‘Femsplainers’ Battle Radical Feminism

February 5, 2019 Staff 1

Not all women support overzealous political correctness, man-bashing, and today’s growing victimization cult. One podcast aims to counter radicalized feminism with a common-sense response.  By Tilton Adler Amidst the overzealous political “correctness” that’s being stuffed […]

Famed Activist Red Beckman Dies

February 4, 2019 Staff 3

This friend to American liberty lovers and truthseekers and IRS critic worked six decades teaching fellow patriots their constitutional rights. His was a life lived well and for the greater good, and he will not […]

Life in the Marxist Age

February 2, 2019 Staff 1

As political correctness continues its meteoric rise and career-lynchings increase, a university professor now faces firing after his spoof academic papers were published, fooling (then embarassing) leftists.  By Donald Jeffries Portland State University philosophy professor […]

Congressman Vilified for Comments

January 30, 2019 Staff 1

The mainstream media are crying racism as they excoriate Rep. Steve King over trivial “politically incorrect” statements.  By Dr. Kevin Barrett Let me preface what I am about to say by disavowing all forms of […]

Christian Kids Victimized, Vilified

January 29, 2019 Staff 0

The leftist print and electronic media have smeared a group of young students with a fake news report based on a snippet of video of an incident in D.C. that went viral before anyone took time […]

Democrats’ America: The Heart of Darkness

January 27, 2019 Staff 1

Based on public comments during the week of  MLK Day, Democrats seem to believe America has become the “heart of darkness” rather than Reagan’s “shining city on a hill.” Can those who believe this to […]

Globalists Unite Against Populism

January 27, 2019 Staff 0

It’s not just America’s neoconservatives and radical left that are rooting for America’s failure; globalists are increasingly concerned the U.S. has lost its global way. Now, Western think tanks apparently need to “rediscover a sense […]

Will Immigration Bloodshed Continue?

January 26, 2019 Staff 0

American citizens, including law enforcement officers, continue to be the tragic victims of sanctuary policies.  By John Friend Two recent tragic cases highlight the danger illegal aliens pose to U.S. citizens, particularly in so-called sanctuary […]

What Really Killed Rising Journalist?

January 21, 2019 Staff 1

Young up-and-comingChristian conservative TV news personality and writer Bre Payton died in December, allegedly from a freakish case of swine flu and meningitis. Ms. Payton’s father has said, “We may never know” what caused her […]

Russiagate Collusion Theory Collapses

January 20, 2019 Staff 0

Former mainstream journalist Michael Isikoff of Washington Post, Newsweek, and NBC News fame has clearly begun questioning the infamous Steele Dossier. Has the Russiagate collusion theory finally collapsed?  By S.T. Patrick Radio host John Ziegler was […]

U.S. Locked Into Endless Cycle of War

January 17, 2019 Staff 1

Given the fact that Washington spends more on its military than the next 10 countries combined, says Phil Giraldi, the notion that U.S. isn’t spending enough on weapons is absurd. At what point will America […]

Corporate Madness the New Normal

January 15, 2019 Staff 0

As the destruction of America’s retail sector continues, 3,800 stores are set to close in 2019. Don’t expect to see executive bonuses decrease, however. By Donald Jeffries Corporate America, along with pliable and ineffective politicians, […]

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