Mainstream Rag Demands Death for Those Who Question Big Pharma

The Boston Herald has called for the death penalty for those who would share health information that is counter to big pharma’s nostrums, parroted by mainstream media. But the history of measles in America, and the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, should cause anyone to question the reassuring, dismissive pat on the head they get from most doctors when asking whether their baby really needs yet another jab.

By James Spounias

The vaccine hysteria rhetoric is heating up so much that the Boston Herald editorial board on May 10 wrote that “lying” to people about vaccines should be a “hanging offense.”

The Herald’s call to death was made in light of the widely reported story about the children of Somali refugees in Minnesota who experienced an “outbreak” of measles. Apparently, some Somali parents have opted their children out of the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine, enraging the establishment vaccine lobby.

The word outbreak connotes something massive, but, in real numbers, we’re talking about 46 children, 41 of whom are Somalian; none of these children are seriously ill, as of this writing.

The Herald’s full statement concluding the editorial reads: “These are the facts: Vaccines don’t cause autism. Measles can kill. And lying to vulnerable people about the health and safety of their children ought to be a hanging offense.”

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If the Herald took the effort to do even a minimal job of investigation, free of bias, they would issue an apology and investigate the many layers of vaccination, from theory to practice, instead of calling for lynching of those who question vaccine dogma. Of course, that won’t happen, and the fact that vaccine critics are educating the public in alternative media outlets is irritating the establishment to the extent that a noted media organ calls for death.

While this writer is solidly against mandatory vaccination of any kind, for reasons of personal liberty and science, one would think the push to vaccinate would actually have a profound basis, given the hyperbolic call for death.

Measles deaths were in severe decline for decades before the introduction of the measles vaccine in the U.S. in 1963 and even before the proliferation of penicillin in 1944. While a significant number of people died from measles in the 1800s, by the early 20th century, measles became manageable with knowledge of the importance of nutrition, not vaccination or pharmaceuticals.

In 1960, the official number of deaths from measles was recorded as 380 in the United States, in a population of 180,671,000 people. Compared to other causes of death, measles ranked extremely low. Even in 1963, deaths from asthma were 56 times higher than measles, from accidents were 935 times higher (motor vehicles 323 times higher), and heart disease 9,560 times higher, according to Dr. Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk in their book titled, Dissolving Illusions.

Why, then, did the establishment in 1963 foist the measles vaccine on the public when measles literally wiped itself out, without a vaccine, antibiotics or other wonder drug?

If you are conspiratorially minded, the question may answer itself: Rockefeller-inspired allopathic medicine claimed that measles needed to be “wiped out” entirely.

Wiping out a disease that is already virtually non-existent doesn’t make sense to anyone with common sense. The irony is that it was already well known among medical professionals that in most cases, measles was a benign disease from which most recovered and, as a result, actually received the benefit of immunity against a subsequent occurrence.

Dr. Humphries and Bystrianyk wrote how important vitamin A is to preventing measles from overtaking the body and that this was known in the early 1900s: “It was known that certain vitamins had a significant impact on measles outcomes. Vitamin A stops the measles virus from rapidly multiplying inside cells by up-regulating the innate immune system in uninfected cells, which helps to prevent the virus from infecting new cells.”

It’s a fact that well-nourished children didn’t die or suffer damage from a case of the measles, and that use of cod liver oil in the 1930s resulted in helping those affected. Studies in the 1990s confirmed that by using vitamin A, measles deaths could be reduced up to 90% in developing countries where children often are severely malnourished.

Better nutrition made children in America and most of the advanced world healthier, because advances in transportation brought vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables to more people. Dr. Humphries and Bystrianyk drove this point home by tracking the incidence of scurvy and measles, both of which plummeted due to better nutrition.

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The measles vaccine has a checkered history, from inception of its use in 1963 to today’s version, in spite of assurances of safety and efficacy from big pharma and its lapdog media. The first measles vaccine introduced in America in 1963, known as the KMV (killed measles virus), contained “ ‘killed’ virus (which) was an aluminum-precipitated vaccine produced from formaldehyde-inactivated monkey kidney cell cultures,” according to Dr. Humphries and Bystrianyk.

