Aurora Mass Murderer?

By Victor Thorn

The high-profile mass murder in Aurora, Colorado doesn’t add up. Every mainstream media outlet is parroting the story that 24-year-old James Holmes was a lone-nut gunman who killed 12 victims and wounded another 28. But eyewitnesses offered a different version of events.

One survivor, who has not been identified by name, spoke on camera with Denver’s 9 News to relate what transpired inside the Century 16 movie theater on July 20.

“From what we saw, he wasn’t alone,” the witness said. “He had someone with him because the second can of tear gas didn’t come from his side.”

Corbin Dates, who sat in row two at the midnight showing of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, told cable news that Holmes received a cell phone call as the movie credits were rolling. At that time, Dates said Holmes walked toward an emergency door, propped it open with his foot, and looked as if he was motioning for someone to come in his direction. Then, 15-20 minutes into the film, this same emergency door swung open and a man dressed from head-to-toe in ballistic gear—including a gas mask and throat protector—opened fire.

Inside a darkened movie theater—complete with smoke bombs and the shooter entirely garbed in body armor—not a single person ever saw Holmes’s face during the melee. Stranger yet, Americans have been led to believe that this killing machine then meekly surrendered to police outside the theater before telling them how he intricately booby-trapped his apartment. Why would Holmes spend months on this complicated project only to tip off law enforcement officials about the rest of his plan?


Holmes was an impoverished student on the verge of being evicted from his residence. Mike Adams of Natural News wrote on July 20 following the shooting: “How does an unemployed medical student afford all the complex weapons gear, bomb-making gear, flammable booby trap devices, ammunition, multiple magazines, bullet-proof vest, groin protector, ballistic helmet and SWAT uniform? I’m guessing this is at least $20,000 in weapons and tactical gear, much of which is difficult for civilians to get in the first place.”

Most researchers make the same mistake every time one of these Manchurian Candidate-style bloodbaths takes place. As outlined in the book New World Order Assassins, the patsy is rarely the actual shooter. A good example of this is Sirhan Sirhan, who took the fall while a highly skilled trigger-man standing behind Robert F. Kennedy fired the fatal shots. Holmes had no military-weapons training, and no one could see the gunman’s face. It’s probable that an experienced marksman riddled the audience with gunfire before slipping away as the mind-controlled Holmes waited outside by his car.

Austrian-born researcher Gunther Russbacher outlined a similar scenario in an article he published in the 1990s entitled “Operation Open Eyes.”

Russbacher claims to be the pilot who flew vice presidential candidate George H.W. Bush to Paris in order to arrange the October Surprisewhich sabotaged President Jimmy Carter’s Iranian hostage deal in the late ’70s.

Russbacher asserts that doctors working with the CIA created zombie-like individuals through elaborate hypnotic sessions where a new personality would overwrite the victim’s previous identity, removing all sense of morals and ethics.

In this case, Holmes, who was working on a doctorate degree in neuroscience, had been enrolled in a program at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus where brain experts studied malfunctions of the mind.

After being arrested, Holmes maintained a persona of the comic book villain known as the Joker, who thrives on mayhem and senseless destruction. Russbacher writes that these programmed sleeper assassins cannot differentiate between right and wrong. Once their “trigger” is activated, he said, they possess no memory of what had occurred to them.

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

Why is Chicago Dripping Blood?

“Some 72.5% of black children today are born out of wedlock.”

By Pete Papaherakles

Chicago is experiencing an incredible surge in gangster violence that has experts wondering what exactly is going on. Gang violence is up 30% since last year, and the murder rate has skyrocketed by 37% since this time in 2011.

Not surprisingly, the majority of violence is being committed by black gang members, who are running wild in the Windy City, and so far there has been little the police can do.

Over the Independence Day weekend, 15 people were shot, some of whom were children. Previous weekends were much worse. On the weekend of June 16-17, 35 people were wounded, and seven killed. The previous weekend 40 Chicagoans were shot, and eight died. On Memorial Day weekend, 40 people were shot, and 10 died. By far the worst violence occurred on the weekend of March 17-18, when 49 people were shot and 10 people killed, including a six-year-old girl. So far this year, a whopping 279 people have been killed in Chicago, largely due to gang turf wars.


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s answer to the problem has been to close down corner liquor stores and tear down abandoned buildings where gang members hang out.

How to be ready for anything

The Sherman Institute

“You will not find shelter in the city of Chicago,” Emanuel proclaimed in a press conference that sounded more like political demagoguery than real, practical solutions.

In a recent TV interview Emanuel appeared to be talking like Al Pacino from the movie The Godfather. “You got two gangbangers,” he said. “One is standing next to a kid. Get away from that kid! Take your stuff to the alley. Don’t touch the children of Chicago.”

A major part of the problem is a shortage of police officers on the streets.“We’re in a manpower crunch,” said Fraternal Order of Police president Michael Shields.

A reason for this shortage of officers is that 1,000 retired officers were replaced by only 150 new ones. There are only 200 officers in Chicago’s gang enforcement unit to go up against an estimated 100K gang members in the city. Some 625 gangs are involved in 223 ongoing turf wars and vendettas.

Neither Emmanuel nor the police addressed why there are 100K gangsters in Chicago in the first place.

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On the July 16 O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly pointed out that this is all black crime. His guest, Fox News contributor Bernie Goldberg, put the whole problem in perspective: “In the entire recorded history of the planet, there has never been a greater voluntary child abandonment by their fathers than in black America today,” said Goldberg. “Some 72.5% of black children today are born out of wedlock. Blacks like to blame this on ‘racism.’ That is simply not true. In 1940, when America was much more ‘racist,’ the out-of-wedlock black birthrate was only 19%. In 1965, with the civil rights movement, it rose to 25%. This coincided with the ‘Great Society,’ the welfare state. Since then the numbers have gone up geometrically. So, that’s what happened: The government became the father.”

Goldberg added that black politicians will not talk about this, blaming the problem on racism. White politicians also won’t touch the subject.

“Democrats will never speak honestly to black people, because white liberal guilt gets in the way, and Republicans don’t have the courage because they don’t want to be accused of being racists,” said Goldberg. “Nothing will change in black America if you have 72.5% of children born out of wedlock.” 
Peter Papaherakles, a U.S. citizen since 1986, was born in Greece. He is AFP’s outreach director. If you would like to see AFP speakers at your rally, contact Pete at 202-544-5977.

Patching Up the Infrastructure

• Time for talk has passed; major problems need addressing now

How Can We Avoid the Next Catastrophe?

By Victor Thorn

Every year the U.S. government appropriates in excess of $1T of taxpayer money to maintain its global empire. Worse, Washington’s  leaders continue to spend hundreds of billions annually on such things as foreign aid and public television, while the country’s bridges, dams, waterways and roads fall apart. It has gotten so bad that, today, America’s decaying infrastructure is ranked 23rd among industrialized countries, behind not only China and Germany, but even countries like Barbados and Malaysia. With our nation still mired in a seemingly never-ending recession, it’s difficult to imagine how, economically, we can tackle this mounting problem.

