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Police State Expands on Land, in Air

January 13, 2012 AFP 0

By Frank Whalen Around the world, 2011 was a banner year of upheaval for established governmental authority. To some, this explains why the U.S. government is increasingly seeking tools to suppress dissent among the populace, […]

The Real Rick Santorum

January 6, 2012 AFP 0

While senator, he had plan to end free speech on college campuses By Michael Collins Piper In 2003, then-Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Penn.) cut a back-room deal with high-powered lobbyists to introduce legislation to limit freedom […]

It’s Tight in Iowa

January 6, 2012 AFP 0

• The long, strange road to the Iowa caucuses detailed • Top three candidates separated by small percentage By Victor Thorn With more plot twists than a daytime soap opera, the long, strange road leading […]

Major Free Speech Victory

January 6, 2012 AFP 1

• The court decision has been hailed as a major victory for freedom of speech. By Dave Gahary The latest legal assault on the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights by United States-based pro-Israel […]

Fed’s Covert Bailouts Exposed

January 6, 2012 AFP 0

Obama and Geithner have declared that the U.S. should not be bailing out Europe. Yet this is exactly what is happening. By Peter Papaherakles In an article published by The Wall Street Journal on Wed. […]

America’s War in Yemen

January 6, 2012 AFP 0

• The U.S. is interested in Yemen solely for its strategic location. Its oil reserves are due to run out in approximately five years. By Richard Walker — While much of the media focus has […]

Obama Yearns for End to Afghan Debacle

January 6, 2012 AFP 0

Lurking in the shadows are the two Siamese twin gorillas that have been behind all the wars and misery inflicted upon the Afghans since at least the 1970s—Big Oil and the ubiquitous Israelis. By Ralph […]

Federal Grants Pay to Militarize Local Cops

January 6, 2012 AFP 0

“You are eight times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist.” By Keith Johnson Since Sept. 11, 2001, thousands of communities across the nation have taken advantage of more […]

AFP PODCAST: Exploding Middle East Myths

January 3, 2012 AFP 0

AFP PODCAST Canadian author Greg Felton of The Host & The Parasite fame, discusses his new book, Exploding Middle East Myths: 15 years of Fighting Zionist Propaganda. Felton has assembled a myth-smashing collection of essays […]

Smear Job

December 31, 2011 AFP 0

By Michael Collins Piper AMERICAN FREE PRESS got frontline mention as the very first words in the first paragraph of a muddled smear of Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul published as a lengthy hit piece […]

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