The KMV was a disaster, causing pneumonia and encephalopathy (brain swelling) in some cases, which brought the establishment to recommend it be discontinued, as early as 1967.

Not learning from this mistake, big pharma thought it a good idea to use a live vaccine, instead, and recommend that all who had received the KMV get the new vaccine as well.

As Dr. Humphries and Bystrianyk wrote, “Those who encountered wild measles or live vaccine measles, after having the killed vaccine, had a tendency to develop a more severe disease, atypical measles” because the immune system in those vaccinated wrongly programmed the immune system.

The modified live vaccine brought rashes to nearly half of those injected and fevers up to 106 degrees in up to 83% of those who received it. Don’t fear, though: The geniuses at big pharma injected a “measles-specific antibody,” which did keep excessive rash and fever under control, but brought about other health maladies in those who received it, including neurological problems. Ironically, atypical measles could appear up to 16 years after injection of the modified measles vaccine. The measles vaccine did cause neurological damage in some reported cases and, interestingly, did not contain mercury as an adjuvant—driving home the point that mercury, alone, should not be singled out as the “problem” with vaccines.

Many have heard the names of Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Dr. William Thompson, in news reports. Dr. Wakefield has been wrongly attacked as a fraud when all he did was have published in the journal Lancet in 1998 a link between regressive autism and a gastro-intestinal malady named ilea nodular enterocolitis in children given the MMR vaccine. Dr. Wakefield’s paper was retracted by The General Medical Council 12 years later in what is best described as politics.

Dr. Thompson, a former Center for Disease Control (CDC) scientist, who invoked federal whistleblower protection in 2014, reported that the CDC committed fraud regarding the link between vaccines and autism. He wrote in a letter to the CDC: “I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African-American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.”

Given the history of measles and vaccination in the United States, is it any wonder reasonable parents object to vaccination?

The Boston Herald and the medical establishment have failed abysmally when one considers the burden of proof is on them to show that injecting viruses with various chemical adjuvants into the bodies of children should not only be safe, but should also be warranted to prevent serious, life-threatening diseases.

James Spounias is the president of Carotec Inc., originally founded by renowned radio show host and alternative health expert Tom Valentine.

War Over Nutrition, Healthy Fats Quietly Rages Behind the Scenes as Americans’ Health Continues to Decline

Information about what we should eat and drink to enhance our wellness is confusing. Seemingly every week we’re bombarded with a new directive as to what a healthy diet should or should not include. A new book finally puts the kibosh on faulty information we have long been told about the advantages of a low-fat diet. In fact, it turns out, our bodies need certain fats to maintain optimal health.

By Christopher J. Petherick

There’s a war going on inside this country. However, this one doesn’t involve militarized police kicking down doors and shooting innocent people or even the propaganda war that’s being waged to control your thoughts. This fight is over your health—more specifically, what you’re being told is good to eat in order to ensure optimal health.

It’s evident that regular Americans are losing this battle, because for too long they have followed the advice of the medical and dietary experts who have argued that eating fat-free foods is the only path to good health. Thankfully, though, new research is validating what many health advocates have been saying for years: Your body needs fat to function, and if you want to lose weight and live a long and healthy life, then eat more fat.

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Sally Fallon Morell, the founder and president of the Weston A. Price Foundation and owner of PA Bowen farmstead in Brandywine, Md., has long said that human beings need to eat healthy fats to achieve peak health. Her new book, titled Nourishing Fats: Why We Need Animal Fats for Health and Happiness*, makes just this case, arguing cogently that fat-free margarines and certain vegetable oils are not just making people fat and unhealthy, they’re actually killing us.

Mrs Morrell also maintains her own “Nourishing Traditions” blog on health and nutrition.

The premise of the book is laid out right on the cover of the book: “Animal fats are not villains.”

Over the years, Americans have been inundated with bad advice on how to eat healthy that’s not just inconsistent, but schizophrenic. One day, it’s “Don’t eat any fats—they’re all bad for you.” The next day it’s, “Okay, you can eat some fats from fish and avocadoes.” Then, the next day, they tell us, “Well, eggs and meat aren’t that bad for you after all.”