How to be ready for anything

The Sherman Institute

Think about it. According to experts, if a 7.8MW earthquake (on the Richter scale) struck California’s San Andreas Fault in such a way that it compromised that state’s 2,600-mile network of levees, the result would dwarf the destruction seen after the Aug. 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina disaster.

In an April 22, 2011 article, Boonsri Dickinson wrote, “The disaster could induce liquefaction by turning sand into quicksand and causing the levees to sink.” Similar to what occurred following Japan’s Fukushima tsunami, billions of gallons of water would flood out across farmland,  highways, railroads, power distribution centers and major metropolitan areas.

These levees, with some sections being over 100 years old, represent a microcosm of America’s aging and neglected infrastructure system. Lester Snow, director of California’s Department of Water Resources, called these levees “a ticking time bomb.” If destroyed, analysts predict that two-thirds of Golden State residents would have their drinking water disrupted for years into the future.

But instead of relying on hypothetical scenarios, one only needs to examine New Orleans following Katrina. As levees crumbled under an  onslaught of raging waters, it led to what became the greatest engineering calamity in U.S. history. With 1,836 people dead and parts of the city in complete shambles, 80% of evacuated residents had still not returned to their homes after four months. As emergency services broke down and hapless victims were herded into the Superdome or sat stranded atop their roofs, this epic failure alerted Americans to our precarious situation.

Other parts of the country have also been affected by an infrastructure crisis. On Aug. 1, 2007, Minneapolis’s I-35W Bridge collapsed into the Mississippi River. Thirteen motorists died, and hundreds of others were injured. What few people realize is that only three months prior to this  incident, state transportation officials inspected the bridge and gave it a passing mark.

More recently, only days before this year’s Independence Day festivities, a major wind-and rainstorm knocked out power for millions of residents in the D.C./Va./Md. area. With temperatures soaring into the triple digits, some households wound up throwing away thousands of dollars worth of frozen food and medicines. Frustrated locals were forced to endure up to a week without air conditioning, refrigeration, clean water and everything else that is taken for granted on the electrical grid. Dozens died. In 2003, an extensive blackout in the Midwest caused millions to suffer a similar plight.

The scope of America’s infrastructure woes was also seen on July 18, 2007, when a decrepit steam pipe burst beneath Manhattan’s streets. Within seconds, a 40-story-high explosion of searing steam, mud and debris rocketed toward the sky, causing New Yorkers to initially fear another 9-11-style attack. The geyser continued to spew for nearly two hours, with one woman dying of a heart attack while others suffered severe burns across their bodies.

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A 2008 report card issued by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gave America a “D” for its infrastructure. Some 25% of all U.S. bridges are functionally unsound or structurally obsolete.

Hidden from view beneath the tranquil San Francisco Bay area, electrical systems catch fire or experience explosions nearly every three months.

Nearby San Bruno lost an entire neighborhood, and eight were killed, following a series of chaotic natural gas pipeline eruptions on Sept. 9, 2010.

Nobody seems immune. In 2006, Hawaii’s Kaloko Dam collapsed. Over the years, 31 states have experienced massive discharges of untreated waste-water from overflowing sewage systems, resulting in millions of people suffering from gastrointestinal illnesses. Around the country, leaking water pipes allow 7B gallons of water to escape each day.

Infrastructure neglect even affects our time via gridlock in major cities. Outdated switching systems on trains and subways regularly cause frustrating delays for mass transit passengers.

By the year 2015, it is expected that eight metropolitan airports will not be able to handle increasing demand.

Congestion on freeways such as those in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. is not getting any better. Every year Americans lose a total of 4.2B man-hours sitting in traffic jams.

GOP, Democrats Deserve Equal Blame for Mess

By Victor Thorn

When it comes to disregard for our nation’s infrastructure, Republicans and Democrats share equal responsibility. Throughout his eight years in office, President George W. Bush squandered $1T on wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, oftentimes rebuilding their bridges, schools and highways while ours were ignored. Many of these construction projects were blown up shortly after completion, only to be rebuilt again.

Following the election in 2008, President Barack Obama promised immediate “shovel-ready jobs” after Congress passed his $862B stimulus package. But instead of using those funds to rebuild our ailing infrastructure, Obama diverted much of it to failed “green jobs” initiatives, boondoggles like weatherproofing homes or to pay the salaries and pensions of state and local municipalities. These measures left our infrastructure no better off now than it was before.

In 2007, the U.S. government spent a mere 2.4% of GDP on infrastructure projects, compared to England’s 2.9%, China’s 3.3%, Brazil’s 8.2% and India’s 9%. ASCE projects that the U.S. will need a minimum investment of $2.2T over the next five years to repair water systems, the energy grid, schools, roadways, bridges and major airport terminals.

The obvious question is: Where will this money come from? During a July 12 interview, Steve Anderson of the organization Infrastructure USA told this writer: “We’re not a poor country. In fact, we’re one of the wealthiest nations in the world, and we have plenty of resources. We just have to decide how they’ll be used. We’ve reached a turning point where the problem has clearly been identified, but we’re letting it fester. What America faces is a big challenge. I’m not talking about casual fixer-uppers. These aren’t little projects.”

Still, when the federal government borrows 40 cents on every dollar spent and Congress is in perpetual gridlock, it appears as if, without leadership, the deterioration of our infrastructure will continue.

Circumstances are no better at the state and local level. In California, three cities recently declared bankruptcy: Stockton, San Bernardino and Mammoth Lakes. Taxpayers are questioning why Governor Jerry Brown is forging ahead with a high-dollar, high-speed rail system between Los Angeles and San Francisco when crumbling roads and bridges should be addressed first. And it’s not just California that is suffering. The mayor of Scranton, Pa. was recently forced to reduce all city workers’ compensation to minimum wage after accountants reported they only had $5K left in the bank. To justify his move, Mayor Chris Doherty said: “I don’t have enough money, and I can’t print it in the basement.”

Even one of the wealthiest and highest taxed locales in America, Nassau County, N.Y., faces a $310M deficit this year. Critics blame this shortfall not on infrastructure outlays, but on the fact that almost 50% of Nassau’s entire $2.63B operating budget is eroded by public employee benefits.

Private Industry Must Team Up With Feds

By Victor Thorn

It’s clear that governments at all levels have fumbled the ball in regard to maintaining our nation’s infrastructure. Fortunately, there are innovative individuals thinking outside the box. One of them is attorney John Palatiello, president of the Business Coalition for Fair Competition.

During a July 12 interview, Palatiello told this writer: “In my view, we have an infrastructure problem that’s bigger than what government can do alone. The old model of raising taxes and spending government money isn’t sufficient anymore. Rather, states should have an incentive to enter ‘P3s,’ or private-public partnerships. My idea isn’t to replace government entirely, but instead decide upon new roles and responsibilities for government instead of them doing it alone.”

