AUDIO INTERVIEW: AIPAC Slaps America in the Face, Again

May 1, 2013 AFP 0

AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW Alison Weir, former journalist and founder of If Americans Knew, a nonprofit organization that focuses on the Israel-Palestine conflict, specializing in statistical analysis, and president of The Council for the National Interest, discusses Israel’s […]

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Taking on the Fast-Food Giants

March 18, 2013 AFP 0

AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW Dr. Erin Carr-Jordan, banned from entering a McDonald’s franchise near her home, gives an update on her quest to get legislation passed to ensure that the thousands of indoor playgrounds at fast-food […]

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Secret Trade Deal Needs Exposure

February 24, 2013 AFP 0

AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW Mark Anderson, Roving Editor for AMERICAN FREE PRESS, expounds on his article in the paper on the 16th round of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations that will take place in Singapore from March 4-13, […]

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