Listen to AFP’s interview with Sally Fallon Morrell by clicking the link below.

Now, an editorial published in The British Journal of Sports Medicine by several leading cardiologists states: “It is time to shift the public health message in the prevention and treatment of coronary artery disease away from measuring serum lipids [cholesterol] and reducing dietary saturated fat. Coronary artery disease is a chronic inflammatory disease, and it can be reduced effectively by walking 22 minutes a day and eating real food.” The real food they’re referring to consists of full-fat milk and other once-maligned foods that your parents and grandparents ate.

It’s no wonder the average person is totally confused by this. It’s also no wonder obesity rates are through the roof.

Mrs. Morell’s farm is only a few miles up the road from this editor’s house. She sat down with me recently to discuss her book as well as her tireless work to educate Americans on healthy living.

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Her views are devastating to the medical and dietary establishment, arguing that animal fats are not just not bad for you—they actually are vital for the human body to function.

“Animal fats are essential for us,” Mrs. Morell told AFP. “One thing that the mainstream media and the establishment has never budged on is that saturated fats are the enemy. They’re bad. They’ll clog your arteries. And this is where we’ve gone wrong. Saturated fats are critical for our health, and, of course, we get saturated fats mostly from animal fats.”

Mrs. Morell told AFP, “What’s in the animal fats are nutrients we can’t get anywhere else—vitamins A, D, and K—that are absolutely critical for our health.” Her book contains nearly 30 pages of footnotes that cite scientific research studies and books proving that animal fats are healthy for the human body.

AFP is carrying Mrs. Morell’s book, Nourishing Fats, which also includes 35 pages of healthy recipes.

To put it simply, if you want to be healthy and live a long, happy life, give up the fad diets and the refined and processed foods and go back to eating real food. You’ll lose weight and feel better, and you’ll get to eat amazingly well, too.

Christopher J. Petherick is the editor-in-chief of American Free Press and has a small farm in historic Southern Maryland.

*Nourishing Fats: Why We Need Animal Fats for Health and Happiness (softcover, 272 pages) is available from AFP’s Bookstore for $25. Call AFP toll free at 1-888-699-6397 to charge or send payment with form on page 16 to AFP, 16000 Trade Zone Ave., Ste. 406, Upper Marlboro, MD 20613. See more books and videos online at the AFP Bookstore.

Maker of Shingles Vaccine Faces Lawsuits

A legal action against pharmaceutical giant Merck is shedding more light on vaccination dangers. Among the side effects listed in the warnings on packaging of Zostavax, a vaccination advertised to prevent shingles, are necrotizing retinitis, a severe eye disorder, and shingles. 

By James Spounias

A group of lawsuits that allege pharmaceutical giant Merck’s Zostavax—a vaccine that is purported to prevent herpes zoster (shingles)—caused damage is shedding light on the possible dangers of this highly advertised medical treatment.

In 2015, sales of Zostavax topped $749 million.

Trial lawyer Marc Bern reports he is gathering “thousands of complaints” yet to be filed in Philadelphia. Bern told pharmaceutical news website “FiercePharma,” “I think Merck has failed terribly . . . to warn about the very serious side effects and the failure of the vaccine to do what they claim it does.”

Bern filed what is believed to be the first lawsuit against Merck. Plaintiff Jorja Bentley, from Nevada, claims that Merck failed to warn of the risk of viral infection and that she suffered a headache, dizziness, and blurred vision shortly after receiving the vaccine. She stated that she continues to suffer from injury to her right eye, elevated blood pressure, headaches, and dizziness.

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Bern stated: “We’ve been looking at this potential case for some time, and we believe it is highly meritorious. We believe the vaccine is at best 50% effective. Either it is not effective, or it has caused shingles and other issues, like in this case, where it has caused a serious [eye] complication.”

The fact that Zostavax may be implicated in eye-damage claims became better known when Merck got permission from the FDA in 2016 to include a warning that reads, “Eye Disorders: necrotizing retinitis (patients on immunosuppressive therapy).”