Palatiello said: “P3s aren’t a radical idea. Before becoming president, George Washington owned a private barge company that he used to partner with the state of Virginia so that they could build a canal along the Potomac River. In this regard, P3s are as old as America itself. Government should be contracting out construction services, engineering and transit functions to the private sector. There exist a whole variety of areas where government should step back and not compete in areas that lend themselves better to the private sector.”

In a July 3 article co-written with Leonard Gilroy of the Reason Foundation, Palatiello suggested that the government apply what he calls a “yellow pages test.” In other words, they should remove themselves from services or functions that private enterprise can better provide.

He and Gilroy noted: “When government opts to conduct these activities in-house—with lavish pay and retirement benefits for public employees who do the work—then they are taking away economic opportunities from the private sector and making government unnecessarily bigger than it need be.”

They also cite numerous examples where local and state governments own golf courses, sports arenas, liquors stores and amusement parks. Palatiello told AMERICAN FREE PRESS: “The city of Trenton, N.J. owns a Marriott Hotel that lost $11.5M last year. How can that be justified?”

Governments have become too big, Palatiello noted. “[They’re] the nation’s largest banker, insurer, homeowner, landlord, utility provider, as well as bus, transit and passenger train operator,” he said. “Despite much lip service paid by policymakers to the benefits of private competitive enterprise, the yellow pages test is largely ignored.”

As a model for what they envision, Palatiello and Gilroy point to an Atlanta suburb named Sandy Springs. With 94K residents, Sandy Springs employs only seven workers. Most city activities are private-public partnerships.

They write, “Since the day it incorporated in 2005 [Sandy Springs] has handed off to private enterprises just about every service that can be evaluated through metrics and inked into a contract.”

With an incentive to be prosperous and profitable rather than suffering under the stagnation of bloated governments at every level, America could actually tackle its infrastructure crisis.


Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and the author of over 30 books.

Obama Donors Switching to Mitt?

• Obama’s 2008 campaign supporters bet on Republican candidate this time around

By Pat Shannan

The Center for Responsive Politics, an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit group that tracks government and campaign money, among other political things, has provided some interesting financial figures regarding the upcoming election. Many of President Barack Obama’s “big money” groups—especially those on Wall Street—are throwing their money at GOP presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.


A few decades ago, during each presidential election year, in order to learn who the “anointed one” was we had to wait until the first or second week of October to see whose face adorned the cover of Time magazine. But in today’s corporate-controlled political climate, the “follow the money” adage may be the more accurate weather beacon.

Understanding that the following companies, groups and organizations themselves did not donate but rather that the money came from the organizations’ political action committees’ (PAC) influence over their individual members or employees or owners, subsidiaries, affiliates and those individuals’ immediate families.

How to be ready for anything

The Sherman Institute

Consider this: The same Goldman Sachs that delivered over $1M to Obama’s campaign in 2008 appears to have abandoned him and so far has sent $593.4K Romney’s way. This year Goldman Sachs does not even make the top 20 on Obama’s top donor list. And the list is much longer.

While Obama’s biggest big-money supporters are Microsoft (nearly $400K), U.S. government employees and universities such as Harvard and University of California, all of the heavy hitters mentioned above that were so strongly behind him in 2008 appear to have gone for Romney.

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Of course, nobody in America understands better than AMERICAN FREE PRESS readers that the real campaign button that both of these candidates wear is that of the New World Order party. The big money support thrown on the table is merely an exchange for a larger reward later. This also is why many back both horses (one secretly) in the race and guarantee themselves and their cohorts a winner in November.

In a recent telephone interview with Jim Marrs, who first called our attention to these facts and figures, the astute author told this writer of the many unreported primary shenanigans in Texas. Then he said only half-jokingly, “You know, if everybody in America stayed home on election day in November—if nobody at all bothered to vote—the cooperative news media would still report the winner with 52% to the loser’s 48% or thereabouts.”

Pat Shannan is a contributing editor of American Free Press. He is also the author of several videos and books including One in a Million: An IRS Travesty, I Rode With Tupper and Everything They* Ever Told Me Was a Lie. All are available from FIRST AMENDMENT BOOKS. Call 1-888-699-6397 toll free to charge.

Deadly Strain of Tuberculosis Hits U.S.

By Frank Whalen

In the 1970s, U.S. health officials had nearly eradicated tuberculosis (TB). But in the past 30 years, it’s a little-known fact that TB is staging a comeback thanks largely to a lack of healthcare among the poor—and unchecked immigration into the country.

Take Jacksonville, Fla. The city of nearly 900K has become the epicenter of the largest TB outbreak seen in the last two decades, and it all began four years ago.

According to The Florida Times-Union, in 2008 a “single schizophrenic patient had circulated from hospital to jail to homeless shelter to assisted living facility, living in dorm housing in many locations.” That year, “18 people in that community developed active tuberculosis from the strain called FL 046; two died.”

How to be ready for anything

The Sherman Institute

The current situation was not disclosed to the public until recently, despite the fact that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been tracking outbreaks for months.

Reuters reported that “Florida’s health department called in the Atlanta-based U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in February” due to the escalation in cases. The CDC report, released in April, was not acted upon, and the public wasn’t aware of the situation until this summer.

Thus far, “13 people have died, and another 99 have contracted TB,” while thousands may have been exposed. Officials said the reason for keeping the outbreak under wraps is that “the population of infected homeless persons appeared isolated and contained.”

The CDC’s findings contradict that rationale. The Times-Union stated that, “3,000 people in the past two years may have had close contact with contagious people at Jacksonville’s homeless shelters, an outpatient mental health clinic and area jails. Yet only 253 people had been found and evaluated for TB infection, meaning Florida’s outbreak was, and is, far from contained.”

Illegal immigration is also a grave concern for health officials in the U.S. as well. As of now, the only people who are tested for TB are those who come to the U.S. legally. The millions of illegal aliens currently hiding out in the U.S. may be spreading TB unbeknownst to themselves or their families.

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The danger here is related to the proliferation of strains of TB that are resistant to antibiotics and other forms of treatment. In 2004, it was estimated that there were 420K cases of these forms of TB, the majority of which were found in Africa, Southeast Asia and Central America. And while, in the U.S., there were only a few hundred cases of drug resistant TB in the past decade, that number seems to be rising.

Not surprisingly, the states in the U.S. that had the most cases of multi-drug resistant TB pop up in the last 10 years were New York, California, Texas and Florida. These are also the states with the highest populations of illegal and legal immigrants.

As the TB cases spread around the country, the possibility of antibiotic-resistant strains developing grows more likely. If the conditions continue to deteriorate, Florida could even see a forced quarantine.

Frank Whalen has been a radio talk show host since 1994, and worked as a consultant for Maxim magazine. For more news and views from Frank, see Frank Whalen Live.

Bethlehem in Danger

• Holy Site deemed to be in danger from Israeli extremists
• Bethlehem city officials plead with UN for urgent help

By Peter Strahl

On June 29, 2012, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity and Pilgrimage Route to be a “cultural world heritage site in danger,” according to reports from Catholic websites, German news agency and the Palestinian news agency Ma’an. Bethlehem, of course, is the birthplace of Jesus and is home to the oldest Christian communities on Earth.


