Watergate Documentary Twists History

The History Channel’s multi-part series is blatant anti-Trump Democrat propaganda.

By S.T. Patrick

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. In that closing statement, director Charles Ferguson reminds us that “Watergate,” his six-part documentary, is not as much about reassessing the twilight of Richard Nixon’s presidency as it is a less-than-subtle commentary on President Donald Trump.

As further evidence, consider the documentary’s full title: “Watergate—Or, How We Learned to Stop an Out-of-Control President.” The phrase “learned to stop” implies that the roadmap has already been documented. It is the execution of the roadmap that must now commence. Also consider that its three-night airing on the History Channel occurred throughout the weekend before the mid-term elections. At that point, it also becomes a Democratic Party campaign ad.

Real Watergate Scandal, Shepard
Collusion, Conspiracy and the Plot, from Geoff Shepard. At the AFP Online Store.

Ferguson knows three categories of Republicans in the film. There are those Watergate Committee senators and FBI/Justice Department appointees who bravely stand up against Nixon’s tyrannical discretions. There are interviewees such as Pat Buchanan, who Ferguson “corrects” after most of Buchanan’s remarks. Lastly, there are the evil stalwarts of “Berlin Wall” loyalism who protect Nixon from the real world and continuously offer increasingly illegal advice. These are the Haldemans, Ehrlichmans, and Colsons of the White House. There were no good men who remained loyal, according to Ferguson’s premise, though this is probably the correct category in which Buchanan belongs. It may also be a veiled warning to those appointees, aids, and staffers within the Trump administration.

One figure that is left unjudged is John Dean, the White House counsel from 1970-1973. While the personality traits of Chief of Staff H.R. Haldeman, domestic policy chief John Ehrlichman, National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger, and Nixon are all cartoonishly emphasized by laughable dramatizations, Dean is portrayed as offering the smart, if not always legal, advice. He is also someone whom Ferguson relies on heavily via interview.

Dean finally admitted to one count of conspiracy after having testified to the Senate Watergate Committee under “use immunity,” which meant that nothing he said could be used to prosecute him later. He was never given the full immunity he had desired, though MSNBC has done everything in its power to rehab Dean’s image.

Because Dean’s testimony before the committee, as well as in Ferguson’s treatment, drove the story, nothing was mentioned of his link to the break-in or the Heidi Rikan call-girl ring that was operating out of the Democratic National Committee (the ring for which author Phil Stanford has since provided photographic evidence). Gen. Alexander Haig, Haldeman’s replacement as chief of staff, also goes unscathed throughout the four-plus hours. Ferguson received an immense amount of cooperation from Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Therefore, though Haig has been tied to Woodward, well before the Watergate years, by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Adm. Thomas Moorer, Defense Secretary Melvin Laird, and a Pentagon spokesman, it is never mentioned.

Nixon's White House Wars, Buchanan
Pat Buchanan on Nixon’s White House Wars, from the AFP Online Store

Deep Throat is still identified as FBI Deputy Associate Director Mark Felt and is only briefly mentioned. Without Dean as a major factor in the break-ins and without Haig pushing the downfall, what we have in the film isn’t truth. Instead, it’s a glorification of textbook history, and it’s the kind of mainstream media mythology that continues to be pushed in order to maintain its elite political order.

It is Sen. Howard Baker (R-Tenn.) who performs the film’s face turn. He and Fred Thompson, minority counsel for the Republican senators, are labelled as moles on the committee.

What the committee said, Nixon’s men heard through Baker and Thompson. It was Baker who would famously ask Dean what Nixon knew and when he knew it. But when Baker realized that Nixon had been involved in the cover-up, Baker jumped into the fray head-first, questioning Ehrlichman in what one reporter called a “hostile” interrogation. Baker, the way the filmmakers portray it, had finally joined the good guys. Is this a reminder to honest Trump loyalists that redemption is a possible and worthwhile endeavor?

In an attempt at seeming not wholly partisan, committee member Sen. Lowell Weicker (R-Conn.) was presented as someone who had to throw the most rancorous fish overboard to save the boat.

“The best thing I could do for the Republican Party’s point of view was to try and protect the Republican Party as being distinct and separate from Richard Nixon,” Weicker remembered in the documentary.

Get Out of CashIn the Nixon tapes, the president does point his finger at the man he fully believed, with all of the information given to him, was behind Watergate. “This is a Dean plot. Period,” Nixon said. Critical Nixon biographer Richard Reeves also described Dean’s motivations vividly. “[Dean’s] loyalty was not to Richard Nixon,” Reeves said. “His loyalty was to John Dean.” Still yet, Dean comes across in the end as the affable, tough survivor rather than the co-conspirator or the instigator.

The obvious political nature of this historical documentary is supposed to tweak the erratic behaviors Never-Trumpers have embedded within them. That was an easy match to light for Ferguson. The deeper lesson of the documentary was aimed at Republicans, and it’s a lesson they were also supposed to learn from Woodward’s Fear: The ship is sinking. Abort. Even if you are a believer, you can’t save it. Get out with your integrity intact. But by all means, leak. Leak to the good mainstream journalists who are actively trying to unearth the evil that men do. Then you, too, could be a redeemed Baker, an honest partisan like Weicker, or even a Deep Throat. Maybe, however, ignoring the truth of Dean, Haig, et al., will doom us to repeating it.

S.T. Patrick holds degrees in both journalism and social studies education. He spent 10 years as an educator and now hosts the “Midnight Writer News Show.” His email is STPatrickAFP@gmail.com.

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Here Are Two History Books That Get Their Facts Straight

Authors Stephen Goodson and Peter Hitchens should be commended for their honest assessment of history, especially when compared to, say, chief 9/11 myth-maker Philip Zelikow.

By Dr. Kevin Barrett

What is the difference between history and myth? Not much, according to University of Virginia history professor Philip Zelikow. The main author of The 9/11 Commission Report, Zelikow describes himself as “an expert on the creation and maintenance of public myths.” He defines public myths as: “beliefs (1) thought to be true (although not necessarily known with certainty) and (2) shared in common within the relevant political community.” As the fraudulent fabricator of the official story of 9/11—Zelikow wrote the report in chapter outline before the commission had even convened—his job was to make sure that the “bin Laden and 19 young Arabs” myth was seared into the collective consciousness of Americans, so it would be forever “shared within the relevant political community” even though it was a big lie.

Zelikow knows that to enshrine a public myth, you need vivid characters, including larger-than-life heroes and villains: “A history’s narrative power is typically linked to how readers relate to the actions of individuals in the history.” That is why textbook history highlights such memorably heroic figures as Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, alongside the dastardly villains Hitler, Mussolini, Robert E. Lee, Muammar Qaddafi, Osama bin Laden, Guy Fawkes, and so on.

History of Central Banking
Available from the AFP Online Store.

