AFP INTERVIEW: Race and the 2016 Presidential Election

• Daily Stormer founder talks of the attack on the white race. By Victor Thorn — One of the last subjects that mainstream media news outlets want to cover is how the More »


Immigrant Invasion Imminent

• Local news exposes plan to resettle throngs of refugees in U.S. By John Friend — A news anchor from Fargo, North Dakota, has made national headlines after exposing organized efforts to More »


RIP, Sweden. Cause of Death: Immigrants

• Massive influx of unassimilable immigrants, embrace of multiculturalism a disaster. By Victor Thorn — Sweden was once lauded as a Scandinavian utopia, but in a September 2010 United Nations (UN) Human More »


Will GOP Elite Derail Trump Train, Make Big Mistake on the Lake?

• Plans already under way to convince delegates to abandon GOP frontrunner. By John Friend — Senator Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz (R-Texas), the GOP establishment, and many segments of the mainstream mass More »


PayPal’s Duplicitous Practices

• PayPal doesn’t really care about people; it cares about maintaining massive profits. By Dustin Howard — PayPal cares. Or at least the online banking giant wants you to think they do, More »


Mississippi’s Flag Is Making Me Sick!

• Black attorney says Confederate symbolism on Southern flag causing his bad health. By Dave Gahary — Arguably emboldened by the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, who promised to a “fundamentally More »

Bilderberg Agenda Exposed

• Better secrecy for tax haven abusers, global taxation sure to be discussed. By the Staff at AFP — When the Bilderberg group claimed on its website around April 9 that the More »

AUDIO INTERVIEW & ARTICLE: IRS Whistleblower Speaks to AFP

AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW Richard M. Schickel, who worked for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for 33 years, has written a tell-all book that’s sure to keep you entertained and educated. Dave Gahary More »


AUDIO INTERVIEW & ARTICLE: New Book Offers Clues on How to Get Our Country Back

AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW As is evidenced by the extreme popularity of political outsider Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign, it should be painfully obvious to most Americans that those voted into office to More »


AUDIO INTERVIEW: Why Clinton Cannot be Allowed in the White House

AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW Dave Gahary speaks with prolific conspiracy researcher and writer Victor Thorn about his latest book, CROWNING CLINTON: Why Hillary Shouldn’t Be in the White House, in this informative interview More »

Saudi Money Behind Spread of Radical Islam, Terror, Violence


By Richard Walker — The West’s willingness to allow Saudi Arabia to spend over $100 billion spreading Islamic extremism across the globe and financing terror has led to the emergence of the Islamic State (ISIS), as well as the growing terror threat to the Western world. And if

Why More Muslims Won’t Condemn ISIS


• Are Western politicians deluding themselves by calling Islam a “religion of peace”? By Patrick J. Buchanan — “We are not at war with Islam,” said John Kasich after the Brussels massacre on March 22. “We’re at war with radical Islam.” Kasich’s point raises a question: Does the

AUDIO INTERVIEW & ARTICLE: Fetzer Talks Boston Marathon Bombing on Third Anniversary


 AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW On the three-year anniversary of the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, Dr. Jim Fetzer’s book, And Nobody Died In Boston, Either: State-Sponsored Terrorism with Hollywood Special Effects, makes the case that this was another elaborate charade to instill fear into the American people. This

EU—Ultimate Dream of Globalists—in Dire Straits, Says Soros


By the Staff at AFP — Writing in an essay for the semi-monthly magazine The New York Review of Books, billionaire Marxist meddler George Soros, born Schwartz György, warns that “the European Union (EU) is in mortal danger of collapse if it doesn’t agree a massive cash injection to fix

Egyptian Government a Pawn of Zion, Boasts High-Ranking Israeli Official


• Israeli minister of defense Moshe Ya’alon openly admits to AIPAC crowd: “We decided to allow” 2013 military coup. By Ronald L. Ray — One of the hallmarks of Zionists is the duplicity with which they treat non-Jews. But among their own, they speak openly and even publicly

City University of NY Targeted by Zionists


• Efforts of students to promote open discussion about crimes of state of Israel earn ire of Jewish lobby. • 500,000 students affected by retaliatory funding cut. By Ronald L. Ray — The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) is outraged—again. It claims a number of pro-Palestinian events and

Carolina in Sights of Cultural Marxists


• Majority of North Carolinians reject uni-sex bathrooms, won’t kow tow to gender benders. By Dave Gahary — A slight change in the makeup of the City Council of Charlotte, North Carolina has created a firestorm of controversy for the Tar Heel State, and offered clear insight into

Interview With Black Trump Supporters Enrages Arianna Huffington


• Popular Marxist mogul commissions screed against AFP, Diamond & Silk, Friend. By Paul T. Angel & John Friend — The news and commentary website “The Huffington Post,” a bastion of the Marxist, anti-white media machine poisoning the minds of millions of Americans, regularly publishes hit pieces on

Shock Therapy Makes a Comeback


• How did society get to a point where causing brain damage is proposed as a viable therapy? By James Spounias — If you’ve seen the riveting scene involving electroshock in Milos Forman’s famous movie, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, you may remember Jack Nicholson violently shaking,

AUDIO: AFP Confirms Bilderberg Location


AFP AUDIO In order to confirm that all rooms were booked at what many suspect is the location selected by the Bilderberg group for their annual meeting, Dave Gahary called the front desk of the Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski Dresden to book a room during that time, in this

AFP Article on Bilderberg 2016 Location Spurs Shadowy Group to Release Information Early


• Official Bilderberg website posts 2016 location a full two months in advance. By Mark Anderson — In the immediate wake of an AMERICAN FREE PRESS online article which pointed out why the Bilderberg Meetings might take place in Virginia this year, the Bilderberg media managers, in an

Soros Behind Violence at Rallies


• Those disrupting Trump speeches are well-organized leftist agitators. By Patrick J. Buchanan — Donald Trump’s March 11 rally in Chicago was broken up by a foulmouthed mob that infiltrated the hall and forced the cancellation of the event to prevent violence and bloodshed. Brownshirt tactics worked. The

Israel’s Influence: Good or Bad for America?


• Conference speakers analyze detrimental effect Israeli power has on U.S. By John Friend — While the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) met for its annual policy gathering in Washington, D.C., just down the road, 300 people attended a conference on March 18 that focused on the

Trump Disappoints Fans at AIPAC


• Trump contradicts pro-U.S. policies by pandering to Israel at confab. By Mark Anderson — WASHINGTON, D.C.—Some Donald J. Trump fans may be asking: “Will the real Trump please stand up?” On the one hand, the brash billionaire real estate tycoon and GOP presidential front-runner spoke March 21

GOP Establishment Created This Beast


• It’s wrong to blame Trump for anger of electorate. By Victor Thorn — For months, tired old GOP establishment hacks such as Republican operative Karl C. Rove, former Massachusetts Governor Willard Mitt Romney, Senator John S. McCain III (Ariz.), Senator Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.), and Senate Majority Leader Addison