The UN action has great meaning for the local population, who consider that the world should protect the holy site from the constant ravages wrought by extremist Jews and the Israeli Defense Forces.

How to be ready for anything

The Sherman Institute

Thirteen of 21 UNESCO member nations, including the Palestinian Autonomous Authority, voted in favor of the declaration. Israel and its vassals, including the United States, Germany and three other countries, voted against the measure, while two other members abstained.

UNESCO’s action was requested as “urgently necessary” by Bethlehem’s city officials, many Christian and Muslim organizations and thousands of inhabitants, including priests, professors, artists, students and workers. The petition, according to, declares: “States, like the member-nations of UNESCO, could make a clear difference and invest in peace, by recognizing the state of Palestine within the 1967 borders and supporting our efforts for the preservation of our city of Bethlehem, by placing the city on the list of endangered cultural world heritage.”

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According to the letter, “The old city of Bethlehem, with its churches, repeatedly has been a victim of Israeli military attacks—as in the year 1967 and again in 2001 and 2002.” In one of the 2001 attacks, Israeli soldiers fired rockets unprovoked into a children’s hospital, in an act of wanton destruction and murder.

The mainstream media in the United States refuses to cover these atrocities or the ongoing genocide committed by the Israeli occupation government and its Jewish citizens against Palestinians. In addition, most Christian charities fail to acknowledge the suffering of Christians and Muslims, with a few notable exceptions such as the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land.

Peter Strahl is a freelance translator for AMERICAN FREE PRESS and The Barnes Review. He is also the author of “Stroke of Luck Saves Europe,” which appeared in the July/August 2012 edition of TBR.

Victim Claims Sandusky Sex Scandal Connected to Philadelphia Pedophile Network

By Victor Thorn

On November 11, 2011, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania radio talk show host Mark Madden dropped a bombshell during an appearance on Boston’s WEEI when he told radio talk show hosts John Dennis and Gerry Callahan, “I hear there’s a rumor that there will be a more shocking development from the The Second Mile (TSM)—and hold on to your stomachs, boys, this is gross—that Jerry Sandusky and the Second Mile were pimping out young boys to rich donors.”

Now, further evidence that Jerry Sandusky’s TSM was being used to traffic underage boys to wealthy donors took a major step forward via a July 19 interview with Greg Bucceroni, currently employed as a school police officer in the Philadelphia, Pa. school district while also volunteering with the District Attorney’s office.

Bucceroni told this reporter, “In 1979 and 1980—when I was 13 and 14 years old—a well-connected pedophile named Edward Savitz took me on trips from Philadelphia to TSM fundraisers. I knew the minute I got there it was a breeding ground because of Savitz’s involvement. While [Jerry] Sandusky interacted with wealthy donors, the other men were sizing-up kids. I felt like a cheap whore because I was in these naked pictures that Savitz was passing around.”

When asked how certain he was in regard to these claims, Bucceroni replied, “I’m sure of it. Savitz talked about taking kids from Philly to TSM and introducing them to men—soliciting them to ‘his friends.’ They exchanged and swapped kids like baseball cards. It was a feeding frenzy. I felt like a prostitute or a go-go dancer at a bachelor party. I felt dirty, used and cheap.”

When it came to TSM’s founder, Bucceroni didn’t overplay what happened. “Savitz introduced me to Sandusky on two separate occasions, but he didn’t come across like a pedophile. The other guys at these functions, though, were different. I could tell from their body language what they had in mind. When I met him, Jerry was a like a movie star. Everyone called him ‘Coach.’ After Savitz hand-delivered my enrollment forms to him, Jerry grabbed me by the shoulder—not in a sexual way—and said, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you.’ Savitz told me that Jerry would take kids to football games.”

Sexually abused victims who testified at the Sandusky trial in Bellefonte, Pa. confirmed this point.

As questioning turned to other individuals at these get-togethers, Bucceroni remarked, “They were obviously wealthy—like doctors, attorneys, politicians and businessmen—and I could tell some were married from their wedding rings. But their body language gave away their intentions. On my second trip to TSM, I went with Savitz, another pedophile, and a boy my age. Savitz mingled with the other adults, discreetly showing them child porn pictures that he’d brought along. These are the kinds of places where guys from New York, Jersey and Pa. interact. Plus, with all the Penn State hoopla, TSM promoted itself as an alternative to jail or juvenile hall. They said it was the best thing since peanut butter and jelly. But Sandusky is just one in a handful of them. I hope you shine a light on this society of pedophiles.”

On July 16, nearly a month after Jerry Sandusky’s conviction on 45 counts of child sex abuse, Sara Ganim of Harrisburg’s Patriot-News revealed, “Sources close to the Jerry Sandusky case say that three men have come forward and told police that they were abused in the 1970s or 1980s by the convicted pedophile.” She continued, “If found to be credible, [they] would directly attack the 68-year-old’s defense argument that a person doesn’t become a pedophile in his or her 50s.”


The Story’s Beginning

During our July 19 interview, Greg Bucceroni described himself back in the mid-to-late 1970s as “a young tough John Travolta-type kid with a New York accent—a poster boy for juvenile delinquency that got in lots of trouble.”

In 1976 he met Edward Savitz, a “youth advocate,” Democratic political booster, and big donor to then-Philadelphia District Attorney Ed Rendell. In a July 17 article for the New York Daily News, Christian Reid wrote, “Savitz was finally arrested in March 1992, charged with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, sex abuse of children, indecent assault and corrupting the morals of a minor. He died of AIDS in a hospice days before his trial was to begin in April 1993.”

Reid also noted, “Like Sandusky, Savitz met and groomed many of his alleged victims through his work with at-risk youths.” In this context, Reid continued, “…Savitz would engage in oral sex with Bucceroni and other victims. Savitz’s attorney, Barnaby Wittels, told the Daily News Savitz paid his victims in exchange for them performing deviant acts.” Lastly, “There were over 5,000 photos of Savitz’s many alleged victims recovered by authorities from Savitz’s apartment, including many of Bucceroni,” Reid wrote.

Bucceroni continued this narrative. “Instead of going to juvenile jail, Savitz pushed me toward TSM. My stepfather had already filled-out the paperwork, so when we drove up there [32 years later, Bucceroni can’t recall the exact location], Savitz said he’d keep me out of jail if I ‘treated his friends right.’ Back in those days I didn’t know anything about Penn State or Jerry Sandusky. My whole goal was to stay out of jail, so I went along with it. Afterward, Savitz gave me and the other kids money and gifts and alcohol, but a couple of months after the TSM trip I beat him up when he tried to molest me. That’s what caused him to call the police.”

Prompted to describe what Savitz did to him, Bucceroni explained, “He liked me to defecate on him, perform oral sex on me, or else he’d take naked pictures and masturbate while other juveniles had sex. Savitz also wanted me to introduce him to other kids. Savitz had an entire photo album from TSM. Over the decades, I’d say he probably had hundreds, if not thousands, of victims until his arrest in 1992. Time magazine even wrote about him.”