The 2017 third edition of Stephen Mitford Goodson’s A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind features many larger-than-life figures on its cover. Lincoln, Hitler, Kennedy, and Qaddafi are pictured side-by-side. But in Goodson’s version of the past 2,500 years, the two canonical villains (Hitler and Qaddafi) like the canonical heroes (Lincoln and Kennedy) all waged heroic struggles against the real villains: the international bankers who are relentlessly degrading humanity, through the diabolical tool of usury, into abject debt slavery.

Goodson covers a lot of revisionist history in only 200 pages. Though I thought I knew my political assassinations, A History of Central Banking argues that big bankers have murdered more of their opponents than I had realized: not just Qaddafi, JFK, Lincoln, Charles I, and the Romanovs, but also Julius Caesar, Napoleon, British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval (d. 1812), many heirs and relations of the “Sun King” Louis XIV, President James Garfield, Rep. Louis Thomas McFadden (R-Pa.), and many more.

Perhaps the most controversial aspect of A History of Central Banking is its world war revisionism: Much of what we have been taught about World War I and World War II is wrong, beginning with the relative heroism and villainy of various larger-than-life leaders. Goodson argues that both wars were orchestrated by international bankers, and that the people our textbooks call heroes were actually stooges of those bankers, while many of the canonical villains were actually rather noble, at least in their willingness to defy the greatest and most diabolical powers on Earth.

Goodson, who died last August, was no conspiracy crank, but the director of the South African Reserve Bank from 2003 to 2012. Like economic hit man John Perkins and International Monetary Fund whistleblower Peter Koenig, Goodson was a banking insider who dared to tell the truth about his monumentally crooked profession.

Get Out of CashAnother author who has rubbed shoulders with the establishment yet tells heretical truths is Daily Mail columnist Peter Hitchens, whose new book The Phoney Victory (I.B. Tauris Publishers) supports Goodson’s case that our textbook histories of World War II lionize the real villains. The most egregious example of a villain-in-hero’s-clothing, Hitchens argues, is Winston Churchill, a bumbling drunken incompetent who stumbled into the wrong war at the wrong time, lost his country’s empire and wealth thanks to an endless chain of terrible decisions, committed some of the worst war crimes of his or any other era, yet is to this day lionized and mythologized by our ignorant and mendacious media.

Hitchens’s conclusion is that World War II must be demythologized or we will be condemned to repeat it: “Peace, precarious peace, depends now more than ever on casting off these fantasies of chivalry and benevolence and ceasing to hide the savage truth from ourselves.” Though he doesn’t state it outright, Hitchens must know that the most savage truth of all is the one exposed by Goodson’s History of Central Banking: The real villains are neither prime ministers nor presidents, neither general secretaries nor fuhrers.

They are instead the hidden tyrants who dominate and devastate our planet: the international bankers, who orchestrate all our wars in order to tighten their psychopathic grip on our collective throats. Conclusion: The real hero’s journey of our time is the quest to abolish usury.

Kevin Barrett, Ph.D., is an Arabist-Islamologist scholar and one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror. From 1991 through 2006, Dr. Barrett taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin. In 2006, however, he was attacked by Republican state legislators who called for him to be fired from his job at the University of Wisconsin-Madison due to his political opinions.

How Democracy Is Losing the World

While dire situations are evident around the world, the U.S. media is fixated on destroying its president for a host of absurd reasons. Who can take the former “exemplar and champion” of democracy seriously anymore?

By Patrick J. Buchanan

If Donald Trump told Michael Cohen to pay hush money to Stormy Daniels about a one-night stand a decade ago, that, says Jerome Nadler, incoming chair of House Judiciary, would be an “impeachable offense.”

This tells you what social media, cable TV and the great herd of talking heads will be consumed with for the next two years—the peccadillos and misdeeds of Trump, almost all of which occurred before being chosen as president of the United States.

“Everywhere President Trump looks,” writes The Washington Times‘s Rowan Scarborough, “there are Democrats targeting him from New York to Washington to Maryland … lawmakers, state attorneys general, opposition researchers, bureaucrats, and activist defense lawyers.

“They are aiming at Russia collusion, the Trump Organization, the Trump Foundation, a Trump hotel, Trump tax returns, Trump campaign finances, and supposed money laundering.”

The full-court press is on. Day and night we will be hearing debate on the great question: Will the elites that loathe him succeed in bringing Trump down, driving him from office, and prosecuting and putting him in jail?

Says Adam Schiff, the incoming chair of the House intelligence committee: “Donald Trump may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time.”

And what will a watching world be thinking when it sees the once-great republic preoccupied with breaking yet another president?

Will that world think: Why can’t we be more like America?

Does the world still envy us our free press, which it sees tirelessly digging up dirt on political figures and flaying them with abandon?

Among the reasons democracy is in discredit and retreat worldwide is that its exemplar and champion, the USA, is beginning to resemble France’s Third Republic in its last days before World War II.

Also, democracy no longer has the field largely to itself as to how to create a prosperous and powerful nation-state.

This century, China has shown aspiring rulers how a single-party regime can create a world power, and how democracy is not a necessary precondition for extraordinary economic progress.

Vladimir Putin, an autocratic nationalist, has shown how a ruined nation can be restored to a great power in the eyes of its people and the world, commanding a new deference and respect.

Democracy is a bus you get off when it reaches your stop, says Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan. After the attempted coup in the summer of 2017, Erdogan purged his government and military of tens of thousands of enemies and jailed more journalists than any other nation.

Yet he is welcomed in the capitals of the world.

Suicide of a Superpower, Buchanan
Can America Survive to 2025?On SALE at AFP!

What does American democracy now offer the world as its foremost attribute, its claim to greatness?

“Our diversity is our strength!” proclaims this generation.

We have become a unique nation composed of peoples from every continent and country, every race, ethnicity, culture, and creed on Earth.

But is not diversity what Europe is openly fleeing from?

Is there any country of the Old Continent clamoring for more migrants from the Maghreb, sub-Sahara or Middle East?

Broadly, it seems more true to say that the world is turning away from transnationalism toward tribalism, and away from diversity and back to the ethno-nationalism whence the nations came.

The diversity our democracy has on offer is not selling.

Ethnic, racial, and religious minorities, such as the Uighurs and Tibetans in China, the Rohingya in Myanmar, minority black tribes in sub-Sahara Africa, and white farmers in South Africa, can testify that popular majority rule often means mandated restrictions or even an end to minority rights.

In the Middle East, free elections produced a Muslim Brotherhood president in Egypt, Hamas in Palestine, Hezbollah in Lebanon. After this, a disillusioned Bush 43 White House called off the democracy crusade.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, relates how one minority is treated in much of the Muslim world:

“Christians face daily the threat of violence, murder, intimidation, prejudice, and poverty … .

Get Out of Cash“In the last few years, they have been slaughtered by so-called Islamic State. … Hundreds of thousands have been forced from their homes. Many have been killed, enslaved, and persecuted or forcibly converted. Even those who remain ask the question, ‘Why stay?’

“Christian communities that were the foundation of the universal Church now face the threat of imminent extinction.”

