Obama Wants Your Guns, While U.S. Military Murders Millions with their Guns

Here we go again!

Following the tragic event in Oregon, New World Order puppet, United States president Barack Hussein Obama, has been marched out to try to convince us once more that guns are bad for us.

Too bad the politician fails to mention that the U.S. war machine, now under his control, is responsible for ruthlessly murdering millions of innocent civilians, just in the past 14 years.

Watch the below video carefully for this actor’s telltale signs of deceit, and make sure you keep your emotions in check, as he’s pretty good at pulling at people’s heart strings.

The politician enters the room at 23 minutes and the pep talk ends at around 36 minutes.

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2 Comments on Obama Wants Your Guns, While U.S. Military Murders Millions with their Guns

  1. Except people who broke the rules and had guns wisely chose not to respond for fear of being misidentified and shot by the police. There are no gun free zones, only places where a business or institution determines it’s not allowed.
  2. Just ONE, YES ONE concealed carry person could have stopped this event, but NO ONE was allowed by the school to protect themselves, they were helpless victims, and what DID stop the shooter? Men WITH GUNS, yes they had badges too, but took too long to arrive, remember….just ONE person could have stopped it…but NO ONE COULD thanks to political correctness foolishness, surely folks are more intelligent than that!

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