AUDIO INTERVIEW: Holocaust Hoax Exposed

The Holocaust Hoax Exposed: Debunking the 20th Century’s Biggest Lie


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Victor Thorn, author of over 50 books and chapbooks, best known for his groundbreaking political conspiracy research, has set his sights on the biggest conspiracy of them all, the “Holocaust,” with his new book, The Holocaust Hoax Exposed: Debunking the 20th Century’s Biggest Lie.


Softcover, 186 pages

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Thorn rips apart, in lay language, the veil-thin arguments used to prove the Jewish “Holocaust,” which is then used by global Zionists to justify the creation and continued existence of the state of Israel and as a tool to silence all critics; “Never again” is their rallying cry.

From eye-opening facts that not one autopsy exists that shows the use of Zyklon B on work camp inmates to zero photographic evidence of this supposed enormous event to the ludicrous and licentious tales woven by the “Holocaust” historians, Thorn’s latest masterpiece should be required reading for anyone interested in understanding the underpinnings of the Jewish power elite.

Dave Gahary sat down with Victor to discuss his book, in this revealing, and at times hilarious,  interview (55:53).

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Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s ‘Underground Interview’ series. He prevailed in a suit brought by the New York Stock Exchange in an attempt to silence him.

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9 Responses to AUDIO INTERVIEW: Holocaust Hoax Exposed

  1. Twaine says:

    You people need to educate yourselves and realize that “holocaust” means blood sacrifice, aka burnt offering in Hebrew! (This is in your old testament that no one reads!)

    There were millions of German civilians and even a few Jews used to kick off the blood ritual murders of Gentiles!

    Wise up people!

  2. harry says:

    six million jews 1915 1938

  3. Jim S Smith says:
    A late comment:

    Did anyone ever come to understand that Germany, during “the war,” was barricaded and blockaded, to where it was completely sealed off from being able to ship ANYTHING—in or out of country?

    IF Germany was so responsible for these “gassing deaths” and mass-cremations, as the Holocaust Lobby™ would have us all believe (and for over 70 years, now), then HOW did Germany manage to keep a steady supply of these base materials to even manufacture the mass quantities of materials and facilities that are claimed? HOW, when Germany could barely feed itself towards the end of “the war”? HOW, when Germany could not even get the necessary and needed medical supplies, equipment, and other medications to fight off illness, disease, and other various traumas?

    The reason WHY so many of the “bodies” appear to be starved and emaciated, was due to the allied blockades of Germany taking their toll. The average German had it very rough trying to feed himself, and take good care of himself and family, because of the protracted war and lack of incoming supplies (courtesy of the Allied blockades).

    And YES,

    I noticed that many of the slaughtered WERE, in fact, non-Jew German citizens! I had the opportunity to talk with some actual war-survivors, to include a few who managed to narrowly escape the Soviet advance in the East. They told me a far different story than what was ever reported to the public.

    I will have to see about finding the finances to buy the book. Sounds VERY interesting, and God Bless the (now late) Victor Thorn.

    —James (Rev. Dragon’s Eye),
    Founder, Temple of The Ancient Dragons

  4. pacman925 says:
    The Real Holocaust

    1. was to silent the Bolshevik Jews that slaughtered 65 million White Christian Russians;
    2. and “gave” Israel of the Palestine nation;
    3. as well that they have received hundreds of billions of dollars/shekels of the war reparations.

    The Holocaust was based on zero facts and the scientist forensic evidence prove those facts! But, the NWO was put some men and women in prison that debated of the TRUTH!

    Is the Holocaust a Hoax?

    Within five minutes, any intelligent, open-minded person can be convinced that the Holocaust gassings of World War II are a profitable hoax.

    Fred A. Leuchter is America’s leading specialist on the design and fabrication of execution equipment, including homicidal gas chambers. In 1988, Leuchter scraped samples from the alleged gas chamber walls in Auschwitz, Birkenau and Lublin. Cyanide residue would be clearly evident on all these walls if gassings did occur. To his astonishment, Leuchter found no significant cyanide traces in any one of these rooms.

    In 1991, the Polish government repeated these tests to disprove Leuchter’s findings, but they as well found no evidence of any gassings ever occurring.

    The structural integrity of these “gas chambers” is also extremely faulty. These rooms have ordinary doors and windows which are not hermetically sealed! There are large gaps between the floors and doors. If the Germans had attempted to gas anyone in these rooms, they would have died themselves, as the gas would have leaked and contaminated the entire area. Also, no equipment exists to exhaust the air-gas mixture from these buildings. Nothing was made to introduce or distribute the gas throughout the chambers. There are no provisions to prevent condensation of gas on the walls, floors or ceilings. No exhaust stacks have ever existed.

    Though 6 million Jews supposedly died in the gas chambers, not one body has ever been autopsied and found to have died of gas poisoning. We have been shown piles of bodies from World War II, but most of these persons died of typhus or starvation or Allied bombings and a great many of those were murdered Germans, not Jews. Roughly the equivalent of ten football fields should be packed full of gassed bodies to present as evidence, yet not one body has ever been discovered.

    The Germans documented everything in meticulous detail from shrubbery to arbors, but no pre-war or wartime plans or documents exist that detail or even mention any gas chambers for reasons of genocide. All documents ever presented were drawn up AFTER the war.

    Even if we threw away all the evidence and accounted for every so-called gas chamber, it would have taken 68 YEARS to accomplish gassing 6 million Jews!