And all the while this horror is going on, Ronald Reagan’s treaty that banned all U.S. and Soviet nuclear missiles with a range between 310 and 3,400 miles faces collapses. And President Trump’s initiative to bring about a nuclear-free North Korea appears in peril.

Yet, for the next two years, we will be preoccupied with whether paying hush money to Stormy Daniels justifies removing a president, and exactly when Michael Cohen stopped talking to the Russians about his boss building a Trump Tower in Moscow.

We are an unserious nation, engaged in trivial pursuits, in a deadly serious world.

Pat Buchanan is a writer, political commentator and presidential candidate. He is the author several books available from the AFP Online Storeincluding Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever and previous titles including The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority, Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? and Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War.


What Ever Happened to the Vaccine-Autism Commission?

Americans concerned about dangerous effects of vaccinations had hoped, based on candidate Trump’s statements, that the new president would empanel a commission to review the dangerous practice. Unfortunately, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says that seems to have fallen off the president’s priorities list.

By Donald Jeffries

Shortly before the inauguration of President Donald Trump, stories appeared all across the mainstream media about a proposed presidential commission to study the possible links between vaccines and autism. What made the story all the more intriguing was that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told The Washington Post and other outlets that Trump had tapped him to chair the commission.

The article regarding this in the Jan. 10, 2017 issue of the Post epitomized the biased nature of the press. In the opening sentence, Kennedy was smeared for being “a proponent of a widely discredited theory that vaccines cause autism.”

Predictably, Trump appeared to immediately retreat in the midst of this media backlash, with a spokeswoman for the president-elect issuing a statement only hours later, which threw water on the idea. Trump, like Kennedy, has a history of being critical of vaccines, and had met with Kennedy at Trump Tower.

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe
“Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe” available at the AFP Online Store.

Following the meeting, Trump transition spokeswoman Hope Hicks issued the following statement: “The president-elect enjoyed his discussion with Robert Kennedy Jr. on a range of issues and appreciates his thoughts and ideas. The president-elect is exploring the possibility of forming a commission on autism, which affects so many families; however, no decisions have been made at this time.”

After meeting with the president-elect, Kennedy told reporters assembled in the lobby of New York’s Trump Tower: “President-elect Trump has some doubts about the current vaccine policies, and he has questions about it. His opinion doesn’t matter, but the science does matter, and we ought to be reading the science, and we ought to be debating the science.” Kennedy would later state that he’d met “many times” with members of Trump’s transition team.

The Post spoke for the entire Deep State when it closed this article with, “The announcement was met with alarm from health professionals who say that putting a proponent of a conspiracy theory in a position of authority on the issue is dangerous.”

The article quoted Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and president of the Sabin Vaccine Institute, as saying, “That’s very frightening; it’s difficult to imagine anyone less qualified to serve on a commission for vaccine science. … The science is clear: massive evidence showing no link between vaccines and autism… . Our nation’s public health will suffer if this nascent neo-anti-vaxxer movement is not stopped immediately.”

Corporate Ties That Bind
“An Examination of Corporate Manipulation and Vested Interest in Public Health,” from the AFP Online Store.

Kennedy had been highly critical of vaccines for years. “They get the shot. That night they have a fever of 103. They go to sleep, and three months later their brain is gone,” Kennedy said at the premiere of an anti-vaccination 2015 film screening. “This is a holocaust, what this is doing to our country.”

Kennedy has been labeled the iconic family’s most noted “conspiracy theorist.” In 2006, he wrote an article for Rolling Stone magazine, which was later taken off of their web site, alleging massive voter fraud in the 2004 election. He has also become the first member of the Kennedy family to openly question the lone-assassin conclusion in the assassinations of both his uncle and his father.

During one of the Republican presidential debates in 2015, Trump had clashed with fellow candidate Ben Carson on the issue.

“We had so many instances, people that work for me, just the other day, two years old, a beautiful child, went to have the vaccine and came back and a week later got a tremendous fever, got very, very sick, now is autistic,” Trump stated.

Trump continued to tweet about the subject, and before the election met with some prominent anti-vaccine activists, including Dr. Andrew Wakefield of Great Britain, widely considered the foremost expert on the links between vaccines and autism, before the establishment succeeded in getting him disbarred. The “Age of Autism” website, which looks at myriad causes for autism, was overjoyed at this, declaring that Trump “was extremely educated on our issues.”

Earlier this year, Kennedy boldly called the Centers for Disease Control “a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry.”

Get Out of CashThere was little updated news about the proposed commission until February 2018, when Kennedy said he’d had no contact with the White House for at least six months. “I would say there’s zero progress,” Kennedy explained to The Guardian. “We were told President Trump wanted to meet directly with us. Not only did nothing happen, they’ve cut off all communication with people who care about this issue. The administration [is going] in another direction.”

Kennedy added, “I’ve seen a tremendous deflation among a community of parents and children’s health advocates across the country who believed the promises that President Trump made to the campaign, who put tremendous faith in him and now are feeling enormous betrayal and disappointment.”

Donald Jeffries is a highly respected author and researcher whose work on the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations and other high crimes of the Deep State has been read by millions of people across the world. Jeffries is also the author of two books currently being sold by the AFP Online Store.

Tide Turning Against Neo-Bolsheviks

The recent arrest of a top antifa terrorist sparks hope that law enforcement will finally begin to probe the radical left. Will some measure of justice finally be brought to the radical left? 

By John Friend

A prominent leader of the Philadelphia-based antifa movement was recently charged with crimes relating to an assault on a number of United States Marine Corps reservists that took place on the afternoon of Saturday, Nov. 17, near a “We the People” rally at Independence Mall in the City of Brotherly Love.

The rally, which was organized primarily on social media, attempted to bring together a variety of patriotic, pro-America organizations and individuals concerned about the future of the country. As is typical of conservative rallies, counterprotesters showed up to demonstrate against the rally, including a number of individuals affiliated with the antifa movement, which is known for violently confronting and assaulting its political opponents at public events.

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According to the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD), a group of counterprotesters confronted and attacked multiple Marine Corps reservists near the “We the People” rally around 3:20 p.m., accusing the reservists of being “Nazis” and “white supremacists.” Following the verbal confrontation, the reservists were sprayed with mace and then violently assaulted with punches and kicks by the counterprotesters. One counterprotester allegedly stole a reservist’s cell phone during the violent assault before the entire group fled the scene following their unprovoked attack.

The PPD issued a call for help from the public in identifying the individuals responsible for the violent assault on the reservists, publishing a short video captured at the event that featured many of the attackers. Soon thereafter, Philadelphia police announced they had arrested one of the suspects: Tom Keenan, a man well-known for his involvement and leadership role in the antifa movement.

Keenan, a prominent 33-year-old activist and far-left-wing organizer who had counterprotested other right-wing events in the past, including the infamous Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va. late last summer, turned himself in to police last week, Philly Mag reported. Keenan was charged with two counts each of criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault, terroristic threats, simple assault, and reckless endangerment.