Indeed, an April 13, 1992 Time magazine article entitled “Uncle Ed’s Ugly Secret” began, “To the teenage boys who visited his apartment near Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square, Ed Savitz was an easy client who paid $15 for oral sex and had a fetish for soiled underwear and socks. Health and law-enforcement officials fear that Savitz was also a walking AIDS time bomb.”


Fast Forward

In November  2011 when the Sandusky scandal broke, Bucceroni spoke of his reaction. “After I told the Philadelphia police about Savitz in 1980, I tried to bury my past for the next 30 years. But everything I heard about TSM really hit home. There were all these allegations about TSM and their well-connected donors. So, I decided, since all of this stuff from my youth screwed up my life, maybe I could help other kids.”

But, Bucceroni insists, the process has brought about many hardships. “It would’ve been easier to get in the ring and fight Mike Tyson than come out and talk about this stuff. I don’t have an agenda, Eddie Savitz is dead, and I don’t plan on suing anybody. All I know is that if the Philly police had listened to me in 1980 and done their work, there’s a chance that the Penn State sex scandal could have been avoided. But the police did nothing.”

On a final note, Bucceroni added, “There are a lot of politicians that take money from these wealthy pedophiles. That’s why the Freeh Report didn’t go very deep. He kept the focus limited. Similarly, the mainstream media hasn’t—for the most part—touched this story either.”

The big question now is: will local and national TV stations, news reporters, and radio talk show hosts investigate this hidden angle, or will they continue to provide cover for a network of perverted pedophiles that prey on vulnerable children at supposed “safe havens” like TSM? If they continue to stay silent, they’re as guilty as all the others who’ve covered up this atrocity.

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

House Vote on Audit the Fed Bill Planned for July 24

By Ron Paul

Later this month Congress will have an unprecedented opportunity to force the Federal Reserve to provide meaningful transparency to lawmakers and taxpayers. H.R. 459, my bill known as “Audit the Fed,” is scheduled for a vote before the full Congress in July. More than 270 of my colleagues cosponsored the bill, and it has the support of congressional leadership. But its passage in the House of Representatives is only the beginning of the battle, as many senators and the president still don’t see the critical need to have a national discussion about monetary policy.


 Editor’s note: Campaign for Liberty’s Matt Hawes says the House is expected to vote on the Audit the Fed bill on July 24. See here for more information.

How to be ready for anything

The Sherman Institute

 The American public now senses that the Fed’s actions, especially since 2008, are enormously inflationary and will cause great harm to the American economy in the long run. They are beginning to understand what so many economists still don’t understand, which is that inflation is a monetary phenomenon, and rising prices are merely a symptom of that phenomenon. Prices eventually rise when the supply of US dollars (paper or electronic) grows faster than the available goods and services being chased by those dollars.

This fundamental truth has been thoroughly explained by Milton Friedman and many others, so today’s Keynesian economists have no excuse for their claims that “inflation is under control.” Ordinary Americans don’t need a Ph.D. simply to look at the Fed’s balance sheet and understand the staggering amount of money creation that has occurred in recent years. They know it will have harmful consequences for all of us eventually.

I’ve spoken at length about inflation, and how Fed money creation is effectively a tax. Every dollar created out of thin air dilutes the value of the dollars in your pocket and your savings in the bank. But the truth is that we are only beginning to see the results of the Fed’s dramatic increase in the money supply. As former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan himself explained last week to Larry Kudlow, most of the dollar deposits created by the Fed via successive rounds of “quantitative easing” remain on the balance sheet of Fed member banks. Because of very rational economic fears, banks are not lending, businesses are not expanding, and individuals are shedding debt. So, the trillions of dollars created by the Fed since 2008 remained largely undeployed. When those dollars eventually make their way into the world economy, prices across all sectors of the economy are likely to rise dramatically.

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The true evil of inflation is that newly created money benefits politically favored financial interests, especially banks, on the front end. Over time, however, the net result of monetary inflation is always the devaluation of savings and purchasing power. This devaluation discourages saving, which is the key to capital accumulation and investment in a healthy economy. Inflation also tends to hurt seniors and those living on fixed incomes the most.

For decades the Fed has operated without any meaningful oversight whatsoever, resulting in the loss of savings, loss of purchasing power, and loss of quality of life for all Americans. It causes individuals and businesses to make bad decisions, misallocating their capital because market signals have been distorted. It causes financial ruin by engineering the inevitable boom and bust cycles that so many erroneously blame on capitalism. And it does all this in secrecy, to the benefit of the financial and political classes. It is time to Audit the Fed, as a first step toward ending its unchecked power over our money and economic fortunes.

Ron Paul (R – Texas) is the leading advocate for freedom in our nation’s capital. As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Dr. Paul tirelessly works for limited, constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies. He is known among his congressional colleagues and his constituents for his consistent voting record. Dr. Paul never votes for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution.

We Are All Terrorists

• DHS says pro-lifers, gun owners, preppers, freedom activists are all a threat

By Pat Shannan

A new study funded by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) depicts Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing terrorists.” The $12M report, entitled “Hot Spots of Terrorism and Other Crimes in the United States,” was produced by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism at the University of Maryland.

According to this report, the new “terrorists” in this country are the Americans who love liberty, hate unconstitutional government edicts and fear the bureaucrats running Washington, D.C.

Not unlike the 2009 Missouri Information Analysis that labeled as potential terrorists Ron Paul supporters, libertarians and anyone displaying pro-freedom bumper stickers or storing food or gold or silver, the DHS report will almost certainly get national distribution to law enforcement agencies at every level.


Second Amendment advocates are at the top of this “terrorist” list, but a mere “pro-life” bumper sticker might be enough to make one suspect in the eyes of a dumbed-down cop who forgot his oath.

Consider the dilemma of law-abiding Robert Baillio of Shreveport, La., a licensed-to-carry weapon owner, who was pulled over for having two pro-gun bumper stickers on the back of his truck. In Louisiana, a gun owner does not need a license to keep a weapon in one’s vehicle. The cop never asked for Baillio’s drivers license, registration or proof of insurance. He only wanted to know if he had a gun, where it was and if he was a member of any pro-gun organization. Baillio answered all the questions honestly but promptly had his weapon confiscated anyway. When Baillio asked the officer if everyone he pulls over gets the same treatment, the officer said “No” and pointed to the stickers on his truck.

The DHS report displays another Orwellian reversal of thought by saying, “Extreme right-wing groups want to bring about change through violent revolution rather than through established political processes.”

Then it defined its anti-right wing stand: “The extreme far right is composed of groups that believe one’s personal and/or national way of life is under attack and is either already lost or that the threat is imminent and believe in the need to be prepared for an attack either by participating in paramilitary preparations or survivalism.”

Pat Shannan

Pat Shannan is an AFP contributing editor and the author of several best-selling videos and books.

Cooking the Immigration Books

• Government accused of hiding real number of illegal aliens in U.S.