Tellingly, another side effect of the shingles vaccine is shingles. According to an Aug. 28, 2014 approval letter, the FDA granted Merck’s request “to include ‘infections and infestations: Herpes zoster (vaccine strain)’ and to update the patient package insert to include ‘shingles’ in the ‘What are the possible side effects of Zostavax?’ section.” In 2011, “gastro-intestinal disorders: nausea” was added as well.

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Most claims against vaccine makers never make it to court because the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 created a compensation program for vaccine injuries, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), run through the Department of Health and Human Services.

Many, but not all, vaccines are registered with the VICP, and because Zostavax is not registered, individuals are allowed to pursue litigation against Merck.

The VICP reviews vaccine injury claims, which are not limited to childhood vaccines. Roughly $3 billion has been awarded to victims since its creation in the 1980s, even though nearly two out of three claims are denied compensation.

Vaccine skeptics have plenty to say about the shingles vaccine.

Anne Dachel, media editor for “,” which is a website devoted to assisting those who believe that autism is an environmentally induced illness, interviewed Dr. Kenneth Stoller, an integrative physician who practices in San Francisco. Dr. Stoller is the author of Incurable Me, a book that exposes some of the darkest secrets of the medical industry.

Stoller told Ms. Dachel that there is “zero credible safety data” on vaccines.

“Vaccines are not tested for safety against a saline placebo,” he said. “They are tested against a solution that contains all of the adjuvants, metals, DNA, and other toxins etc., but just minus the infectious disease itself—in this case the varicella virus. So the safety data and adverse event data Merck cites in their package does not have a lot of meaning.”

How our immune systems respond to viruses cannot be reduced to the simplistic idea that a vaccine will protect us against a virus, and that those who are unvaccinated pose a risk to those who may be immune compromised. Introducing live or dead viruses into our system, by injection or orally, with or without “dangerous adjuvants,” is not the answer to fighting disease, according to some medical professionals.

Ms. Dachel posted a statement by Robert Krakow, former prosecutor and co-author of “Unanswered Questions from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: A Review of Compensated Cases of Vaccine-Induced Brain Injury,” a 2011 article published in Pace Environmental Law Review.

Krakow, now in private practice, handles vaccine injury claims and gave this statement to Ms. Dachel: “Given the obvious risk of serious injury from the Zostavax vaccine, any person over 50 should proceed with caution regarding the commercially promoted recommendation to get this vaccine. While shingles can be serious in rare cases, my view is that efforts to maintain good health and a strong immune system will serve us better in preventing shingles than obtaining this vaccine, which has the undeniable risk of serious injury.

There are almost 5,000 reports of adverse events after Zostavax. The vaccine contains substances that can provoke autoimmunity. . . . As with many other vaccines, I am not convinced that the vaccine or its components have been properly tested. The promotion of Zostavax on television and other places is as irresponsible as it is inappropriate. The value of the vaccine is overstated, while the risk of adverse reactions is downplayed.”

Whether someone should get the shingles vaccine is a matter of personal choice. This writer and American Free Press do not give medical advice. We do believe it is our obligation, though, to provide information for readers to research further and consult with their medical professionals.

James Spounias is the president of Carotec Inc., originally founded by renowned radio show host and alternative health expert Tom Valentine.

Even Mainstream Lauds Coenzyme Q10

Mainstream media publications, in this case Harper’s Bazaar and Reader’s Digest, are finally beginning to acknowledge the benefits of supplements such as CoQ10.  Of course, regular readers of AFP have long been clued in to the advantages—and necessity, given the current state of un-health-care in America—of supporting our own wellness, naturally.

By James Spounias

Mainstream media outlets have historically had a bias against anything not made by Big Pharma, but in a refreshingly candid article in the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar, a women’s fashion and style magazine, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) was promoted, as one of five noteworthy supplements.

CoQ10 is present in food, including red meat, plants, and fish, but in levels insufficient to help treat chronic and deadly health conditions.