Keenan was not charged with robbery, and other suspects believed to have been involved in the violent assault are still at large. After posting bail, Keenan was released from police custody and is currently awaiting a preliminary hearing scheduled for Dec. 6.

Keenan was previously arrested in 2007 after counterprotesting a purported Ku Klux Klan rally at a city park near Philadelphia’s city hall. At the time, he was charged with criminal conspiracy, institutional vandalism, resisting arrest, and criminal mischief before entering into a plea deal.

Keenan eventually pleaded guilty to one count of disorderly conduct, and the rest of the charges were dropped.

According to Christopher Cantwell, a popular libertarian-leaning radio host who attended and participated in the Unite the Right rally last summer, Keenan “was actively assaulting people” during the civil rights rally in Charlottesville, including pepper spraying rally-goers.

Keenan’s associate, Tom Massey, yet another prominent activist with the antifa movement in Philadelphia, is also allegedly connected with the assault on the Marine Corps reservists and is currently being investigated by police. Massey also attended the Unite the Right rally and, according to Cantwell, “threw the first punches that ignited all the violence of that weekend.”

Thus far, few if any of the far-left-wing counterprotesters who engaged in unprovoked violence against the right-wing rally goers at the Unite the Right rally have been investigated and prosecuted, while countless conservatives and right-wingers, including Cantwell himself, have been pursued and arrested by law enforcement authorities.

Get Out of CashCantwell and others have provided law enforcement officials, including the FBI, with detailed information relating to the far-left-wing political violence carried out during the Unite the Right rally, yet officials have largely refused to move forward with further investigations or prosecutions. Many people are hoping the recent assault in Philadelphia will finally bring at least some of the radical left-wing terrorists, who have been openly engaging in premeditated acts of political violence, to justice.

“This is a slam dunk case,” Brad Griffin, an independent journalist, blogger, and activist with the League of the South, recently wrote. “He attacked a group of Marines. He was almost certainly behind the attack on Philadelphia police at the Blue Lives Matter rally in August. He is on video starting the violence in Charlottesville. He has attempted to intimidate people at their private homes. Undoubtedly, there are all kinds of other charges lurking in his criminal record.”

“Keenan’s arrest and prosecution will hopefully land him behind bars for several years, thus making Philly safer and creating space for free speech on Philly’s streets, something that Keenan made it his personal mission to crush by any means necessary,” Mike Peinovich, co-host of the popular radio program “The Daily Shoah,” who also attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, stated on Twitter in reaction to Keenan’s arrest.

Will some measure of justice finally be brought to the radical left? Their brazen acts of political violence and terrorism must be addressed in order to begin re-establishing the rule of law and traditional political norms in American society.

John Friend is a freelance writer based in California.

Americans More Polarized Than Ever

The elites have reason to cheer the expansion of political polarization and the “presidential approval gap,” now wider than it’s been since the 1950s.  “If Americans remain habitually tied to the slash-and-burn politics of the new millennium, then the process wins, the status quo wins.”

By S.T. Patrick

Are Americans more politically polarized than at any time in recent history? According to the work of the Pew Research Center, the answer is yes. While polarization statistics have hit an apex during and because of the Trump presidency, the trend is not brand new. A fuller divide began growing during both the George W. Bush and Barack Obama presidencies.

Political polarization is measured by the approval gap—the presidential approval rating difference between supporters of both parties. The Trump gap numbers are at an all-time high: Republicans overwhelmingly approve of the job he has done in office, while Democrats give him historically low approval numbers. The gap is, therefore, wider than it has been in modern polling history, which began in the 1950s.

At certain points, the approval gap has mirrored the gap on issues between genders, age groups, races, and income levels. Not today. In the Eighties, the approval gap was an anomaly.

While Ronald Reagan was more polarizing toward the end of his presidency, Americans still shared similar views on certain issues, regardless of party identification. The gap between the GOP and Democrats on immigration in 1984 was a mere two points. Today, there is a 42-point difference between the way self-identifying Republicans and Democrats view immigration. The same can be said for more general issues.

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On the state of the national economy, Republicans and Democrats were within 10 points throughout the Clinton years. Today, the opinion gap between the two on the health of the economy is 37 points. For the first time in over five decades, the American opinion on issues directly correlates to the widening gap on presidential approval. Political polarization has become all-encompassing.

Were there any other factors that caused this divide? Could it only be the Trump effect? How does this cement the power of the elite class that controls the elections, the economy, and war?

First, we must look at the stratification of our entertainment options. The rise of talk radio and ideological cable news in the 1990s caused Americans to pitch a tent in one camp. There was no middle ground allowed. If you were a devotee of Rush Limbaugh, then liberals were “tree-huggers” or “Femi-Nazis.” Hosts on the now defunct left-leaning Air America classified conservatives as people who would harm the elderly or disregard children to put another buck into their own pockets.

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From the successes of talk radio came the divisions in cable news. Fox News has now become the “honest” news outlet for Republicans, and MSNBC has become the “dependable” source for Democratic political analysis. The disingenuous part of it is that both stations refuse to admit a tie to either party or ideology.

Because politics has now become a full-fledged sporting event, Americans are led to cheer anyone who wears the team colors. Debates are now gotcha-fests and speeches are now pep rallies, many replete with actual cheerleaders from local schools. A chorus of choreographed hisses are then propelled at the arch-rival—anyone from the other party. Each politician is turned into a caricature of a label that has been created by talking heads of the opposing party’s vast media machine. Polarization is now a billion-dollar industry combining public relations, personal vetting, image creation, news gathering, labelling, and advertising.

The losers in this political game are the American voters. As each presidential election approaches, those same talking heads begin banging the predictable drums that this election cycle is “the most consequential election in American history.” If you don’t vote for “our candidate,” then it’s as good as voting for the other dreadful candidate. Anyone questioning the monopoly that both parties have on the election process is told that they are wasting their vote and just helping to elect the more sinful candidate. Supporters of Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul are still questioning the legitimacy of their chosen party’s own internal processes.

Get Out of CashFor decades, there have been signs that the age of polarization was coming. Reagan used “the evil empire,” after all, in reference to the Russians, not the Democrats. But with Hillary Clinton’s accusation of a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” Bush’s claim that “you’re either with us or against us,” and Obama’s criticism that conservatives are “bitter” and “cling to their guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them,” the divisions grew. Has half of the country ever really been deplorable? Despite verbal foibles, Bill Clinton sought a working relationship with Newt Gingrich, Bush spoke of a conservatism that is compassionate, and Obama often discussed uniting the country. In Trump, we have the first president who embraces rather than distances himself from the trends of political entertainment.

His nature demands that you love him or hate him. The moderate center that defines the true ideologies of most Americans is anathema to both the president and the current media.

If Americans remain habitually tied to the slash-and-burn politics of the new millennium, then the process wins, the status quo wins. Politicians continue to play the role of victorious, ruling winner or organized, critical loser, until voters cycle each to the other side for a so-called change. But in the end, the elites stay in power, forcing the populace to wear the t-shirt, buy the foam finger, and care about the future of political parties whose motivations show little concern for them. And it is for this that we are divided?

