Now Trump Knows Truth About 9-11

• Activist tells Donald Trump: Israelis, not Muslims, were only ones caught celebrating after 9-11 attacks.

By John Friend —

An activist recently got close to billionaire GOP presidential candidate Donald J. Trump to confront him over controversial statements Trump made concerning Muslims celebrating the September 11 false-flag attacks. Martin Hill, who maintains the website, had the opportunity to correct Trump, informing the maverick politician that he was wrong. It was Israelis, not Muslims, who were caught dancing and high-fiving following the terrorist event.

Trump, the maverick office-seeker dominating headlines and public opinion polls, is known to cause controversy. His frank, unabashed criticisms of the outrageous corruption plaguing Washington, D.C., the tyrannical nature of political correctness, the destructive effects of so-called free trade and globalization, and the federal government’s failure to deal seriously with the southern border and illegal immigration have dominated political headlines since he announced his presidential candidacy earlier this past summer.


Trump’s recent proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States, which came in the aftermath of the alleged Islamic-inspired terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California—an event about which this newspaper’s recent coverage has raised serious questions—has arguably caused the most controversy.

Every major Jewish organization in America has hysterically denounced Trump, as have all of the Democratic presidential candidates and major party leaders. Additionally, many mainstream conservative political commentators and activists, as well as many of the GOP presidential candidates competing with Trump, have condemned Trump’s comments and public policy proposals as “anti-American,” “nativist,” and “racist.”

Shortly after the San Bernardino incident, Trump claimed that “thousands” of Muslims in the New York City area were actually cheering and celebrating the 9-11 terrorist attacks. His comments have caused major controversy. However, what was missed in all of the uproar was the fact that Israelis connected to the Mossad intelligence agency and military establishment, who were posing as Muslim extremists, were arrested by various local and federal law enforcement agencies. The best-known case, which was covered exclusively by AMERICAN FREE PRESS, involved the East Rutherford, New Jersey Police Department, whose officers arrested the iconic “dancing Israelis” on the morning of 9-11.


Hill had been following the Trump campaign for weeks, eagerly awaiting an opportunity to confront the leading GOP candidate on his controversial statements regarding alleged reports of Muslims in America celebrating the 9-11 attacks.

Hill’s dedication and patience paid off in a major way at a recent Trump rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where the courageous activist openly confronted Trump about the “dancing Israelis” and Israel’s central role in planning, executing, and most certainly benefiting from the events of 9-11.

“Trump’s comments about alleged ‘cheering Muslims’ made me angry because I saw it as nothing more than an amplifying of the Zionist propaganda that Americans have been inundated with for the past 15 years,” Hill told AFP. “There is one purpose of this: to perpetuate the fear and support of the neocon imperial agenda of endless wars in the Middle East, the tyrannical police state in America, and blind support for the Israeli lobby and their diabolical geopolitical agenda.”

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Hill originally traveled to a Trump rally in South Carolina with the hopes of confronting the GOP frontrunner.

“In South Carolina, I had a chance to shake Trump’s hand—he signed my bumper sticker—and I asked him about the undue influence of the Israeli lobby in America, and if he would put a stop to it for us,” Hill explained. Trump simply refused to answer Hill’s entirely legitimate and direct question, which only fueled his determination to confront the controversial and politically incorrect presidential contender.


“When Trump went to Michigan, I spent a great deal of time, effort, and expense to be there to once again confront him,” Hill told AFP. “I was almost directly in front of the podium in which Trump was speaking, and I shouted: ‘You listen to me, Trump!’ To my shock, he actually quit talking and looked at me, in this stadium with a capacity crowd of 9,000 people, waiting to hear what I would say.”

Hill continued: “I shouted, ‘Five Jews were arrested on 9-11 in New Jersey, not Muslims!’ I added that it was, ‘Five Jews, you got it?’ and concluded with, ‘Israel did 9-11,’ a fact AFP has been exposing for years now.”

Incredibly, Trump actually listened to Hill, and described him as a “Trump guy” with “a lot of energy.” Hill was shortly thereafter escorted out of the rally.

Describing his motivation for confronting Trump, Hill told AFP: “The ‘Global War on Terror’ is a complete hoax, a fraud, and the Muslim boogeyman is a contrived enemy created by the U.S. government to inflict fear into the populace. While actual Islamic terrorism does exist, it is oftentimes funded, encouraged, and provoked by the U.S. government.

“The people need to know the truth about 9-11, a monumental false-flag event, which involved the Central Intelligence Agency and Israel, with the full consent of our government,” Hill stated. “As a Catholic, I believe that the American people should learn about the ‘Just War Doctrine’ of St. Augustine, and promote peace among nations. We have an obligation to speak the truth.”

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John Friend is a California-based writer who maintains a blog.