Tulsi Gabbard Sues Google

August 20, 2019 Staff 0

Anti-war candidate Tulsi Gabbard and educational outfit PragerU say tech giant Google is a threat to democracy. By S.T. Patrick Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) is suing Internet company Google for its increased ideological censorship. After […]

Who Is Exploiting Tragedy for Political Gain?

August 19, 2019 Staff 0

Pat Buchanan contrasts solemn coverage of the recent El Paso and Dayton shootings with another type of reaction: “For the Democratic presidential candidates, the El Paso atrocity was like a loose football in the Super […]

Smeared Teenager Loses in Court

August 19, 2019 Staff 2

Young Nicholas Sandmann, the Catholic student from Kentucky who became the target of a nationwide smear campaign thanks to the fake-news-media, has now been the victim of ajudge’s politically motivated decision. He will appeal. By […]

Audio: ‘Epstein’ With Donald Jeffries

August 18, 2019 Staff 0

AFP is pleased to offer our readers another excellent interview from writer and radio show host S.T. Patrick’s “Midnight Writer News Show.” MWN Episode 125, “Epstein with Donald Jeffries”  Recorded before the death of […]

Campus Free Speech Is Dead

August 15, 2019 Staff 1

Once bastions of free thought and speech, colleges are now leftist censorship centers. By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Georgetown University law professor Jonathan Turley notes that the University of California, once a bastion of free […]

DHS Implements New Asylum Rules

August 14, 2019 Staff 0

Under new rules put in place by the Department of Homeland Security, asylum seekers must come directly from the nations they are fleeing. By John Friend In an effort to combat the widespread use of […]

America-Firsters Gather

August 13, 2019 Staff 2

By Donald Jeffries Mainstream media coverage would lead one to believe that those who support Donald Trump are uneducated rubes. The picture painted is that of cursing, racist white males, MAGA hats proudly displayed, watching […]

Police Foil Domestic Terror Plot

August 13, 2019 Staff 0

A neo-Bolshevik antifa militant, armed with a rifle,  has been killed by police killed while throwing firebombs and incendiary devices at a building and vehicles, trying to storm an immigration center. By John Friend A […]

Free Speech Triumph

August 12, 2019 Staff 2

Front-page news in AFP’s Issue 33&34, mailed to print subscribers last week and online now for digital subscribers to read: Judge rules man fired for beliefs had rights violated. By John Friend A former Memphis […]

Audio: Part II, Ray Locker

August 11, 2019 Staff 0

AFP is pleased to offer our readers another excellent interview from writer and radio show host S.T. Patrick’s “Midnight Writer News Show.” A related article from S.T. Patrick was published in AFP Issue 23 & […]

Race-Baiting Face of the New Left

August 11, 2019 Staff 1

The quartet of blatantly anti-American legislators recently in the news are more racist than Trump could ever be. By Donald Jeffries The July spat between Donald Trump and four highly visible new members of Congress […]

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