S.T. Patrick holds degrees in both journalism and social studies education. He spent 10 years as an educator and now hosts the “Midnight Writer News Show.” His email is STPatrickAFP@gmail.com.

Audio: Geoff Shepard on ‘The Real Watergate Scandal’

AFP is pleased to offer our readers another excellent interview from writer and radio show host S.T. Patrick’s Midnight Writer News Show: Episode 031 “Reassessing Watergate with Geoff Shepard.”

Hosted by S.T. Patrick

Real Watergate Scandal, Shepard
Collusion, Conspiracy and the Plot, from Geoff Shepard. At the AFP Online Store.

Author, attorney, and Nixon administration insider Geoff Shepard joins S.T. Patrick to reassess the figures and events of the Watergate era. Shepard, the author of The Real Watergate Scandal: Collusion, Conspiracy, and the Plot That Brought Nixon Down, is an expert on the legal malfeasance of the public figures involved, but he also knew many of the administration officials that were so demonized by the media and historical establishment.

What were John Ehrlichman, H.R. Haldeman, John Mitchell, and Charles Colson really like? How did a young Geoff Shepard land his first job in the White House? What was the reaction of Ehrlichman’s Domestic Council to the failed break-ins? How and when did the Watergate story gain traction nationally? Shepard also takes us into the careers of Judge John Sirica and special prosecutors Archibald Cox and Leon Jaworski. … All of this and more in our first discussion with author Geoff Shepard.

Geoff Shepard can be followed at his website, GeoffShepard.com.


Pentagon Fails Its First Audit—Badly

ThePentagon’s first-ever billion-dollar audit investigation reveals a 90% failure rate, but neocons call for more spending. 

By Dr. Ron Paul

The Pentagon has finally completed its first-ever audit, and the results are as many of us expected. After spending nearly a billion dollars to find out what has happened to trillions in unaccounted-for spending, the long look through the books has concluded that only 10% of all Pentagon agencies pass muster. I am surprised any of them did.

Even the Pentagon is not surprised by the failure of the audit. “We failed the audit, but we never expected to pass it,” said Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan. Can we imagine any large U.S. company subject to the prying eyes of the IRS being so unfazed by the discovery that its books have been so mishandled?

Think the IRS Never Loses Cases? Think again!

As with all government programs, but especially when it comes to military spending, the failure of a program never leads to calls for funding reductions. The Pentagon’s failure to properly account for the trillions of taxpayer dollars shoveled in year after year only means, they say, that we need to send more money. Already they are claiming that with more resources—meaning money—they can fix some of the problems identified by the audit.

If you subsidize something you get much more of it, and in this case we are subsidizing Pentagon incompetence. Expect much more of it.

Outgoing chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), warned against concluding that this mishandling trillions of dollars should make us hesitant to continue sending trillions more to the Pentagon.

The failed audit “should not be used as an excuse for arbitrary cuts that reverse the progress we have begun on rebuilding our strength and readiness,” he said.

The neocons concur. Writing in the news and commentary website “Free Beacon,” editor Matthew Continetti, who happens to be Bill Kristol’s son-in-law, warns that now is “the wrong time to cut defense.”

Get Out of CashBut I agree with the young neoconservative Continetti. I would never support cutting a penny of defense, but the Pentagon’s lost trillions have nothing to do with defense. That is money propping up the high lifestyles of those connected to the military-industrial complex.

Continetti and the neocons love to throw out bogeymen like China and Russia as excuses for more military spending, but in fact they are hardly objective observers. Look at how much the military contractors spend funding the neocon publications and neocon think tanks telling us that we need more military spending. All this money is stolen from the productive economy and diverted to enrich neocon cheerleaders at our expense.

Of course, the real problem with the Pentagon and military spending in general is not waste, fraud, and abuse. It is not $10,000 toilet seats or coffee mugs. The problem with military spending is the philosophy that drives it. If the U.S. strategy is to maintain a global military empire, there will never be enough spending because there is never enough to control every corner of the globe. But if we are to return to a well-defended republic, military spending could easily be reduced by 75% while keeping us completely safe. The choice is ours.

Ron Paul, a former U.S. representative from Texas and medical doctor, continues to write his weekly column for the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, online at www.ronpaulinstitute.org.

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Why Are Houses Burning, But Not Trees?

Massive home destruction from California wildfires may be linked to “smart meters.”

By Mark Anderson

Longtime activist and Eagle Forum of California President Orlean Koehle is highly doubtful that the widespread fires that have ravaged California are the result of errant “camp fires” and other innocuous causes. She is working with Yreka, Calif. Tea Party member Louise Gliatto to call attention to the digital “smart meters” that monitor customer power usage in most of California and the nation. The goal is to inspire citizens to ask whether these devices are a major reason that entire neighborhoods of homes—in the fires last year and this year—burned so intensely and completely, and often in a uniformly bizarre manner.

Mrs. Koehle said on Nov. 26 that the Press Democrat newspaper in Santa Rosa, Calif. declined to publish her guest column about evidence that smart meters have a low threshold of resistance to power surges and can explode, thereby causing ultra-hot fires when that threshold is breached.

Kingdom Identity

However, another newspaper, the Yreka area’s Siskiyou Daily News in Siskiyou County, ran her column.

Focusing on the fall 2017 Santa Rosa fires, Mrs. Koehle wrote in her column: “So many people are placing the blame for the horrendous fires in Santa Rosa last year (where over 5,000 homes were destroyed and 42 people killed) on PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electrical) for not taking better care of their power lines, which were falling down in the high 60-80 mph winds during the evening and night of Oct. 7-8 and creating sparks that started the fires. Could that be only half of the story?”

She continued: “According to an expert, Bill Bathgate, an electrical engineer who has worked for the Department of Defense, when the power lines were downed they created an electrical surge that went directly to the homes that have smart meters and ‘caused a significant fault and an explosion of the meters.’ The smart meters are designed to resist 300 volts of surge, but the surge was probably much higher—in the thousands of volts—and caused them to explode. Could this explain why so many people as they were fleeing their homes the night of Oct. 8 heard the sound of ‘pop-pop-pop’ explosions?”

Mrs. Koehle told this AFP writer that, according to Bathgate, electrical fires burn with higher temperatures than a normal fire, up to around 3,000 to 4,000 degrees, “hot enough to melt metal” and “even ceramics” including toilets and tubs.

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She added that this could explain “why hardly anything was left in the homes except the brick fireplaces.” Moreover, “all refrigerators, washing machines and other appliances were melted and the cars in garages were left with only their steel frame; all aluminum had melted, all electrical components were gone, and even the rubber had melted off the tire frames.”

Mrs. Koehle’s home in Rincon Valley in Santa Rosa was directly in the path of the “Tubbs fire” in October 2017, but their home miraculously survived the fire even when their neighbors’ homes around them burned to the ground, again with all metals melted.

