China Scheming to Topple U.S.

By John Tiffany —

According to China expert Michael Pillsbury—author of a new book called The Hundred-Year Marathonthe Chinese secretly plan to supplant America as the world’s superpower by 2049.

Pillsbury, who has worked with every United States president since Richard Nixon, has probably had more access than any other westerner to China’s intelligence and military establishment.

America has for decades been foolishly sharing technology with the Celestial Empire, and now China has surpassed the U.S. in many ways.

“Assassin’s mace” is an old Chinese term for any weapon or set of weapons enabling a smaller or weaker combatant to achieve victory, like David’s legendary sling against the giant, Goliath. China has developed a set of such weapons to attack America’s weak spots. The Chinese have quietly admitted they are going for electromagnetic combat superiority allowing for naval victory, and tactical laser weapons to be used first in antimissile systems. They plan on jamming and destroying U.S. radar and on deploying computer viruses—which has already started. But the assassin’s mace is just part of what Pillsbury believes is a 100-year-long effort to topple the U.S. as the hegemon of world power.


Pillsbury admits regretfully to being duped all these years by the Chinese into promoting cooperation rather than competition between the two powers. This includes financial and technical support for China, under the delusion that Red China was moving in a “more democratic,” “free-market” direction.

“What we haven’t given to China, they’ve stolen. Looking back, it was painful that I was so gullible,” he wrote.

He and many others who have studied China have been taught to regard China as a “victim of Western imperialism.”

The year 2049 is the anniversary of the Chinese communist revolution. China’s main weapon, like Israel, is deception—pretending to have achieved less than they really have and fooling us into thinking they need our help more than they actually do. Their philosophy derives from a book Mao Tse-tung took with him on his long march in the 1930s, The Comprehensive Mirror for the Aid of Government, by Sima Guang and others, a statecraft manual with lessons from ancient Chinese history, centering on stratagems from the Warring States era (475-221 B.C.) and includes stories and maxims going back as far as 4000 B.C. A rising power, the book says, should cultivate complacency in the old hegemon (that would be the U.S.) until the moment is ripe, when the rising power is strong enough that it cannot be crushed, and then it should bare its teeth. Mao read this book many times while ruling China, as did later leaders.

Chinese students use passages from that book in their lessons. The book was never fully translated into English, and despite its obvious importance was not taken seriously by “China scholars.”

Pillsbury notes that Nixon’s famous “opening to China” was initiated not by America but by China—part of their manipulation of us. The suicidal assistance to “poor little China” is continuing to this day. And while the U.S. has been helping the giant panda bear, it has internally depicted America as devils who have spent the last 150 years trying to stifle and destroy Chinese civilization.

Meanwhile, former White House staffer Philippa “Pippa” Malmgren stated last December that China, with Russia as an ally, has already begun World War III against the U.S., in cyberspace.

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John Tiffany is copy editor for AMERICAN FREE PRESS and assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan and has done postgraduate studies in law, biology and computer science. He is devoted to the truth and lets the chips fall where they may.