Who’s to Blame for the State of Many Black Communities?

By Bill White — United States Attorney General Eric Holder made one thing very clear when he visited Ferguson, Missouri in early September: All that military equipment the government has been handing More »


New World Order on the Ropes

• Vote for independence splits Scotland 50-50; Globalists losing grip? By Ronald L. Ray — Should Scotland be an independent country? That is the question which a record number of Scottish voters More »


Edgar Steele’s Final Jailhouse Interviews

Whether or not you’re of the mind to believe that Edgar J. Steele is guilty or innocent of charges that he wanted to have his wife assassinated, there are some facts of More »


Patriot Lawyer Murdered While Incarcerated?; Edgar Steele . . . In His Own Words

• Wife believes circumstances of death warrant a full-blown investigation. By Pete Papaherakles — On the afternoon of September 4, 2014, a California mortuary official notified Cyndi Steele that her husband Edgar More »


100 Years Ago, Millions Died—Get TBR’s 80-page WWI Centenary Issue for just $5 to Find Out Why

THE BARNES REVIEW Special WWI Centenary Edition (September/October 2014) By Paul Angel — One hundred years ago (1914-1918), all across Europe and the Near East, Europeans were slaughtering each other in droves. More »


Comments Are Now Available Under Every Article

Comments are now available under every article on this website. Please post responsibly. All posts containing SPAM will be deleted ASAP. AMERICAN FREE PRESS will never censor comments based on the political More »

Take On Police State Now, Says Author


AFP BOOK REVIEW • Gutsy Virginian details raft of shocking police-state abuses. • Warns that checks on executive branch must be restored. By John Tiffany — Many spokesmen in the patriot movement make a habit of warning that a police state is coming in America. Author Cheryl K.



AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW Former Arizona Sheriff Richard I. Mack, best known for his landmark victory lawsuit against the Clinton administration’s illegal application of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, more commonly referred to as the Brady Bill, and as the founder and president of the Constitutional Sheriffs and

AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW: Texe Marrs, Will America Survive Until 2025? Part 2


AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW Texe Marrs tells us the signs of an implosion are all around us. The author and publisher of multiple books and videos on a wide variety of topics, Texe has become one of the best known, outspoken figures in the arena of uncompromising truth. Founder

Black Angels, White Devils: What’s the Media’s Agenda?


• White Man Killed by Cops: No Coverage. • Black Man Killed by Cops: 24-Hour Coverage. By Pete Papaherakles — Over the past few weeks, Americans have been captivated with media coverage of the killing of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, by a white police officer

Judges, Vulture Capitalists Pick the Bones of Argentina


By Bill White — America’s legal war with Argentina has continued to rage ever since an American judge, Thomas Griesa, ordered Argentina to either pay all of its creditors from its 2001 financial collapse or pay none—regardless of the law governing its debt obligations. In June, Argentina deposited

Were Journalists Spying for the U.S. and Israel?


• Two Americans allegedly executed by IS militants may have been more than just mere journalists. By Ronald L. Ray — Videos of two American journalists working in Syria were released recently that purportedly showed their execution by beheading allegedly by members of the Islamic State, also known

“Greater Israel” or “Greater Khazaria”?


• Israeli plan for Mideast empire aided by IS. By Ronald L. Ray — Divide and conquer is an age-old strategy for empire-builders. Drive your opponents to fight among themselves, then pillage and subjugate them. Josef Stalin successfully employed this method in World War II, with the fawning

Massive Solar Storm Near Miss


• The final effects of a giant solar flare are being felt today on Earth, but experts warn a direct hit would spell the end of civilization. By Dave Gahary — On September 10, a huge solar flare let loose from the middle of the sun, hurtling two

Edgar Steele, First Amendment Martyr, Dies in Prison Under Mysterious Circumstances


• “Attorney for the Damned,” who represented some of the most controversial figures in America, dies in prison custody. By Dave Gahary — Edgar J. Steele, who was born July 5, 1945, passed away behind bars yesterday, September 4, 2014, at the age of 69. Steele, an author

U.S. Army Preparing for Civil Unrest


• Feds unveil Army manual that permits use of troops on “rebellious” Americans. By Keith Johnson — The paramilitary response to the race riots in Ferguson, Missouri is a stark reminder of the ever-blurring distinction between police officer and soldier. Now, a recently unclassified document from the United

Was Beheading of U.S. Journalist Staged for War?


• AFP examines claims that video of American reporter James Foley being executed was a staged fakery. By Pete Papaherakles — On August 20, the White House confirmed the authenticity of a gruesome video showing the beheading of American reporter James Wright “Jim” Foley by the terrorist group

Secret U.S. Bio Lab Moving from Plum Island to Kansas


• Are U.S. Centers for Disease Control greatest bioterror threat? • Planned national Bio and Agro-Defense Facility may endanger American heartland. By Ronald L. Ray — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and associated research facilities are supposed to be the safest and most secure medical

Available Evidence Shows Ukrainian Missile Battery Shot Down Malaysian Plane


• U.S. investigative journalist, Russian defense officials insist it was Ukraine—not Russia—that shot down passenger airliner. By Richard Walker — Within 24 hours of the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine, Washington and the mass media pointed an accusing finger at Russia without a shred

Racial Blackmail


• African-American radicals offer message to white America: Put white cop on trial and convict him or we’ll make blacks riot. By Victor Thorn — Despite clear, overwhelming evidence that on August 9, 2014, a 6’4”, 292-pound black thug named Michael Brown committed two felonies—the strong-arm robbery of

Israeli Politicos: New Testament Is ‘Anti-Semitic’


• Knesset members encourage growing number of attacks against Christian holy sites. • A cracked gravestone in a Jewish cemetery draws howls of international outrage, but none of these attacks have received U.S. news coverage. By Bill White — Even as the Zionists in Palestine bombarded the Gaza