The U.S. Congress: GMO Sellouts

• Congress overrules state voters on food labeling. By James Spounias — AMERICAN FREE PRESS has extensively covered the movement to have genetically modified organisms (GMOs) labeled. In the past few years, More »


Will the West Survive This Century?

• White Europeans, Euro-Americans, Japanese need to reverse demographic trends. By Patrick J. Buchanan — “Nativism . . .  xenophobia or worse” is behind the triumph of Brexit and the support for More »


Hillary’s Emails and Mideast Policy; Not Even a Slap

• Israeli hegemony, rejection of diplomatic efforts are core planks of her policies. By Ronald L. Ray — Hillary Rodham Clinton, the unreformed socialist extremist, is also—oddly enough—the Trotskyite neoconservatives’ dream candidate More »


Assassinating Trump

• Controlled media ignores assassination attempts. By John Tiffany — Is the constant demonizing of Donald J. Trump by the United States establishment media effectively encouraging would-be assassins? It would seem serious assassination More »


Why Trump Is Routing the Free Traders

• GOP presidential candidate repudiates globalism, calls for return to “Americanism.” By Patrick J. Buchanan — In his recent indictment of free trade as virtual economic treason, The Donald has really set More »


Reporter Fired for Crime Comments

• Award-winning journalist dismissed for benign comment about black-on-black violence. By John Friend — An award-winning journalist who was fired in late March from WTAE-TV, a local Pittsburgh-based ABC news affiliate, is More »

U.S. Military Breeding Black Racist Assassins

• Three separate “racial rampages” have many white Americans on edge that a race war is in full swing. By Dave Gahary — This newspaper’s been telling its readers for a while More »

29_Ginsberg Slide Show

Is it Time for Ginsburg to Go?

• A democratic republic no longer exists when justices of the mindset of Ginsburg, who have never been elected, but serve for life, can impose these views, anti-democratically, upon the country. By More »


Will Hillary Ditch Black Lives Matter?

• Black Lives Matter . . . is pure hatred, and as it is directed against white cops, racist. By Patrick J. Buchanan — After the massacre of five Dallas cops, during More »


Should Hillary Be in Jail — Tell Us What You Think

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey, Jr. held a press conference on July 5 to announce that the FBI will not recommend that criminal charges be brought against Hillary Clinton More »


Trump’s Campaign and Elite-Financed Hate: What Does the Law Say?

By Dr. Matthew Johnson — Imagine a third world country where, during an election cycle, a large corporation with ties to the ruling party hires thugs to destroy opposition candidates. They threaten More »


AUDIO INTERVIEW: Black Mob Attack in Kansas a Cautionary Tale for Whites—Part 2

AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW In Part 2 of this story, Randy Robbins, whose daughter, Lindsey Gann, was violently attacked by a black mob for confronting several children for hitting and bullying younger kids, More »


Black Man Slaughters White Woman in Tennessee Racial Rampage

• Tennessee rampage by another black former soldier that occurred prior to Dallas massacre ignored by mainstream media. By AFP Staff — This newspaper’s been telling you for a while now that More »


AUDIO INTERVIEW: Why Clinton Cannot be Allowed in the White House

AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW Dave Gahary speaks with prolific conspiracy researcher and writer Victor Thorn about his latest book, CROWNING CLINTON: Why Hillary Shouldn’t Be in the White House, in this informative interview More »

Cultural Marxists Employ Terror Tactics, Violence to Intimidate Trump Supporters


By John Friend — The 2016 United States presidential election is shaping up to be one of the most monumental elections in the past 50 years. The presumptive GOP and Democratic nominees stand in stark contrast to one another, polarizing America’s electorate along cultural and ideological lines. Donald

Global Cities


• Water wars, transferring populations to urban areas, further industrialization of food production discussed at internationalists’ Global Cities Conference in Chicago. By Mark Anderson — CHICAGO, Ill.—Financial Times (FT), like The Economist and Bloomberg media, has become a media fixture at the annual secretive Bilderberg gathering, especially through

