Israel Attacks Non-Violent Protesters

• Powerful forces unite to destroy Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement.

By Ronald L. Ray —

The powerful, apartheid, terrorist, rogue nuclear state of Israel is panicked by the completely peaceful, quickly growing Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement, which seeks through non-violent means to end the Israelis’ genocide of the Palestinian people and obtain independence for Palestine.

The Zionists equate BDS with “terrorism,” employing the identical methods against it as they direct against their perceived archenemy, Iran—from false propaganda to sanctions, and now apparently cyber-warfare and incitement of violence. Meanwhile, the Zionist Occupation Government in the Holy Land has readied its next violent assault in its campaign to exterminate the Palestinian people.

The BDS movement was founded in 2005, growing significantly in recent years, as Israeli anti-Palestinian brutality increases. Both Palestinian and Jewish groups, along with human rights organizations worldwide, are participants. A recent study by the Rand Corporation demonstrated that the economic loss to Israel from BDS activities may be as high as $4.7 billion per year.


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Paranoid Zionists, however, refuse to respond to BDS with reasoned discourse, spewing psychotic slogans and attributing their own uncontrolled rage to their opponents. “Delegitimizers [of Israel, in BDS] are engaged in a Disneyland of hate,” fumed Igal Ram of the group Firewall Israel, which seeks to defend Israel’s alleged “right to exist.”

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Unwilling to tolerate the loss of a single shekel, Israel’s defense and intelligence apparatus now employs actual tactics of warfare, mostly covert, against BDS and speaks of the latter’s non-violent activities in militaristic terms. Associated Press quoted Ronen Cohen, a former Israeli military intelligence officer: “It’s no different than an operation, which you sometimes read about in the newspaper, in Syria or Lebanon. . . . It’s the kind of thing that, if you want to do it in the future . . . you can’t work in the open.”

Recently, Palestine’s BDS National Committee website, along with those of at least six other BDS organizations worldwide, has been subjected to highly sophisticated cyberattacks trying to shut down the sites.

The complexity and duration of assaults appear to point to Israel as the culprit, and, the online security service that protects, is confident of soon uncovering the perpetrators, stating the site “has been one of the most frequently targeted domains in our portfolio.” It seems free speech is only for Zionists.

Further, just as the Jewish lobby has obtained the criminalization in many countries of anyone who dares question the myth of 6 million Jewish deaths in World War II, so they now are enlisting sycophantic lawmakers at all levels to punish BDS supporters.

Israel spent $25.5 million in 2015 to lobby decisionmakers. This effort has been successful in Great Britain, Canada, and some countries on the European continent, but Zionists are going all out in the United States to destroy Palestinian supporters’ rights to free speech and assembly.

At the federal level, the 2015 “fast track” Trade Promotion Authority threatens European nations participating in BDS with a loss of free trade with the U.S. Americans are also “forbidden” by law from engaging in boycotts of Israel. Apparently, the Zionists stand above the Constitution and even common sense. Various states and universities likewise are cracking the whip of repression against those who peacefully seek to stop the Palestinian genocide.

In New York, the legislature withdrew an anti-BDS measure after massive protests from over 100 organizations. But Governor Andrew Mark Cuomo (D) entered in where lawmakers fear to tread and used executive action to bring the full wrath of the state government against Israel boycotters. Cuomo has ordered a blacklist of individuals and entities merely expressing support for BDS, who will be prohibited from doing business with the state government.


“[W]e want Israel to know that we’re on their side. If you boycott against Israel, New York will boycott you,” the tin-pot dictator declared. This followed his unconstitutional declaration of a boycott of North Carolina after the latter prohibited “tranny toilets.” It seems that, to Cuomo, perverts and Zionist baby-butchers possess the moral high ground.

The governor’s dictate was defended by Alan Morton Dershowitz, the alleged pedophile lawyer for billionaire pederast Jeffrey Epstein. The peripatetic, opportunistic attorney published a long rant on “The Daily Beast,” claiming dishonestly that it is fine to talk about boycotts, but not to engage in them. The bulk of his diatribe was standard, duplicitous Israeli propaganda we will not dignify by repetition. Confirms Israel: Blacklist of Israel, “bad”; blacklist of boycotters, “good.”

Back in the Holy Land, Israel is preparing the next wave of genocide against native Palestinians. Zionists recently signaled their intent by expressing a belief in the “inevitability” of another conflict soon, due to the Palestinians’ desperate situation—which Israel created and maintains. Almost immediately thereafter, on June 8, two alleged Palestinians shot up an Israeli restaurant with “homemade” machine guns, killing four. Major government figures were on the scene almost immediately—suggesting a typical false-flag event—with promises of severe retaliation.

In violation of international law prohibiting collective punishment, Israel canceled 83,000 travel permits for Palestinians. Clearly, the hope is to provoke some protest from Palestinians, like lobbing a few rockets into an Israeli field, so that the Israel Defense Forces can obliterate some remaining portion of the state of Palestine with U.S.-supplied weapons.

Boycott Israel. End aid to Israel now. Defend the Palestinians, before the Israelis exterminate them.

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Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.


5 Responses to Israel Attacks Non-Violent Protesters

  1. Rev Dow Jones says:
    No Discussion
    No Debate
    No Tolerance.

    Boycott the ZioNazi abomination in occupied apartheid Palestine.

    Barcodes 500, 729 and 871 mark the rubbish of Zion
    Barcodes 7219 and 7922 mark the filth of the squatters.

    Like South Africa’s apartheid mutts, Israhell will also be house-trained when we refuse to buy its garbage.

    If it reeks of Zion, chuck it back!

  2. Sam Bryan says:
    Nice thing about the BDS movement is that it has a grassroots component that cannot be stopped. Efforts to stop it I hope will backfire—providing more publicity to the human rights abuses by the Israeli government/military. Critics of BDS rarely address the “why” causes of DBS.
  3. Anthony Joseph Geha Yuja says:
    What a powerful and brave indictment of the arrogant lawlessness and criminality of Israel, this pygmy greedy terrorist state.

    And God bless you Ray and bless the honorable America you and American Free Press represent.

  4. Blake says:

    Hear Hear!

  5. free your mind says:
    What can you expect from idiots who follow a Hebrew pantheon WAR-god-Yahweh? Sooner or later the collective tide will turn against these psychopaths. So let Bibi stay, he does more for the cause of furthering BDS than a more moderate leader. It is indeed totally ironic how the Jews portend to stand for human rights, and yet their own Torah and Talmud is filled with race supremacism.

    As far as the tool Cuomo, what can you expect from NYC i.e. Babylon? One day all of these traitors will be publicly shamed for their evil against humanity.

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