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Harper’s cited research by Michale Barber, M.D., chief medical officer of Better Life Carolinas in Charleston, S.C., who pointed out CoQ10’s unique ability to support mitochondria, basically the battery pack in your body’s cells.

“CoQ10 is a potent antioxidant that helps mitochondria . . . stay charged, giving you energy and fueling your daily functions,” reported Harper’s Bazaar. “CoQ10 also aids in repairing telomeres and helps your heart—which is loaded with mitochondria—function at optimal levels. Your skin will also likely benefit; expect an improvement in wrinkles and firmness. Pop 200 milligrams per day, Barber says.”

Reader’s Digest also promoted CoQ10 on its website:

Coenzyme Q10 has two main roles in the body, first as an important player in the creation of energy within mitochondria, the energy powerhouse of cells. The second role of coenzyme Q10 is as an antioxidant, protecting all cell membranes, including those of the mitochondria, from being damaged by free radicals. Deficiency signs may include fatigue, muscle ache and pain, and gum disease.

Coenzyme Q10 has been thoroughly researched since the 1970s, particularly with respect to its role in protecting against heart disease. One study showed that patients taking coenzyme Q10 prior to heart surgery had a shorter hospital stay and faster recovery time. Other heart-related conditions where coenzyme Q10 has been shown to be useful include high blood pressure, ischemic heart disease, mitral valve prolapse, and congestive heart failure. If you are taking statins, ask your doctor if it might be worth taking coenzyme Q10. Statins are often prescribed to lower cholesterol levels, because they inhibit an enzyme involved in the synthesis of cholesterol. Unfortunately, this same enzyme is involved in the synthesis of coenzyme Q10 in the body. This explains why muscle pain, muscle soreness, and fatigue, which are commonly caused by statins, can be relieved by coenzyme Q10.

Coenzyme Q10 is also recommended for gum disease, with improvement noticed in as short a time as one week. In one small study a supplement of coenzyme Q10 was found to alleviate symptoms of tinnitus in patients who initially had low levels of coenzyme Q10 in their blood.

The mainstream media isn’t alone.

Studies published in medical journals, which can be accessed on “,” have found CoQ10 offers impressive benefits. A recent look showed that after taking CoQ10 “inflammatory markers” were reduced and fertility was improved. In animal models, dangerous toxins were blunted.

Of course, these studies are by no means definitive, and more, larger-scale studies must be conducted to validate the findings before any true “causation” can be established.

While “antioxidants” get much attention, the most important aspect of CoQ10’s ability to help so many different health situations rests in its ability to help create energy within the mitochondria.

So noteworthy is recent research, one study, in the Oct. 2016 Annals of Translational Medicine journal, bears an unusually blunt headline: “Statins barely touch the heart but bite the kidneys after cardiac surgery. Coenzyme Q10 deficiency in the dock?”

In the article, lead author Patrick M. Honore, M.D., Ph.D., with the intensive care unit at Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel in Belgium, wrote: “A recent systematic review and meta- analysis showed that prophylactic CoQ10 therapy in patients undergoing cardiac surgery . . . was safe and associated with less need for inotropic support and a lower incidence of ventricular but not atrial arrhythmias.

Interestingly, patients with heart failure developed less atrial fibrillation when given continuous CoQ10 treatment.”

Honore praised statins (even though other researchers don’t), but nonetheless pointed out that in some cases statin therapy is quite dangerous, and preventable harms could perhaps be achieved by taking coenzyme Q10: “The main culprit behind this failure might be statin-induced depletion of CoQ10 stores perturbing bio-energetic kidney homeostasis.”

Kidney homeostasis refers to the balance your kidneys provide in maintaining blood volume, among other things.

Honore called for “high quality” studies to verify whether CoQ10 has a place in helping prevent organ damage by statins.

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That is not all of the good news about CoQ10.

According to the results of a multi-center, randomized, double-blind trial presented at the European Society of Cardiology’s Heart Failure 2013 Congress, CoQ10 decreases all-cause mortality by half. It is the first proven treatment to improve heart failure mortality in over a decade and should be added to standard care, according to lead author, Professor Svend Aage Mortensen from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Mortensen added: “Other heart failure medications block rather than enhance cellular processes and may have side effects. Supplementation with CoQ10, which is a natural and safe substance, corrects a deficiency in the body and blocks the vicious metabolic cycle in chronic heart failure called the energy starved heart.”

