Trump Agrees: The Media is the Enemy

February 28, 2017 AFP Editor 2

The mainstream media has been waging a relentless campaign not just on the credibility of President Donald Trump but on any news outlet that treats the billionaire populist leader fairly and honestly. For over a […]

Radical Left Targets Alternative Media

February 27, 2017 AFP Editor 6

Internet giants have been working hand-in-hand with thought censors to shut down independent news outlets around the world like American Free Press. Targeting the news organizations they disagree with, companies like Google and PayPal are […]

Are Hate Crimes Really on the Rise in America?

February 26, 2017 AFP Editor 6

There’s been a quiet but not surprising way that radical leftist groups and their advocates in government account for so-called “hate.” Instead of labeling them “crimes,” which are investigated by police and often disproven, they […]

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