By Victor Thorn

Over the past two years, federal agencies and think tanks have provided what would sound like good news to most Americans, reporting that there has been a dramatic decline in the number of illegal aliens crossing into the United States from Mexico. Three primary reasons are cited for this supposed reduction: a stagnant economy that has never rebounded out of recession, tougher border enforcement and a higher cost of living in regard to food and housing.


According to a study in 2010 conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center, the flow of illegals into the U.S. has slowed by a half-million per year compared with the previous decade. The Obama administration has also boasted about what officials call a considerable increase in the number of illegals sent back to Mexico.

How to be ready for anything

The Sherman Institute

But many border agents in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California remain skeptical that the influx is actually waning. In a May 14 article for The Washington Examiner, Sara Carter quoted an unnamed Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official who said: “The guys in my office were laughing when we heard the Pew Report and when we see DHS [Homeland Security] flat-out lie.”

T.J. Bonner, former president of the National Border Patrol Council, agrees that certain reports of decreasing numbers are not substantiated by what he sees.

The most vocal critic is undoubtedly Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), who blasted the funny numbers on Oct. 18, 2011.

“The Obama administration is cooking the books to make it look like they are enforcing immigration laws when in reality they are enacting amnesty through inaction,” he said.

Smith added on Feb. 6, “The Government Accountability Office recently found that less than half of the southwest border is under operational control.”

With the actual unemployment rate in the United States hovering above 15%, it is estimated that 7M illegals currently work in America.

The negative impact of illegal aliens on American workers, who are still suffering through a non-existent recovery, is glaringly apparent. Most illegals arrive in America without even a high school diploma. They accept low wages and often work under the table. And even though they do not pay taxes at the local, state and federal level, they still receive benefits such as healthcare and free education.

Believe it or not, some illegals even receive tax credits and get money back from the Internal Revenue Service. Although exact figures vary, illegals generally cost American taxpayers more than $100B per year.

In a June 22 article for Law Enforcement Today, Juli Adcock uncovered another scheme where refugees are brought into this country, then placed on welfare. In return, their handlers receive kickbacks from these foreigners. Since very little is done in terms of verifying their status, the corruption continues unabated.

A study by the Center for Immigration Studies confirms these findings.

Some 51% of Mexican immigrant households used at least one major welfare program, while 28% used more than one.

Also, 62% of all “undocumented immigrants” in the United States work for cash and don’t pay taxes, leaving American taxpayers to pay out $52B each year to educate the children of illegal aliens.

Obama Executive Order Means Open Door Amnesty

By Victor Thorn

When Barack Obama delivered his June 15 speech in the White House Rose Garden where he provided amnesty to more than 800K illegal aliens through an executive order (EO), he failed to mention one crucial point: The parents of these future citizens would also not be deported.

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The announcement was part of a shrewd political move on the part of Obama to bypass Congress and enact the DREAM Act, a major piece of legislation that legalizes the children of illegal aliens, known as “DREAMers,” who came to the United States as minors.

During a June 15 interview, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, “Should the parents [of amnestied DREAMers] be concerned that they could be deported?”

Napolitano replied: “No. We are not going to do that. We have internally set it up that parents are not referred for immigration enforcement if the young person comes in for deferred action.”

On July 5, this writer spoke with illegal immigration activist Glenn Spencer, who founded American Border Patrol over a decade ago.

When asked what impact Obama’s EO will have on America, Spencer explained, “We’re importing poverty into this nation, and it’s bankrupting states like California. Demographics are destiny, and it won’t get any better in the future. We’re erasing our tax base and facing huge pension problems. At some point the feds will have to bail out California.”

Spencer continued to use California as a microcosm of a much larger problem.

“California is a basket case because of illegal immigration,” he said. “Some 60% of all the uninsured are Hispanics, and they’re in California because the feds won’t enforce our laws. In fact, these uninsured were one of the reasons given as to why we needed Obamacare. Where did these uninsured people come from? Mexico.”

In terms of estimates given as to how many DREAMers will receive amnesty, Spencer commented, “I spoke with a chief border patrol agent, and he said there’s so much fraud in the system that they have no ability to check everyone’s status. So they’ll pretty much have to accept their word for it, especially when this administration is so biased in favor of illegals. What we’re going to see is a spike in the number of illegals that will be much larger than anyone imagined. It’s a slap in the face to all of us who are here legally.”

When AMERICAN FREE PRESS inquired as to Obama’s ultimate goal, Spencer didn’t hesitate: “It’s the same agenda as the European Union—globalism. Very powerful people decided after WWII that there would be no borders. They’d put the whole globe under one rule. Mexico will retake the Southwest and put it under its flag.”

To convince doubters, Spencer referenced a quote by Mario Obledo of the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund. “California will be a Hispanic state,” said Obledo, “and anyone who doesn’t like it should leave.”

As further evidence, Spencer spoke of another nefarious individual. “Do you know who’s the chairman of this year’s Democratic National Convention?” asked Spencer. “It’s Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. This guy joined with the president of Mexico and engineered the killing of California’s anti-illegal immigration bill. He subverted our laws in favor of Mexico, yet this traitor to the U.S. is coordinating the Democratic National Convention.”

Moving from the concept of Mexican allegiance, Spencer illustrated why Hispanics favor Obama’s EO, even if it costs them jobs.

“Ethnicity trumps the dollar,” he said. “As they say, once a Mexican, always a Mexican. The nationalistic glue of these people is very strong. They’re unified and tribalistic. Their culture trumps everything.”

Sadly, by selling out our country via his DREAM Act EO, Obama vividly showed that he doesn’t possess this same sense of nationalistic pride in America.

If Obama’s decision isn’t reversed, Spencer envisions a horror story in the future.

“With the system now in place, it’s illogical to think that Obama’s people want anything other than open door amnesty,” he said. “They’ll rubber stamp everyone claiming to be a DREAMer, keep this information secret, and then in four or five years we’ll have given amnesty to 5M illegal aliens.”

Obama’s Illegal Immigration Policy Pits Border Agents and Sheriffs Against the Feds

By Victor Thorn

As Barack Obama’s and Eric Holder’s Department of Justice continue its vendetta against states that want to enforce their borders, a dangerous situation is being created where, due to the federal government’s treasonous agenda, sheriffs and local police officers are unable to serve and protect their communities.

During a July 5 interview, small business owner, political consultant and former congressional candidate Steve Beren told this writer: “The instinct of policemen and Border Patrol agents is to stop crime and enforce laws. It’s their entire livelihood and career. It contradicts the purpose of law enforcement if you allow serious crimes to exist as Barack Obama is doing with illegal immigration. These crimes then lead to other crimes.”

Beren expanded on these thoughts.

“If the feds won’t intervene on the side of American lawmen and instead support foreign criminals, it’s an encouragement to other illegals,” he said. “Over time, this deteriorates the spirit of our law enforcement personnel. Many in this profession feel disgust and anger toward the president beyond what average citizens believe.”