Mrs. Koehle and her husband were the only area homeowners who refused PG&E’s smart meter. They kept their old analog meter that lacked a radio-frequency chip and had nothing in it to make it explode. Tragically, in the aftermath of the blaze, the local utility audaciously installed a smart meter anyway.

Analog meters are also grounded, so if there is a surge, it goes into the ground and there is no explosion, Mrs. Koehle said. In south Stockton, Calif., back in March of 2015, more than 5,000 homes were left without electricity after a power line was reportedly hit by a dump truck. The collision caused the upper wire of the power line to fall on the bottom wire, sparking a power surge that caused hundreds of smart meters “to literally explode.”

As for Ms. Gliatto—who agrees that evidence is mounting that smart meters are a strong factor in California’s fires—she said that, as a conservative in north Siskiyou County, it’s not always easy to agree with the more liberal-minded residents to the south, but exploring the smart meter angle has brought about the kind of unity that can easily happen when people stop listening to the divisive mainstream media and start talking amongst themselves to take action.

Get Out of Cash“I found a like-minded person in south county who’s very liberal. And the liberal was shocked that a conservative like me is concerned about smart meters,” she said, while describing the resulting cooperative activities.

“We went to different libraries, one in north county and two in south county to give presentations, and we joined forces with a retired electrician.

We did letters to the editor and a protest in front of our provider, Pacific Power’s office building, and put YouTube videos of the protest online,” she explained. She added that southern Oregon activists are joining northern Californians in the wake of this year’s fires to fully study the issue and seek measures to help people opt out of having to use smart meters, among other objectives.

Mark Anderson is AFP’s roving editor. He invites your thoughtful comments and story ideas at truthhound2@yahoo.com.

Long-Lost Garrison Files to Be Released

Famed New Orleans district attorney’s information on the JFK murder may finally become public thanks to award-winning journalist and documentary producer.

By Donald Jeffries

John Barbour, the Emmy award-winning journalist and show business veteran, has announced his intention to release long-suppressed files from the investigation conducted by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison. The renegade district attorney drew the ire of the entire establishment with his investigation into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which began in 1967 and inspired Oliver Stone’s award-winning 1991 film “JFK.” Barbour was granted the only interview Garrison gave after losing the Clay Shaw trial and would produce the documentaries “The Garrison Tapes” and the recent, groundbreaking “The American Media and the 2nd Assassination of President John F. Kennedy.”

When Harry Connick took over as district attorney in New Orleans, he ordered a police officer to destroy all of Garrison’s files. That officer felt the records were historically important and had them copied. Geno Munari, owner and proprietor of Houdini’s Magic Shop in Las Vegas, found the Garrison files for sale on eBay and bought them. After viewing Barbour’s new film on the media and the JFK assassination, he was so moved that he sent him $500. He followed that up by giving him the massive treasure trove of Garrison files—67 boxes in all.

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Barbour was drawn in by the very first file he read, which was David Ferrie’s admission that he was affiliated with the CIA. Barbour actually mentioned another one of these files in his film, which dealt with a 1967 CIA memorandum to its legal staff instructing them to render all possible aid to Shaw, the man Garrison was prosecuting.

Garrison was attacked relentlessly in the mainstream media, with a furor that was unmatched until the election of President Donald Trump.

This included Johnny Carson dropping any pretense of impartiality during Garrison’s appearance on “The Tonight Show” and an NBC special that was so overtly biased the network was forced to grant the embattled district attorney air time to respond. Garrison was left to try Shaw alone, after all his most important witnesses either died unnaturally or were protected by governors of other states (including California’s Ronald Reagan and, ironically, Texas’s John Connally), who denied Garrison’s extradition orders.

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Garrison attempted to charge Shaw with perjury immediately after the trial, but a typically biased judge issued an injunction forbidding the district attorney and his office from further prosecution of him.

Barbour told this reporter that he felt a historical responsibility to release such important information to the public.

“Jim Garrison chose me, quite by accident, to give his only interview in all the years following the Shaw trial,” Barbour said. “I was honored to be his Boswell, and to tell his whole story to the American people.”

Barbour said he was pleasantly surprised by all the attention he garnered from a recent appearance on the popular “SGT Report” podcast, inspiring him to share the files.

Garrison had explained to Barbour that, while the Warren Commission files were sealed for 50 years following the release of the long-discredited Warren Report, his own files weren’t scheduled for release until 20 years after that.

Barbour had a long career in the entertainment field, as a screenwriter for various 1960s television shows, as a standup comic, and as creator and co-host of the number one show “Real People.”

Get Out of CashHe has been called the “godfather of reality television.” Barbour also was Frank Sinatra’s personal writer, until their relationship ended over Barbour’s support for beleaguered “coroner to the stars” Thomas Noguchi, whose findings had contradicted the official conclusions in the assassination of JFK’s brother, Robert F. Kennedy.

Barbour’s interest in the assassination was initially piqued when he read Garrison’s first book on the subject, Heritage of Stone, and he later attempted unsuccessfully to chronicle the actual story of his investigation on “Real People.”

Barbour plans a gradual release of the files, beginning with all the information Garrison compiled on Shaw. While it is unlikely there is a “smoking gun” in Garrison’s files, Barbour’s announcement comes at a time when Trump has waffled back and forth on releasing the remaining classified government documents relating to the Kennedy assassination. Initially, Trump boasted about making all the files public but in April of this year was pressured by the intelligence agencies to withhold some of them until the year 2021.

“The continued withholdings are necessary to protect against identifiable harm to national security, law enforcement, or foreign affairs that is of such gravity that it outweighs the public interest in immediate disclosure,” Trump declared.

Trump did not explain just what “national security” concerns there could be, if the government’s long discredited theory that JFK was killed solely by minimum-wage loser Lee Harvey Oswald without any help from anyone connected to “national security,” is correct.

Donald Jeffries is a highly respected author and researcher whose work on the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations and other high crimes of the Deep State has been read by millions of people across the world. Jeffries is also the author of two books currently being sold by the AFP Online Store.

Global Pushback Against Israel Rises

A growing number of Christian groups and a few brave members of U.S. Congress are no longer willing to bankroll Israel’s genocide.

By Philip Giraldi

One of the remarkable aspects of the Israeli government’s program to turn the United States into a vassal state that exists to provide money, political support, and military interventions to destroy adversaries like Iran is the complete lack of any debate on the issue in the U.S. mainstream media or in Congress. But there are signs that at least some of that might be changing. The election of at least three Democratic congresswomen—Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—who might be willing to discuss Israel in something less than worshipful ways is an only miniscule shift in the alignment of the Democratic party, where Jewish money dominates, but it reflects the views of the party’s grassroots. A recent poll demonstrates that surveyed Democrats favor Israel over Palestine by a margin of only 2%—27% versus 25%—with the remainder of responders favoring neither side.