Patients with ischaemic heart disease that use statins could also benefit from CoQ10 supplementation. Ischaemic heart disease results when arteries to the heart narrow and restrict blood flow, which often leads to heart attacks.

“We have no controlled trials demonstrating that statin therapy plus CoQ10 improves mortality more than statins alone,” said Mortensen. “But statins reduce CoQ10, and circulating CoQ10 prevents the oxidation of LDL effectively, so I think ischaemic patients should supplement statin therapy with CoQ10.”

It’s not easy to know if the truth about CoQ10 is breaking through the matrix, or whether this promotion is a warmup to have it made into a costly prescription “drug.” If it is the latter, we could expect Big Pharma to use the lowest quality Chinese manufacturer, unlike CocoQ-10™, which not only uses Japanese manufactured CoQ10 but also organic coconut oil and medium chain triglycerides in a soft-gel.

Either way, though, CoQ10’s role as a valuable supplement is becoming mainstream.

FULL DISCLOSURE: In the interest of disclosure, this writer is associated with Carotec Inc., a company which sells CocoQ-10™, a Coenzyme Q10 nutritional supplement advertised in American Free Press. Nonetheless, even I am pleasantly surprised at the mainstream promotion of CoQ10, as well as the sharply worded studies from establishment science researchers highlighting its benefits.

James Spounias is the president of Carotec Inc., originally founded by renowned radio show host and alternative health expert Tom Valentine.

Doctor Warns World About ‘Toxic Burden’

One doctor has come forward to risk the wrath of the medical-industrial complex and the establishment by blasting toxic additives that have been added to vaccines.

By James Spounias

There are some cracks in the medical-industrial complex, and one of the most electric issues facing medicine today is the matter of vaccinations, discussion of which can result in heated conversations akin to religious fervor.

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Dr. Daniel Neides, a medical doctor associated with the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, got himself into hot water by writing a column on vaccinations that says, in part:

How can you call it preservative-free, yet still put a preservative in it? And worse yet, formaldehyde is a known carcinogen. Yet, here we are, being lined up like cattle and injected with an unsafe product. Within 12 hours of receiving the vaccine, I was in bed feeling miserable and missed two days of work with a terrible cough and body aches.

My anger actually stems from a constant toxic burden that is contributing to the chronic disease epidemic. And yet the government continues to talk out of both sides of its mouth. We want our citizens to be healthy and take full advantage of the best healthcare system in the world (so we think), yet we don’t treat our bodies with the love and attention they deserve.

Our air, water, and food supplies are completely compromised, and so it is time for us to take matters into our own hands.

We live in a toxic soup. There are over 80,000 chemicals used in various industries countrywide. There are over 2,000 new chemicals being introduced annually. We breathe in these chemicals through exhaust, eat them in our processed foods (just look at the labels that have 20 or 30 ingredients, and good luck pronouncing their names), textiles (clothing, bedding, furniture), and personal care products, including make-up, deodorant, shampoos, and soaps.

Toxins accumulate in our fat cells if they are not eliminated and interrupt normal bodily functions. Your body should be a finely tuned machine with all of the organ systems working in concert together. But when toxins disrupt normal function, problems can occur.

Those problems include cancers, auto-immune diseases, neurologic problems like autism, ADHD, and Parkinson’s disease, and the most prevalent chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Neides is not “anti-vaccine,” even though the comments in his article did get him into trouble with the high priests of medicine, who simply do not allow any dissent on the controversy.

The “toxic burden” has been written about repeatedly by this writer and many others—who have been ignored or dismissed as cranks—for a long time.

Will the fact we are dying because of toxic burden, among other preventable causes, force public outcry to bring light to how pollution affects us and lead to a concrete plan to minimize toxins and detoxify us all? Or will we continue to ignore the issue, to our own peril, and get caught in the tangled web of manufactured distractions of no consequence?

