INTERVIEW: The Future for Whites Lies in the Heartland

• Pastor believes breaking America into three nations could provide haven for whites.

By Victor Thorn —

Pastor Thomas Robb, a longtime political organizer and radio talk show host, sees a time—possibly within the next 20-30 years—when this nation will be severely divided along geographic lines.

On June 2, Robb told AMERICAN FREE PRESS: “A black activist recently informed me that whites could be the minority in this country by 2042, if not sooner. Many people believe this message, but I don’t accept that whites will silently walk into the night.”

Robb then offered an amended version of this scenario. “Yes, minorities may be the majority in the United States by 2042, but only on the east and west coasts. When that occurs, you’ll see a white anxiety crisis, which will cause many of them to migrate into the heartland.”

Continuing these thoughts, Robb stated: “Right now, liberals call the heartland ‘flyover country.’ But within the next 20-30 years, you’re also going to find a rebirth of white identity. The reasons why are numerous. In the Southwest, a growing number of Hispanics are beginning to openly defy U.S. law. Blacks in the South want to establish a new Africa. All of these factors, not to mention disapproval of Obamacare and gun control laws, will lead to a growing secessionist movement in the heartland against the federal government.”

This divide is already starting today, said Robb.


“When congressmen elected in the heartland go to Washington, D.C. and seek to return our nation to sanity, their words fall on deaf ears,” he said. “The D.C. political establishment shows total disdain for these elected officials. At some point, everyone in the heartland will say, ‘Keep your hands off of us.’ States’ rights issues will then become highly important.”

Robb further explained: “Larger numbers of Hispanics and blacks who depend on the federal government will eventually weaken the entire system. This situation is unsustainable and will lead to an economic collapse. The entire house of cards will come crumbling down. That’s why we established the Soldiers of the Cross Training Institute. It’s our way of preparing for this window of opportunity. Heartland states will wield a great deal of influence when the federal government becomes too weak to survive. When this moment arrives, we’ll declare our independence.”

There is little time to delay, added Robb.

“The following example seems perfect,” he said. “Prairie dogs always select a sentinel to watch for hawks. When it barks, the other prairie dogs listen. The problem with so many whites today is that they refuse to hear the sentinel’s call that arises from the nationalist movement.”

Rather than being discouraged, though, Robb provided another alternative.

“What we need right now is a shepherd instead of more sentinels,” he said. “We’re missing that sense of love for our own heritage. We’re beyond the point of warnings. The trouble with whites today is that we’re not united together. Our enemies all appear to be joined as one, intent on the destruction of our culture, while we remain fragmented and controlled by fear. We have to break through that barrier and show white Christians how to love our people and heritage instead of letting it be pushed down the memory hole. The people who do that are our country’s real heroes.”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.