More significant is last week’s announcement by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) that he intends to place a “hold” on the current package of $38 billion in military aid to Israel, which means he can filibuster the issue in the Senate to delay its passage. Paul, who, like his father, is a skeptic regarding foreign aid in general, did not cite any specific issues connected to the aid package, but critics have long noted that Israel is in fact ineligible for any foreign aid from the United States because it has an undeclared nuclear arsenal consisting of at least 200 weapons and delivery systems enabling them to destroy targets in most of Europe and western Asia. For that reason, providing aid to Israel is illegal under the Symington Amendment of 1961 as well as due to the fact that Tel Aviv has rejected signing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), for obvious reasons.

Exploding Middle East Myths
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There are other issues relating to Israel, to include its booming economy, which would suggest that it does not need more money from the U.S. taxpayer who does not enjoy the free healthcare and university education that all Israelis receive. And then there is also the problem with using American-provided weapons to commit war crimes in Gaza and Lebanon, illegal under both U.S. and international law.

Nevertheless, Paul’s action is extremely courageous, as he is the first senator since William Fulbright to dare to say anything negative about the Jewish state. Fulbright was, of course, punished by the Israel lobby, which committed major resources to defeating him when he next came up for reelection. Another senator, Charles Percy, who was so bold as to maintain that Palestinian Arabs might actually have “rights,” also found himself confronted by an extremely well-funded opponent who defeated him for reelection. Paul’s action is far from risk free. In fact, the Israel lobby is already reacting hysterically to the “hold,” as is the Israeli government, and one can be sure that all their massive resources will be used to punish the senator.

Another area where one might have expected more pushback from Americans is the lack of any serious resistance from Christian groups to the process whereby the conservative Likud-dominated Netanyahu government is seeking to turn Israel into a purely Jewish state. Israel boasts that it provides a safe haven for Christians to practice their religion, but reports that occasionally surface in some of the alternative media suggest something quite different. Jewish zealots spit on Christian clergy and curse them out in the streets without any fear of repercussions. Some clergy have been harassed and even assaulted by Jewish extremists. Churches and property of religious foundations are frequently vandalized, defaced with obscene graffiti, and the Israeli government has also confiscated or destroyed church property.

At the founding of the state of Israel in 1948 there existed a considerable Christian community inside Israel, on the West Bank and in Gaza. It was estimated that nearly 10% of Palestinian Arabs were Christian, mostly Greek Orthodox or Catholic. There were also churches and foundations in the old city of Jerusalem that adhered to other sects, including Syrian and Armenian Christians. Currently the percentage of Christians is closer to 2% of the Palestinian population with more than a million Palestinian Christians living in other countries, having been driven from their homes by the Israelis in 1948 and after 1967. The Israelis sometimes claim that most Palestinians have departed the country due to persecution by Muslims, but Palestinian sources deny that assertion.

Christian churches have been reluctant to support their co-religionists in Israel and the Occupied Territories presumably for fear of being labeled as anti-Semitic in criticizing the Jewish state, as is routinely done by both Jewish groups and the Israeli government to end all discussion. But, as in the case of Sen. Paul, that, too, is changing.

The Presbyterian Church has led the charge in criticizing Israeli brutality. At its June General Assembly it passed a resolution condemning Israeli apartheid. Its Office of Public Witness has been in the forefront in calling on Israel to cease and desist. An action alert issued this summer entitled “Tell Congress: 70 years of suffering is enough! Stop the killing, hold Israel accountable, and support human rights for all” denounced the slaughter of unarmed Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza by the Israeli army.

The Presbyterians also signed on to a letter on May 14 entitled “70 Years On: Seeking a hopeful future in a time of yearning,” which called for an end to the slaughter and justice for the Palestinians. It was also signed onto by 13 other Christian groups, including the United Church of Christ, the Reformed Churches in America, the Lutherans, and Maryknoll. A copy was sent to each congressman.

Get Out of Cash

Israel’s friends have pushed back against the Presbyterians, with the American Jewish Committee denouncing “The Church [as] remain[ing] obsessively critical of Israel in its national utterances. For many years and in myriad ways, the PCUSA has gone beyond legitimate criticism of Israel and embraced demonization of the Jewish state.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also criticized the Presbyterians when they withdrew $21 million in investments in Israel, saying hyperbolically, “You come to Israel and you see the one democracy that upholds basic human rights, that guards the rights of all minorities, that protects Christians—Christians are persecuted throughout the Middle East. So most Americans understand that Israel is a beacon of civilization and moderation. You know, I would suggest to these Presbyterian organizations to fly to the Middle East, come and see Israel for the embattled democracy that it is.”

Now it is the turn of the Quakers in Britain, who have banned any investment by the Church in companies that exploit the “military occupation of Palestinian territories by the Israeli government,” prompting a furious response from Jewish leaders. It is the first British Church to do so, and leaders of the group have compared their action to taking steps against apartheid and the slave trade. The Board of Deputies of British Jews immediately described the move as “appalling” and demanded that the policy be reversed.

It is certainly refreshing to see anyone taking on Israel and its all-too-often invincible lobby. What is significant is that Christian churches and even some congressmen have begun to speak out in spite of the knowledge that unprincipled Zionist power in the United States will make them pay a price for doing so. May the realization of just how evil Israel’s government is and the terrible damage it has done to the United States grow, finally reaching a point where some people in Congress, the media, and even in the White House will begin to listen.

Philip Giraldi is a former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer and a columnist and television commentator. He is also the executive director of the Council for the National Interest. Other articles by Giraldi can be found on the website of the Unz Review.

Audio: Robert Groden and the JFK Assassination

At the anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, AFP is pleased to offer our readers another excellent interview from writer and radio show host S.T. Patrick’s Midnight Writer News Show. Episode 031: “Robert Groden and the JFK Assassination.”

Hosted by S.T. Patrick

Robert Groden joins Midnight Writer News Show host S.T. Patrick to discuss the JFK assassination. Groden is very candid and open in discussing his initial interest in photography and the assassination, his thoughts on the other “Searchers,” which researcher he considered a “father figure,” the history of Zapruder and his Z-Film, the Altgens pictures, Lee Harvey Oswald’s innocence, the roles he played in Oliver Stone’s JFK, Geraldo Rivera’s Good Night America, and much more.

What happened when he was offered a triple-figure salary to run the Sixth Floor Museum? How many times has he been arrested for sharing the truth in Dealey Plaza? Which of the newer books does he like most? Personally, Groden discusses the price he and his family have paid for the research that he has done.

It’s an amazing 75 minutes and was a part of the “First Annual JFK Month” for the Midnight Writer News Show. Groden is the author or co-author of High Treason, The Killing of a President, The Case for Conspiracy, and JFK: Absolute Proof.

Caravan Chaos

Media claims that the migrant caravan now at Tijuana is peaceful are lies, as explained in the front-page article ofAmerican Free Press Issue 49 & 50, now in the mail to print subscribers and available to read online. Login here

By John Friend

On Nov. 25, tear gas and pepper spray were used by U.S. Border Patrol agents to repel hundreds of migrants hell-bent on gaining political asylum in the U.S. following a rush on the U.S. border, which resulted in a temporary shutdown and major delays in crossing the port of entry.

