Nobel Peace Prize for Hitler? Holocaust® Lobby Burned Up Over Two New Books

• Adolf Hitler’s 1941 peace offer finally confirmed

By Michael Collins Piper

It’s been news in Israel and in Britain for weeks now, but the American mainstream media is keeping under wraps the advent of a new book by a leading British historian which affirms that Adolf Hitler sought peace with Britain in 1941 but that Hitler’s offer was rejected by Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Israel’s Ynet as well as The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail (both of London) reported this revelation that changes the “official” history of WWII and confirms what independent revisionist historians have said for years.

In Hess, Hitler and Churchill, renowned writer Peter Padfield affirms that the legendary “peace mission” to Britain in May 1941 by Hitler’s loyal deputy, Rudolf Hess, was indeed approved by Hitler and that Hess carried an offer from Hitler to withdraw German forces from occupied nations in Western Europe in return for Britain’s support for (or otherwise not frustrating) an impending German attack on Soviet Russia, the date of which (five weeks hence) was disclosed.

Hitler’s proposal—in the formal language of a peace treaty (typed on Hitler’s official stationery)—guaranteed Britain’s maintenance of its independence, its empire and all of its military forces. The treaty proposed what translates into English as a state of “well-wishing neutrality” between Germany and Britain, something Hitler long endorsed.

Although, as The Telegraph noted, Hess’s journey has traditionally been dismissed as “the deranged solo mission of a madman,” independent writers have contended for years (based on data ignored or suppressed by the elite media and academia) that Hitler chose to deny his foreknowledge of the mission—in agreement in advance with Hess—if the mission failed, which it did.

Having evacuated his plane over Scotland, Hess expected to meet with British dignitaries interested in peace with Germany, only to be taken into custody by Churchill’s agents and held in solitary confinement for 46 years. The details of his mission were suppressed by the Churchill government.


Padfield contends Hess was the victim of a British intelligence operation, approved by Churchill, that was designed to lure the German peacemaker to Britain. Padfield’s template reflects what others have described as a classic “doublecross” of the type British intelligence has long demonstrated an expertise in executing.

According to Padfield, one of his sources was an unnamed English academic. Along with others, Padfield was called in to translate the treaty for Churchill who (although presented with an English translation carried by Hess) wanted a translation produced by his own operatives.

The Telegraph reported, “There is no mention of the treaty in any of the official archives which have since been made public, but Mr. Padfield believes this is because there has been an ongoing cover-up to protect the reputations of powerful figures,” noting Padfield has “also assembled other evidence to support the existence of the treaty and its contents—as well as the subsequent cover-up.”

Padfield claims Churchill made a “moral choice” to reject Hitler’s peace offer, noting Churchill had a fervent desire to go to war against Hitler and to bring the United States into the conflict.

In contrast, Churchill’s critics have said that his determined push for war against Hitler—in the face of widespread opposition among the English people and even within the British royal family—is attributable to the fact that, some years before (having been virtually bankrupt and facing the loss of his beloved ancestral home), Churchill was rescued from penury by a group of Jewish financiers—known as “the Focus”—who paid Churchill’s debts in return for doing their bidding.

In any case, as Padfield notes, public exposure of the peace mission by Hess would have undercut Churchill’s agitation for war.

Hess was tried and convicted of “war crimes” at the post-war Nuremberg Tribunal despite the fact he was in no position to have committed any war crimes, having been in British custody throughout the war.

Sentenced to life in prison, Hess died at the Spandau prison in Germany in 1987, officially declared a suicide, though new evidence confirms that, as many long believed, the old man was actually murdered by the British.

Michael Collins Piper

Michael Collins Piper is an author, journalist, lecturer and radio show host. He has spoken in Russia, Malaysia, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Canada and the U.S.

Did Brits Kill Peace Envoy?

• New documents substantiate claims in new book from TBR

By Ronald L. Ray

In May 1941, National Socialist Deputy Fuehrer Rudolf Hess flew a daring, secret solo mission from Germany to Great Britain, bringing peace proposals authorized by Adolf Hitler himself. But he flew into a trap set by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who was intent on prolonging World War II’s bloodshed. Hess spent the next 46 years in prison, many in solitary confinement. At the age of 93, with reports of an imminent release circulating, the ailing and severely arthritic man, who could hardly hold a spoon or stand up on his own, allegedly hanged himself. Or did he?

In Rudolf Hess: His Betrayal & Murder, the Nazi leader’s last caretaker and nurse, Abdallah Melaouhi, lays out the evidence that Hess was in fact murdered by black American soldier Tony Jordan and two other men dressed as United States soldiers.

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Rudolf Hess: His Betrayal and Murder is the accurate eyewitness account of Abdallah Melaouhi, the Tunisian male nurse who cared for Rudolf Hess for the last five years of his life at the Allied-run Spandau Prison. During that time the Tunisian became a close confidant of Hess. Here is his story. Exclusive English edition. Includes Melaouhiʼs eyewitness accounts plus a section of Hessʼs secret notes on many subjects that his nurse smuggled out of Spandau.

Softcover, 291 pages, illustrated

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Now, recently declassified British documents, including part of an autopsy report, have been published, which corroborate Melaouhi’s courageous account and raise again the question:  Why have Hess’s murderers not been brought to justice?  Indeed, why was he murdered at all?

In March 2012, London’s Daily Mail published previously secret photographs of the garden house at Spandau Prison in Berlin, from the afternoon of the death.  The images demonstrate clear signs of struggle and other details provided otherwise only by Melaouhi’s description of what he observed on that fateful day in August 1987.  The photographic evidence appears to disprove the Allies’ bizarre claim that Hess committed suicide.

Most recently, on September 6, another London paper, The Independent, published additional, previously top-secret information from 1989 that points to two unnamed British secret agents, disguised as American soldiers, as the assassins of the defenseless, elderly man, who had yet hoped to be reunited with his family before dying. According to this Scotland Yard report by Detective Chief Superintendent Howard Jones, an English surgeon, Dr. Hugh Thomas, had passed to Jones the names of the two alleged murderers, which Thomas had received from a former member of the SAS.


The informant also claimed that it was upon the order of the British government that Hess was murdered in order to protect certain WWII secrets. Jones thought this involved a Nazi plot to overthrow the Churchill government—a ridiculous assertion, given Hess’s peaceful nature and mission. While the Scotland Yard official did not believe there to be “much substance” to the doctor’s claims, he did recommend that efforts be made to find the killers and other witnesses.

It is not known, however, if those men were indeed located, since then-Director of Public Prosecutions Sir Allan Green quashed the investigation. Apparently, powerful forces had a vested interest in concealing the truth from the world.

But there is still time for justice. You can read the rest of the amazing, true story in Rudolf Hess: His Betrayal & Murder. Then contact the U.S. and UK governments to demand that they find and prosecute the three men and their co-conspirators who murdered Hess.

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Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author residing in the free state of Kansas. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.


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