Seeds of Brexit Planted in Iceland


• Across Europe, people want nations to regain sovereignty from globalist masters. By Natalia Castro and Robert Romano — The European Union (EU) thrives on the economic and cultural legitimacy its members reinforce, but since 2008 the seeds of rebellion have been sown and the “Brexit” was just

Navy Preparing for Microchipped Sailors, Soldiers


• Government claims program is to help soldiers with stress syndrome; others fear ramifications. By Shane Smith — Reports have recently emerged that the United States Navy is researching the benefits and pitfalls of microchips in servicemen for the purpose of tracking them and their health as well

Media, Left Wing Strangely Silent on Staggering Rise in U.S. Homicides


By Rick Manning — To quote the lead of a June 18 article in the Chicago Sun-Times, “13 people were killed and at least 43 more were wounded in shootings across [Chicago] between Friday evening and early Monday.” The dead included a three-year-old boy. Yet there is a

‘Gender Issues’ Tied to Soy Consumption?


By James Spounias — Roman statesman Cicero is noted for the popularization of the Latin phrase “cui bono,” which means “to whose profit” also known commonly as “who benefits.” Cicero used cui bono to alert Romans to dig for the actual beneficiaries of political skullduggery. In 2016, we

AUDIO INTERVIEW & ARTICLE: Jewish Groups Shut Down Canadian Newspaper


AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW According to the Toronto Star, Canada’s version of the United States Postal Service, Canada Post, was ordered by Judy Foote, the minister of Public Services and Procurement Canada, to stop the distribution of Your Ward News, called “anti-Semitic” and “racist” by its critics. “I have issued

Hard Realities of U.S. Aid to Israel Outlined in Michigan Speech


• Alison Weir’s speech lifts the veil off America’s ‘greatest ally.’ By Mark Anderson — DEARBORN, Mich.—Author and researcher Alison Weir’s latest book, Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel, outlines the hard financial, political and moral realities of

Fourth Amendment Gutted


• Four “conservative” Supreme Court justices join to undercut constitutional search & seizure safeguards. By Ronald L. Ray — The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) just dealt the death blow to the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. In a bizarre decision in Utah v. Strieff, the

Feds Make Illegal Aliens ‘Disappear’


• DHS’s “Catch and Release” protocols mean “criminals go free.” By Ronald L. Ray — The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is facilitating the illegal alien invasion of this country, and not just through lack of concern or complete incompetence, but through what can only be

FBI Head Says No Charges Will Be Filed Against Hillary Clinton in Email Scandal


• Let’s be honest here. Was anyone really surprised that Hillary Clinton, the presumed presidential candidate for the Democrats, is getting off scot-free with no charges filed against her and not even a slap on the wrist? By AFP Staff — On Tuesday, July 5, Federal Bureau of

Obama’s Immigration Policies a Threat to Peaceful Communities


• Resettlement czars evidently oblivious to problems that alien refugees bring. By Victor Thorn — Over the past seven years, AMERICAN FREE PRESS has chronicled how the Obama administration continually favors blacks, homosexuals, criminals, foreign workers with H-1B visas, and illegal aliens over law-abiding white American citizens. In

Major Cracks in NATO’s Ranks


• U.S. finds Europeans not so keen to start a war with Russia in Baltics, Arctic. By Richard Walker — While the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) continues to taunt, bait and encircle Russia by placing missiles near Russia’s borders, major cracks have begun to appear within NATO

U.S. Foreign Policy a Powder Keg


• State Department officials seem determined to start a war with the Russians. By Patrick J. Buchanan — Some 50 State Department officials have signed a memo calling on President Barack Obama to launch air and missile strikes on the Damascus regime of Bashar Assad. A “judicious use

Trump: The Right Kind of Enemies; the Wrong Kind of Friends


• Neocon Bill Kristol, others foaming at the mouth for fear their influence will be minimized by Donald Trump. By John Friend — Regardless of one’s views of Donald J. Trump, who officially secured the GOP presidential nomination on May 26 by obtaining the 1,237 minimum delegates prior to