Dramatic video captured near the San Ysidro Port of Entry bordering Tijuana, Mexico shows countless migrants attempting to force their way into the U.S. as many tried to run past security fences, evade immigration officials, and otherwise illegally enter the U.S. Some were seen throwing rocks and other projectiles at border patrol officials, as Mexican law enforcement officers struggled to contain and manage the mob.

Kingdom Identity

Thousands of migrants, largely from Central American countries, have made their way north through Mexico in a caravan in recent weeks while many more continue their journey, raising concerns with both the Mexican government and the Trump administration.

President Donald Trump has characterized those participating in the caravan as economic migrants opportunistically fleeing their home countries with the hopes of taking advantage of America’s generous asylum and social welfare policies. Many of the migrants are criminals with ties to gangs and drug cartels, the president and his supporters have argued, while local Mexican officials in Tijuana, where thousands of those traveling with the caravan are currently staying, have criticized the migrants and the problems the caravan has caused in their local community.

Trump and administration officials vehemently defended their agents’ use of tear gas and pepper spray in responding to the lawlessness and chaos at the border, which was hysterically criticized by Democrats and opponents of the president.

Rodney Scott, chief of the Border Patrol’s San Diego sector, recently confirmed that 42 individuals associated with the caravan were apprehended during the rowdy confrontation Nov. 24, with many more arrested by local Mexican law enforcement authorities. Scott said his agents’ tactics were entirely justifiable given the dangerous circumstances they found themselves in, which included being assaulted by a “hail of rocks.”

Get Out of Cash“That has happened before and, if we are rocked, that would happen again tomorrow,” he explained to reporters recently. Trump also defended the response of the Border Patrol agents.

“They were being rushed by some very tough people and they used tear gas,” Trump declared shortly after the incident. “Here’s the bottom line: Nobody is coming into our country unless they come in legally.”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan told reporters that hundreds of people attempted to rush the vehicle lanes at the border crossing that day, and the agents on duty used their professional judgment to handle the situation appropriately. Other administration officials, including Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, argued that many of the migrants attempted to use children as “human shields” in order to cross the border.

Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastélum has been vocal in his criticism of the migrant caravan, as have countless local Tijuana residents who view the migrants as disrespectful, disruptive, and entitled.

Gastélum said the migrants are “doing things outside the law,” and that the caravan was “maliciously organized” with the “goal of creating trouble,” according to the Epoch Times.

John Friend is a freelance writer based in California.

More of Judge’s Accusers Discredited

As the dust settles on the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, evidence suggests those who accused him of sexual impropriety were politically motivated.

By Donald Jeffries

In early November, one of Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers, Judy Munro-Leighton, admitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee that she had lied about her allegations of being raped by a teen-aged Kavanaugh in the backseat of a car. Ms. Munro-Leighton cavalierly shrugged it off as a “tactic” to stop the judge from being confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) has been in the forefront of those critically evaluating Kavanaugh’s slew of accusers. Grassley pointed out Ms. Munro-Leighton’s history of leftist activism and claimed that she’d stolen the backseat story from a different “Jane Doe” report.

Grassley’s team was able to reach Ms. Munro-Leighton in early November, when she told them she was not this “Jane Doe,” but had decided to become involved “as a way to grab attention.”

Grassley has also called for the Department of Justice to investigate Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick and her liberal-activist lawyer Michael Avenatti. Grassley charged that they had attempted to “knowingly mislead the committee.”

Think the IRS Never Loses Cases? Think again!

During the Kavanaugh hearings, Ms. Swetnick alleged that Kavanaugh had surreptitiously given women drugs and alcohol in order to orchestrate gang rapes at parties in the early 1980s.

Avenatti’s anti-Trump rhetoric was so over-the-top that at one point he offered to fight Donald Trump Jr. for charity. Avenatti, who initially burst into the limelight as the attorney for porn star Stormy Daniels, battled the president constantly on Twitter, calling Trump “a disgrace” and “an embarrassment” and labeling him “a habitual liar.”

Ms. Swetnick, in fact, was revealed to have been involved in at least six lawsuits over the last 25 years, according to legal documents seen by press outlets such as “Business Insider.” The suits involved multiple issues such as her misrepresenting a degree from Johns Hopkins University that she didn’t have, suing the Washington Metro Transit Authority over a fall that she alleged had cost her a lucrative modeling job, and engaging herself in “unwanted sexual innuendo” at a former workplace.

Another Kavanaugh accuser, Deborah Ramirez, claimed that the future judge had exposed himself to her 35 years earlier at a party. She couldn’t remember just who exposed himself until Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, however, when a conversation with her lawyer, who was a Democratic Party politician, refreshed her memory.

The New Yorker inadvertently did some good work in exposing Ms. Ramirez, whom it described as an “activist Democrat.” Ms. Ramirez, even after her belated and dubious identification of Kavanaugh, continued to admit to “significant gaps in her memories of the evening.” She also acknowledged being so drunk at the party that she was “on the floor, foggy, and slurring her words.”

None of the witnesses named by Ms. Ramirez were able to corroborate her story. The New York Times, clearly desirous of damaging Kavanaugh’s chances, reported that it had investigated Ms. Ramirez thoroughly but grudgingly conceded she’d been admitting to classmates that she couldn’t be certain if it had indeed been Kavanaugh. They eventually were unable to verify her claims.

For what it’s worth, Kavanaugh’s primary accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, had a slew of problems with her account, which were rarely touched upon by a fawning mainstream media or adoring throng of celebrities. Ms. Ford couldn’t recall the exact date of an incident where the teenage Kavanaugh attempted to remove her clothing. Her description of a party “one summer in the early 1980s” was ludicrously vague and made it impossible for Kavanaugh to establish an alibi. Further, Ms. Ford couldn’t recall the specific house or even the street it was located on where the alleged assault occurred. Finally, Ms. Ford didn’t tell anyone at the time, not even her best friend.

Get Out of CashAs was the case with Ms. Ramirez, four different people Ms. Ford claimed had attended the party denied being there. One of them, Leland Ingham Keyser, according to a Sept. 25 story in the New York Post, called Ms. Ford “a lifelong fraud.” Keyser was one of two people Ms. Ford cited in her original letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who she claimed she had spoken to immediately after the assault. Even Ms. Ford’s parents and two siblings failed to show up during her much-ballyhooed congressional testimony and didn’t sign a letter of support from other relatives, which was released to the public.

Ms. Ford, like others involved in the anti-Kavanaugh crusade, was a known Democratic Party supporter, who had marched against Trump. She had also signed a letter protesting the separation of immigrant children from their parents at the border.

On Oct. 6, Kavanaugh was approved by a narrow 50-48 margin in the Senate, reflecting the severe division in the country.

Donald Jeffries is a highly respected author and researcher whose work on the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations and other high crimes of the Deep State has been read by millions of people across the world. Jeffries is also the author of two books currently being sold by the AFP Online Store. They are Hidden History: An Exposé of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups ($23) and Survival of the Richest—How the Disparity of Wealth Created the Greatest Conspiracy of All ($25).