NEW BOOK FROM AFP: 9/11: United States–Sponsored Terrorism

The weeks following the attacks of September 11, 2001, were traumatic for nearly every American, but for some, the answers they received from the media and the government to explain the horrific More »


Obama’s Ghetto Plan

• Congress fails to kill president’s social engineering program. By John Friend — In a welcome victory for conservative values, the United States House of Representatives recently voted in favor of an More »


North Carolina Battles Perversion

• Federal fruitcakes threaten states over toilets for people with gender confusion. By Ronald L. Ray — Despite massive evidence that Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton violated the law and endangered national security More »


Obama’s Russia Policy Risks War

• Military encirclement of Russians increases risk of nuclear showdown. By Ronald L. Ray — President Ronald Wilson Reagan successfully negotiated arms limitation treaties with the Soviet Union, which Russia still honors. But More »


Afghanistan: Longest War in U.S. History

• $4.5 trillion and the war is far from over. By Richard Walker — The war in Afghanistan, now the longest in United States history, has become a forgotten war that has More »

Cogitatio Bestia: Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Argument for American Empire in The Grand Chessboard

By Dr. Matthew Johnson — Short of a deliberate or unintentional American abdication, the only real alternative to American global leadership in the foreseeable future is international anarchy. In that respect, it More »


AUDIO INTERVIEW & ARTICLE: New Book Offers Clues on How to Get Our Country Back

AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW As is evidenced by the extreme popularity of political outsider Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign, it should be painfully obvious to most Americans that those voted into office to More »


AUDIO INTERVIEW: Why Clinton Cannot be Allowed in the White House

AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW Dave Gahary speaks with prolific conspiracy researcher and writer Victor Thorn about his latest book, CROWNING CLINTON: Why Hillary Shouldn’t Be in the White House, in this informative interview More »

ISIS Outmaneuvers the West


• While “Allies” have eyes on Syria, Islamic State relocates forces to Libya. By Richard Walker — While the Western powers and the Iraqi military have been planning a strategic assault on the Islamic State (ISIS) stronghold of Mosul, leaders of the radical Islamic group have outmaneuvered them

Dishonoring Our Greatest Heroes


• The die is cast: multicultural money to be minted in Obama’s mold. By Patrick J. Buchanan — In Samuel Eliot Morison’s The Oxford History of the American People, there is a single sentence about Harriet Tubman: “An illiterate field hand, (Tubman) not only escaped herself but returned

India’s Appalling Secret


• Levels of poverty and pollution shocking for wealthy nation. By Victor Thorn — Forget about Beijing as the world’s most polluted city. Delhi, along with the entire country of India, takes the cake as Planet Earth’s most deplorable cesspool. In a February 18 article, CNN’s Charles Riley

Corruption at the FDA: Former Chief Sued


• Dr. Margaret Hamburg accused of covering up facts about drugs she knew could be deadly. By Ronald L. Ray — Homicide, conspiracy, racketeering, bribery. These are the stock-in-trade of organized crime and drug dealers. But should they be the practices of a government agency charged with keeping

Carrageenan Making You Sick?


• Harmful food additive made from seaweed found in wide range of products. By James Spounias — Everyone has heard of the dangers of gluten, which is found in wheat, so much so that the “gluten-free” food marketplace has become a billion-dollar business, growing at a fast rate

Obama Administration Forcing Transgender Access to Restrooms


By the Staff at AFP — The battle for the bathroom is heating up. Today, the Obama administration sent a letter to every public school district in the United States, warning that if they do not allow transgender students to use the bathrooms of their choosing, they “could

Alabama Judge Faces Removal Over Opposition to Gay Marriage


By the Staff at AFP — Suspended Alabama Chief Justice Roy Stewart Moore has once again found himself in the crosshairs of the cultural Marxists determined to impose their anti-Christian, homosexual agenda on the rest of America. Last Friday, six charges were filed by the Alabama Judicial Inquiry

Tribute for Zion


• Washington preparing to hand the Israelis largest military aid package in U.S. history. By John Friend — In yet another display of the total stranglehold that the vast network of pro-Israel lobbies dominating Washington, D.C. have over the United States federal government, the Obama administration recently announced

Judge Rules CIA Can Go on Trial for Barbaric Interrogation Methods


• Government bid to stop lawsuit against “company” psychiatrists who designed brutal torture program fails. By Ronald L. Ray — One of the most disturbing accounts we have written for AMERICAN FREE PRESS told of the Senate report on the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) post-9/11 torture program. In

States Push Back


• States, locals battle efforts of regime to resettle immigrants into their towns. By John Friend — In a shocking but positive turn of events, state and local governments in recent weeks have taken proactive action in response to efforts by the federal government to resettle massive numbers

Florida Professor Stands for Free Speech


• James Tracy files lawsuit against university that fired him, union that failed to defend him. By Dave Gahary — Dr. James F. Tracy, one of this nation’s top media analysts, gained national notoriety for daring to publicly question the mainstream media and government view of the Sandy

Trilats Maintain Press Stranglehold; TC Meetings Confirmed


• Powerful internationalist group has tentacles throughout mainstream media. By Mark Anderson — The shadowy Trilateral Commission (TC)—the younger partner of the even more secretive Bilderberg group in the realm of privatizing government—has for several years maintained a little-known stranglehold on much of the press. TC members who

Too Much Aid for Israel, Says Public


• Three-fifths of Americans now oppose massive wealth transfer to Zionist state. By Ronald L. Ray — A majority of Americans are convinced that the apartheid, terrorist, genocidal, rogue nuclear state of Israel receives too much foreign “aid” from hardworking United States taxpayers, thanks to a corrupt Congress. Far

U.S.-Trained Mercenaries in Yemen


• Once again America is participating in the slaughter of innocent Muslim civilians. By Richard Walker — Thousands of Latin American mercenaries flooding into the battle-ravaged country of Yemen have been trained by United States Special Forces and are being paid by American companies with money from oil-rich

Ukraine Continues to Collapse


• Eastern Europe slides into abyss begun by U.S., Israeli intervention. By Ronald L. Ray — The insanity of interventionism in foreign affairs by power-crazed politicians, and its devastating effects on nations and peoples, are ever more widely apparent to all but the willfully blind. The United States,