We’re Looking for a Few Good Reporters. Pay: Lousy. Seeing Your Words in Print: Priceless.

19_Call for writers

AMERICAN FREE PRESS newspaper has a decades-long proud legacy of reporting on censored subjects that the elite media ignores, like the Bilderberg Group, 9-11, the Oklahoma City Bombing, false flags, corrupt government, and the police state, to name a few.

And now, with increased circulation and the success of our digital edition, were looking for a few good men, and women.

Are you an independent journalist or reporter who is interested in contributing to a popular national news media outlet?

AMERICAN FREE PRESS is always on the lookout for good reporters.

Submit a newspaper article, cover letter and resume to AFP Executive Editor Christopher J. Petherick at chris@americanfreepress.net.

Due to the number of applicants we ask that you please use email only.


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