With this subject in mind, Beren provided another insight: “If Obama thinks there should be a change to the law, he should propose it to Congress. There already is a path to legal citizenship. But the DREAM Act is poor legislation, which is why Congress never passed it. Rather than persuading the people first and convincing them of the law’s merits, Obama crammed it down our throats via executive order and threats made toward the courts.”

An example of how Obama’s policies are heightening conflicts occurred last year when a Washington State Forest Service agent detained a man and woman who were illegal aliens. Since they couldn’t adequately speak English, the agent requested a translator. As he did so, the man fled, leaped into a stream and drowned. However, one of Obama’s cronies— Department of Agriculture Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Joe Leonard—decided that the forest agent violated the woman’s civil rights because calling a translator was “humiliating to Hispanics.”

The question remains: Why is Obama punishing states by rewarding criminals? Or, as Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said, “The administration should be working with states, not against them, to enforce our immigration laws.”

Globalist and cultural Marxist George Soros has funneled millions into ads that denigrate men like Maricopa Counyt, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. In an April 22 article, actor Chuck Norris wrote,  “…the mainstream media, or MSM, are working double time with the federal government to make sure when you think of sheriffs, the picture painted in your mind is one of runaway renegades – badged outlaws on the loose.”

Norris didn’t hide his anger.

“It is pathetic that President Barack Obama, as well as the entire left-wing progressive establishment, is in a multi-million dollar smear campaign to discredit and take down Sheriff Joe . . . because he won’t turn a blind eye to tens of thousands of illegal aliens flooding into America,” wrote Norris.

As it stands, Obama displays an undeniable antagonism toward U.S. lawmen while maintaining strange allies such as Soros, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Mexican nationals.

On the bright side, some still believe the citizens of this country will refuse to roll over and play dead. “The American people haven’t reached the point yet where we’re willing to give up the republic,” said Beren. “There is a revolt going on.”


Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and the author of over 30 books.

NSA Flips Senators The Bird

• Top spook agency says it has right to violate citizens’ privacy, but you don’t

By Keith Johnson

The prying eyes and ears over at the National Security Agency (NSA) refuse to divulge how many Americans have had their telephone calls and emails monitored, claiming that such a disclosure would “violate the privacy of U.S. persons.”

In May, Senators Mark Udall (D-Colo.) and Ron Wyden (D-Oreg.)—both members of the Senate Intelligence Committee—asked the NSA to come clean about the extent of their spying on American citizens under the sweeping powers granted to them by Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). The answer they received left them scratching their heads.


According to a letter obtained by Wired magazine’s Danger Room, Inspector General I. Charles McCullough of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence denied the senators’ request. In addition to citing the aforementioned “privacy” issue, McCullough stated that “obtaining such an estimate [was] beyond the capacity of the agency,” and to do so “would likely impede the NSA’s mission.”

In an effort to make sense of the government’s bizarre reasoning, this AMERICAN FREE REPORTERr consulted Steven Aftergood, secrecy expert from the Federation of American Scientists.

“I thought this response transmitted by the inspector general was a joke,” said Aftergood. “But evidently it was meant seriously.”

When asked what the spy agency’s “mission” is in the context of collecting data on U.S. citizens, Aftergood replied: “Under most circumstances, the NSA has no business whatsoever collecting the communications of U.S. persons. The exceptions are in cases of counterintelligence and counterterrorism, when there is probable cause to believe that a U.S. person is acting as an agent of a foreign power or is a terrorist, and the ensuing surveillance is authorized by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.”

AFP Bookstore

This newspaper also spoke with Alan Butler, appellate advocacy counsel for the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC). When asked to offer his interpretation of the government’s vague reference to privacy concerns, Butler said:

“They may be implying that they have some broad collection of communications under these problematic surveillance orders, but that to open up the black box and start to look inside and see whether specific communications involved U.S. persons would require a human being to search through and review them. So they’re trying to take this position that when they search, store and categorize [communications data] automatically, that’s somehow less of a privacy violation. I think this view is problematic for a number of reasons, but that would be my best guess.”

Butler is not particularly surprised by the NSA’s response, saying that the agency has been historically tight-lipped about what they do.

“We’ve been engaged in litigation with the NSA recently over some issues and documents we requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA),” said Butler. “The NSA will give what’s commonly referred to as a ‘glomar’ response, which is that it can neither confirm nor deny the existence of some records that we’ve requested.”

Butler added that the NSA claims that their activities and functions—particularly as they relate to their signals intelligence work—are exempt from compliance with FOIA.

“So, when someone requests information about whether [the NSA] intercepted somebody’s communications or communication records, they’ll come back and say they can’t confirm or deny because if their mission, and then they’ll describe that mission in a declaration or statement by an NSA official,” said Butler.

On June 19—one day after Wyden and Udall learned that their request had been denied—the House Judiciary Committee voted 23-11 in favor of reauthorizing the FISA Amendment Act for another five years. The measure has now been sent to the House floor for a full vote.

“We recently testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Crime, Terrorism [and Homeland Security] about the reauthorization provision itself,” said Butler. “Our basic position has been that there should be greater transparency about the workings of FISA, especially section 702.”

According to Butler, Section 702 allows federal agents (upon approval by a FISA court) to engage in broad surveillance activities with loosely defined targets.

“They may target all communications into and out of a particular foreign city,” said Butler, “and the question as to whether or not any American communications get caught up in those problematic surveillance activities is not directly assessed in the FISA currently, because it only prohibits them from intentionally targeting Americans or domestic communications. Unintentional collection can occur, and probably has occurred, but they will not tell us to what extent that has happened.”

Keith Johnson in an investigative journalist and host of the Revolt of the Plebs radio program.

Arafat Poisoned With Rare Radioactive Agent

• Use of Polonium-210 points to Mossad assassination

By Richard Walker

The discovery by Swiss scientists that the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat may have been poisoned should have come as no surprise to some of his former associates. The only issue left is to identify the culprit or culprits. Some of the prime suspects have already been fingered by the Palestinians.

When Arafat was dying in a French medical institute in 2004, the Israelis were busy laying the groundwork for later claiming his death was by anything other than poison, especially the lethal poison, radionuclide polonium-210, also known as Po-210. It was used to murder the former Russian intelligence officer, Alexander Litvinenko, in London in 2006. Litvinenko was served a minute quantity of it in his tea and quickly suffered from severe diarrhea and vomiting. At first, he and his wife thought he had picked up a common virus. Within days he was in agony and soon after died.


Po-210 kills quickly when applied to a person’s food or drink. It is so highly toxic, it shuts down the internal organs rapidly and with devastating effects. In 2006, it took the best of British scientists to identify the poison used on Litvinenko. Britain’s intelligence community knew right away the culprit had to be Russia’s foreign intelligence agency, the FSB, the successor to the KGB. Only an intelligence service could have access to such a highly controlled substance.

How to be ready for anything

The Sherman Institute

We now know Arafat’s clothing contained high levels of Po-210 and the next step will be to determine how much of it was left in his bones.