    Even The Diary of Anne Frank is a hoax. Portions of the diary were written with a ball point pen. These pens were not in use at the time Anne Frank lived.

    It is not denied concentration camps existed. Tragically, many died of typhus or starvation, as often happens in such situations. There is, however, no evidence that any gassings occurred for the reasons of genocide.

    Israel continues to receive trillions of dollars worldwide as retribution for Holocaust gassings. Our country has donated more money to Israel than to any other country in the history of the world—over $35 billion per year, everything included. If not for our extravagantly generous gifts to Israel, every family in America could afford a brand new Mercedes Benz. Surely the American people would be outraged if they realized their hard-earned money is being squandered in these difficult times.

    With all this money at stake for Israel, it is easy to comprehend why this Holocaust hoax is so secretly guarded. The Jewish name for Holocaust is “Shoah.” In Zionist circles, it is known as “Shoah Business.” If nothing else, this unbelievable coverup demonstrates the irrepressible Zionist influence and control of our country. Their only defense against the facts is to cry out “antisemitic” “Skinhead” or “Nazi,” whereas the majority of those who question the Holocaust are ordinary citizens…though you would never know it from the media.

    In whatever way you can, please help shatter this profitable myth. It is time we stop sacrificing America’s welfare for the sake of Israel and spend our hard-earned dollars on Americans.

    (For more information contact The Institute for Historical Review P.O. Box 2739 Newport Beach, CA 92659 USA).

    There are compelling reasons to believe that the so-called holocaust never existed. Page 223, in The Diary of Anne Frank, (Pan Horizons edition, Pan Books Ltd., London, 1989), indicates that the size of Auschwitz, the most notorious of all German work camps, WAS VERY SMALL, with only 11,000 people (many of whom may not even have been Jews) being evacuated by the Germans at the time of the Russian advance in 1945. Certainly, compared to Spielberg’s film, Schindler’s List (which Emilie Schindler, Oskar’s widow, said was full of lies), and other Jewish propaganda, that millions upon millions of Jews were systematically exterminated, 11,000 people is a very small number. Simple arithmetic tells us that the Germans would have had to have had hundreds of camps, or else they would have had to exterminate 137 people PER HOUR, in order for 6 million Jews to have been exterminated at such small camps as Auschwitz, a feat that would have been humanly impossible considering that, according to Douglas Reed’s Behind the Scene and The Controversy of Zion, a mere 850,000 soldiers and others were killed by the entire German and Japanese war machines combined during WW2 (see p.397-400 of Douglas Reed’s book Controversy of Zion). People who would believe the Jewish propaganda that 6 million Jews were exterminated by Hitler must KEEP IN MIND THE SMALL SCALE CONSTRUCTION OF AUSCHWITZ AND THE VERY FEW OTHER GERMAN WORK CAMPS THAT EXISTED DURING WW2.

    On July 13, 1994, a documentary on the life of Charles A. Lindbergh broadcast on the Public Broadcast System (PBS-KENW-TV) said that when Lindbergh visited one of these few camps in Germany following WW2, he was told that 25,000 died in 1-1/2 years. Again, simple arithmetic tells us that 25,000 times a half dozen camps does not equal 6,000,000. In fact, it doesn’t even equal 600,000.

    It is an interesting fact that the number of so-called persecuted Jews KEEPS INCREASING. Hal Greenwald, program director for the Hillel Foundation at Duke University, a Jewish student group, has been promoting the idea that 9 MILLION JEWS WERE EXTERMINATED IN HITLER’S GAS CHAMBERS (New York Times, Nov. 9, 1991, AP). NOW IT’S 9 MILLION AND GROWING. . . JUST LIKE OUR DEBT/TAX MONEY SUPPLY . . . THE NUMBERS JUST KEEP COMING OUT OF THIN AIR . . .(The Bible Caused Economic and Financial Slavery in the New World Order by Lee Cheney).

    The Holocaust Issue: Three Christian Views

    Christian Responsibility to Truth by Herman Otten

    While most Revisionists appear to be opposed to the construction of the [U.S. government] Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., right next to some of our nation’s most cherished monuments, I say: Let it be built! One day it will serve as a monument to the stupidity of modern man, who can still accept a hoax as a fact. Hopefully it will then serve as a reminder to study all the facts and evidence, and repudiate all hoaxes.

    The day is surely coming when all the evidence showing that the Germans never exterminated 6 million Jews can no longer be suppressed. Truth is not determined by majority vote. I learned this lesson in high school, and since then have repeatedly discovered how the majority of scholars, even within our churches, can be in error. That our presidents, senators and congressmen are all supposed to be convinced that the Germans killed 6 million Jews, that almost all of our nation’s professors and churchmen are said to maintain that the Holocaust is a fact, doesn’t make it a fact.

  5. Gary Anderson says:
    I believe Zionism has no justification, Holocaust or not. I believe there was a Holocaust. But Zionism was established a long time before the Holocaust. It had intent to take Palestinian lands in the 1800s.
  6. Faith Graichen says:
    I begin to wonder: Does anything happen? Everything is claimed as a false flag. Does anything ever happen?
  7. Margaret Treis says:
    I wonder who were those people (and thousands of bodies) photographed at the end of the war in death camps. I can understand that the extent was not what was claimed, but something happened there.
  8. craig says:
    Excellent book. Mr Thorn has done his due diligence. Little voice inside has always told me something was wrong with this supposed historical event. The World needs to know the truth. We have been taken for a long ride down the garden path.
  9. Maria says:

    Wonderful interview! Thank you very much!

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