‘Gender Issues’ Tied to Soy Consumption?

July 12, 2016 AFP 0

By James Spounias — Roman statesman Cicero is noted for the popularization of the Latin phrase “cui bono,” which means “to whose profit” also known commonly as “who benefits.” Cicero used cui bono to alert […]

Fourth Amendment Gutted

July 6, 2016 AFP 1

• Four “conservative” Supreme Court justices join to undercut constitutional search & seizure safeguards. By Ronald L. Ray — The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) just dealt the death blow to the Fourth […]

Feds Make Illegal Aliens ‘Disappear’

July 6, 2016 AFP 0

• DHS’s “Catch and Release” protocols mean “criminals go free.” By Ronald L. Ray — The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is facilitating the illegal alien invasion of this country, and not just […]

Major Cracks in NATO’s Ranks

July 4, 2016 AFP 0

• U.S. finds Europeans not so keen to start a war with Russia in Baltics, Arctic. By Richard Walker — While the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) continues to taunt, bait and encircle Russia by […]

U.S. Foreign Policy a Powder Keg

July 4, 2016 AFP 0

• State Department officials seem determined to start a war with the Russians. By Patrick J. Buchanan — Some 50 State Department officials have signed a memo calling on President Barack Obama to launch air […]

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