Like Litvinenko’s death, Arafat’s was also swift. Arafat was flown to Paris in October 2004 with flulike symptoms and was dead within weeks.  Many of the doctors who examined him were puzzled by his condition and the speed of his demise, yet there was no subsequent autopsy report.

For years, Arafat had remained a high Mossad target but was well protected by an inner circle, making it difficult for assassins to get close.

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Many commentators have missed the fact that this is not the first time suspicions were voiced that Arafat was poisoned. In 2010, Farouk Kaddumi, who was an Arafat insider, claimed the culprits were Ariel Sharon, who wanted Mahmoud Abbas installed as a more pliable leader.

The Israelis are now publicly saying Arafat had many enemies internationally and within his own circle who had ample motive to kill him. They  will not concede his most lethal enemies were right across the border in Israel. 
Richard Walker is the pen name of a former N.Y. news producer.

Latest Book on OKC a Must-Read

• Authors agree that Andreas Strassmeir is the key to unraveling the truth

By Michael Collins Piper

The Oklahoma City (OKC) bombing was eclipsed by 9-11, but the OKC affair was followed by years of independent inquiries by diligent researchers convinced (and rightly so) that the U.S. government covered up what really happened in America’s heartland.


Although dissident assessments of OKC received attention in the “patriot” movement, one thing about them is consistent: All have distinctly differing theories. Some blame the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and some the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BAFTE). Others finger “Bill Clinton and the New World Order,” or a combination thereof. But none mention the possibility that the domestic OKC conspiracy was ultimately manipulated by Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad.

The Judas Goats: The Enemy Within* explored often-ignored details relating to Tim McVeigh and his associates pointing toward this controversial likelihood. But most researchers avoid this data. It’s easier to say: “The U.S. government did it to set up a police state.” But you’ll notice no police state emerged in the wake of OKC.

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Did Israel orchestrate OKC trying to frame former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein for the crime so as to force Clinton to wage war against Iraq? In fact, energetic efforts were made to link McVeigh to Saddam. But Clinton wouldn’t go along with the program and ordered the FBI to opt for a “lone nut” explanation. Next time, with 9-11, Israel achieved its goal. But after OKC, there was a big cover-up going on.

Now a new book, entitled OKLAHOMA CITY: What the Investigation Missed—and Why It Still Matters, comes probably as close as any from a mainstream publisher ever will to hinting the Mossad had a link to OKC.

The authors—Andrew Gumbel, a distinguished British journalist, and former Marine Lt. Col. Roger Charles—will probably cringe if they read this assessment of their findings, but it is on the mark.

Charles is interesting. A producer on some of ABC’s OKC coverage, he also worked with the late independent OKC investigator John Cash and with McVeigh’s defense team. He and Cash separately visited The Spotlight newspaper to find out what our team knew about the mysterious German, Andreas Strassmeir, whose murky activities linked to McVeigh are—as the book makes clear—a key to understanding OKC.

McVeigh himself told his prison cellmate, as later revealed, that The Spotlight’s reporting on Strassmeir was on target.

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While the book will disappoint, even disgust, many who devoted study to OKC, churning over minutiae perceived as “evidence” of a conspiracy, the book is “must” reading exactly because it explodes myths surrounding OKC that many patriots think are “gotcha” items proving a cover-up. As in the JFK assassination and in 9-11, there are a lot of popular (now legendary) theories founded in misunderstanding, then passed along by word of mouth and from one book to another, which are now carved in stone in conspiracy lore.

Many well-meaning sleuths contributed to this state of affairs, and the authors do a service setting the record straight. They will upset some folks, but the truth counts, no matter whose feelings are hurt.

However, the book does prove there was a lot of outright cover-up and corruption—and incompetence—that led to the outrageously falsified U.S. government explanation of OKC.

The authors only go so far as to suggest that still-hidden strands of the OKC conspiracy connect to a gang of bank robbers motivated by their goal of a “white revolution.” But it’s obvious the U.S. government has been determined to suppress all of this since its tentacles could lead toward a realm the government prefers to avoid.

In short, while the authors don’t say it, the truth is—as The Spotlight demonstrated in its groundbreaking OKC coverage—pursuing the “white racist” connection would lead directly to the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center, both of which were in control of or monitoring individuals surrounding McVeigh. One of the controlled individuals was the aforementioned Strassmeir who postured as a “white separatist” but was, as the authors make clear, an intelligence informant protected at the highest levels.

The government did not pursue Strassmeir precisely because he was a direct link to Israeli intelligence, of which the ADL is an American conduit and which often operates on a strategic level with the SPLC that—evidence shows—was utilizing Strassmeir as one of its agents. The authors outlined Strassmeir’s Israeli connections:

There were things about Andreas Strassmeir that his friends in the revolutionary patriot movement did not know and would have been intrigued, or appalled, to find out. Despite his pedigree as the grandson of a Nazi, he was fascinated by Israel and spent three summers on a kibbutz in the Jezreel Valley, near the Golan Heights. He had enrolled in Hebrew classes as a teenager in Berlin, and spoke the language fluently.

During his second stint at the kibbutz, he was given an Uzi and put on security detail; during his third, he was sent on patrol on the Green Line between Israel and the West Bank, a job usually reserved for the military. When he was asked in an interview if he had worn an Israeli Defense Force uniform, Strassmeir’s expression changed noticeably and he broke into an embarrassed smile before insisting he had gone out in jeans.

Strassmeir acknowledged that he “bumped into” General Rafael Eitan, the architect of the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon—an encounter captured in a photograph of them at Golan Beach, near Lake Galilee. And he did not explicitly deny that he had contact with the Mossad, the Israeli security service . . . .

Strassmeir was a German army officer by then, and his career took an interesting turn when he returned home: he was seconded to intelligence work. . . . [His] infantry battalion now used him to sniff out East German informants and spies. At some stage, Strassmeir was asked to fill in as the head of the battalion’s intelligence unit, which gave him access to the army’s internal reports.

This history strongly suggests that Strassmeir was not the radical right-winger he appeared to be, and might even have been a government agent of some sort, spying on extremists in the United States. . . .

Who might he have worked for? The Germans were certainly interested in intelligence on American radicals, because they worried that money and propaganda materials from the United States were fueling neo-nazi violence at home. The Israelis were interested, too.

Despite all this, perhaps litigation-conscious, the authors court the good will of Strassmeir’s close friend and attorney, Kirk Lyons, wrapping up their eye-opening account of Strassmeir’s Israeli ventures by parroting Lyons’s claim that “Andi” was just a lazy kid they called “Sofa-meir,” because he was always “sacked out.” Yet one of Lyon’s backers came up with an overnight express of $6K cash to help Lyons spirit Strassmeir out of the country when government investigators initially looked in his direction. What do you think?

These are some highlights of this fascinating 439-page book available from American Free Press. Don’t miss it. You may not like everything you read, but you’ll learn a lot. 

* The Judas Goats: The Enemy Within is also available as an e-book.


Michael Collins Piper is an author, journalist, lecturer and radio show host. He has spoken in Russia, Malaysia, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Canada and the U.S.

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