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Israel Went Too Far

January 21, 2012 AFP 0

• American officials irked at brazen Zionist assassinations • Mini-state’s false flag terrorism puts Americans in danger By Ralph Forbes—AFP Southern Bureau Over the weekend of Jan. 14-15, the White House announced it was abruptly […]

Fired Just for Being American

January 21, 2012 AFP 1

• Lawyer says visa loophole being used to hire foreigners for cheap, pink-slip U.S. workers By Victor Thorn On April 22, 2011 attorney James Otto filed a pioneering lawsuit against Long Beach, California’s Molina Healthcare, […]

Orthodox Rabbis Rack Up Megillah of Charges

January 21, 2012 AFP 0

• Organ harvesting, pedophilia, money laundering: What’s next for Jewish holy men? By Dave Gahary Deal, N.J. – A drive through this picturesque central New Jersey “shore” town (pop. 750) leaves many with a puzzling […]

Populist Groundswell Frustrates Globalists

January 21, 2012 AFP 0

By Keith Johnson Amid rising economic turmoil and social unrest, members of the global elite will convene at a ski resort in the peaceful mountains of Davos, Switzerland for the annual World Economic Forum 2012 […]

Hero Sheriff

January 13, 2012 AFP 0

By Mark Anderson GOSHEN, Ind.—On January 10, before a gathering of 300 patriotic Americans, former Sheriff Richard I. Mack expounded upon the importance of an American sheriff, lauding Elkhart County, Indiana Sheriff Brad Rogers. Rogers […]

Romney Tied to Terrorism

January 13, 2012 AFP 0

Links to radical group operating inside Iran a cause for concern By Ralph Forbes GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney looked like a deer caught in the headlights when he was asked if he supported an […]

Will Americans Be Required to Give DNA?

January 13, 2012 AFP 0

By Keith Johnson Do police have a right to stick a needle in your arm, or a swab in your mouth, to collect samples of your DNA—without a warrant and regardless of whether you’ve been […]

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