James Spounias is the president of Carotec Inc., originally founded by renowned radio show host and alternative health expert Tom Valentine.

We Told You So: Antibiotic Resistance & the Food Supply

Two decades ago, health pioneers warned the world about the deadly effects of overuse of antibiotics. In the past few years, we have seen allopathic medications creating bacteria that are completely resistant to all forms of medicine known to doctors. Are we seeing a new age where otherwise healthy people will die of once-common ailments?

By James Spounias

Antibiotic resistance is in the news again, but there’s nothing new about this pervasive problem. In the Feb. 26, 2001 edition of The Spotlight, Tom Valentine warned about the danger of  antibiotics in America’s food supply, predicting that “antibiotic ‘wonders’ may be turning into a terrible health catastrophe, as greed and abuse provoke a serious ‘counter-revolution’ by pathogenic bacteria. Today virtually every public health institution is wary that antimicrobial resistance is a problem of ‘growing urgency.’ ”

The galling aspect of Valentine’s story was that antibiotics were not used for the health of animals but rather to fatten them up so they will fetch more money. The fatter the animal, the more money big agriculture gets, health be damned.

Valentine chastised big agriculture, big pharma, and do-nothing federal agencies for allowing this practice, without any concern for the health and welfare of the American people.

Valentine quoted the Union of Concerned Scientists, who issued a stern warning: “Tetracycline, penicillin, erythromycin, and other antimicrobials that are important in human use are used extensively in the absence of disease for nontherapeutic purposes in today’s livestock production. Cattle, swine, and poultry are routinely given antimicrobials throughout much of their lives.”

Bug Out While You Still Can! Learn More…

While the prospect of antibiotic resistance has been reported for a long time, alarm bells should now be ringing loudly, not just every time someone is said to have died of “antibiotic” resistance.

Is it any surprise that big agriculture, big pharma, and government ignore the obvious except when they desire to promote some other agenda?

Sixteen years after Valentine’s Spotlight article, National Public Radio (NPR) reported, on Dec. 22, 2016, that more antibiotics are being used in agriculture, in spite of the marketing pitches of restaurants and food companies pledging to sell animal products with minimal or no antibiotics.

NPR reported: “The FDA and other public health agencies have been pushing farmers to rely less on these drugs. Heavy use of antibiotics both in human medicine and in agriculture has led to the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria, complicating the task of treating many infections.”

Let’s get this straight: State and federal agencies have conducted SWAT team raids on raw-food providers, vitamin sellers, and medical professionals practicing alternative medicine, but somehow can’t “push” farmers (i.e., big agriculture) to use fewer or no antibiotics, which they know are putting the nation’s health at risk?

Such wimpy sentiment would be comical were the health of Americans not in peril. One case in September 2016, involving the death of a Reno, Nev. woman, who passed away due to antibiotic resistance, received national attention, but not without an agenda.

The unnamed woman’s case was reported in the Jan. 13 Centers for Disease Control Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, which noted that the patient had Klebsiella pneumoniae, a bug that is often implicated in urinary tract infections and is in a class of bacteria known as carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (CRE), which is considered highly resistant.

Doctors in Reno stated the patient’s infection was resistant to 14 different antibiotics, and samples sent to the CDC in Atlanta showed resistance to 26 antibiotics.

Dr. Alexander Kallen of the CDC stated: “I think it’s concerning. We have relied for so long on just newer and newer antibiotics. But obviously, the bugs can often [develop resistance] faster than we can make new ones.”

With all due respect, “newer and newer antibiotics” are not the solution, as we in the sane health movement have been warning for decades.


It’s also worth noting that because the patient had traveled to India and received medical care there, the CDC’s handwringing involved mention of the need to find out where patients had traveled and whether they’ve been hospitalized abroad.

How curious, given the fact that antibiotic resistance is anything but a “foreign” problem.

The unstated agenda of keeping more extensive track of Americans via microchips or other high-tech means will be seeded into the subconscious part of American “memory” as necessary to thwart the spread of superbugs.

James Spounias is the president of Carotec Inc., originally founded by renowned radio show host and alternative health expert Tom Valentine.