Global Cities

July 13, 2016 AFP 1

• Water wars, transferring populations to urban areas, further industrialization of food production discussed at internationalists’ Global Cities Conference in Chicago. By Mark Anderson — CHICAGO, Ill.—Financial Times (FT), like The Economist and Bloomberg media, […]

‘Gender Issues’ Tied to Soy Consumption?

July 12, 2016 AFP 0

By James Spounias — Roman statesman Cicero is noted for the popularization of the Latin phrase “cui bono,” which means “to whose profit” also known commonly as “who benefits.” Cicero used cui bono to alert […]

Soros Behind Violence at Rallies

April 5, 2016 AFP 3

• Those disrupting Trump speeches are well-organized leftist agitators. By Patrick J. Buchanan — Donald Trump’s March 11 rally in Chicago was broken up by a foulmouthed mob that infiltrated the hall and forced the […]

Police State Goes Completely Nuts

February 26, 2016 AFP 0

• New Jersey presses charges against woman who saved abandoned baby squirrels. • State agency admits it routinely monitors social media to ferret out “criminals.” By Dave Gahary — In one of the most nonsensical […]

Newborn Babies ‘Pre-Polluted’

December 19, 2015 AFP 0

•Medical establishment admits “chemical lobby” has FDA, Congress in hip pocket. By James Spounias — In the past, a mother was told more often than not that her baby was “perfectly healthy” upon birth. Today, […]

15 Questions for The Donald

August 18, 2015 AFP 10

By Victor Thorn — Since announcing his presidential candidacy on June 16, billionaire real estate mogul Donald John Trump has sparked a nationwide debate on illegal immigration, dismissed Senator John Sidney McCain III’s status as […]

Is Retail Apocalypse Coming?

August 8, 2015 AFP 0

By John Tiffany — While the White House continues to issue rosy remarks about the “recovering” state of the United States economy, a “retailmageddon” is hitting America hard. Major retail chains that have been American […]

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