Shop Owner Calls Out the Haters

February 3, 2017 AFP Editor 4

A shop owner in Lake Oswego, Ore. garnered international attention when he placed a pro-Trump message in his shop window blasting liberals after a young man was kidnapped and tortured by four blacks simply because […]

A Coming Clash With Iran

February 3, 2017 AFP Editor 7

Americans do not want another war. So why did President Donald Trump make the mistake of drawing a line in the sand in regard to Iran’s legal missile test? Will this turn into the same […]

The Battle for Jerusalem

February 1, 2017 AFP Editor 9

President Donald Trump’s America-first policies are a breath of fresh air after decades of policies that were devastating to middle-class Americans. But his unquestioning support of Israel has many people concerned that his views are […]

Immigration: The First Firestorm

January 31, 2017 AFP Editor 4

The globalists and the mainstream media are in a tizzy over President Trump’s new executive order that halts U.S. immigration for two to three months while officials work on ways to vet potential terrorists. While […]

Good News: Trump Dumps TPP

January 24, 2017 AFP Editor 2

Yesterday, on his first day in office, President Donald Trump signed an executive order pulling the U.S. out of the negotiations over the largest free trade deal ever created, the Trans Pacific Partnership. It was […]

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